PHOTOS: Rugby Gods Strip Down Once Again For “Les Dieux Du Stade” 2014 Calendar

Rugby fans, and particularly fans of naked rugby players, rejoice! — today is the official release date of the 2014 Les Dieux du Stade calendar. Photographer Fred Goudon was kind enough to share a few exclusive photos with us from this year’s hunkfest, featuring Jules Plisson, Clement Daguin, Hugo Bonneval, Alexandre Flanquart, Djibril Camara, Nikola Karabatic and Olivier Giroud. This is the fourteenth edition of the calendar and may we say some things just get better with age.

Dievx dv stade 2014 photo fred goudon copyright

DIEVX DV STADE 2014 photo fred goudon

Djibril Camara Dievx dv stade 2014 photo fred goudon copyright

Nikola Karabatic Dievx dv stade 2014 photo fred goudon copyright

Olivier Giroud Dievx dv stade 2014 photo fred goudon copyright

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  • Tackle

    Wow! The last pic. While he may not have much bicep/arm development, that beautiful face and ass more than makes up for it.

  • MikeE

    the 1st pic is badly done, as handsome as the men are, it’s bad photography. three guys, one looks right at the camera, the other two looking in slightly different directions?

    anyway, I’ve never been particularly impressed with these calenders. A few of the guys have really REALLY nice smiles (in the videos), but they don’t smile in the pics. There are already tons of other calenders and books and whatnot with better-looking guys, who don’t seem quite as “hung up” on the fact that they’re naked. I don’t see the point of these calenders. But then, I’m not a rugby fan, so I’m not particularly interested in a bunch of French rugby players.

    The above comments, obviously, relate to the fact that this is a commercial project meant to showcase “gods” of the stadium. now, if I were to meet ANY of these guys (except one who’s not really my type) in a bar or something, it would be a completely different dynamic. I think, as a regular guys, they are more than handsome.

    My only issue is with them as “gods” of the stadium. There are already thousands of better looking (untouchable) guys in pics out there.

  • Katbox

    @MikeE: Those guys in the calender look amazing even without retouching.
    Unlike fashion magazines they don’t go to such extremes to perfect and individual- they just slightly smooth out the edges.

  • yaoming

    Video was enjoyable enough.

  • scotshot


  • viveutvivas

    These Frenchies are okay but too primped, shaved, and prettified. Now give us the South African and Australian rugby players and then we’ll talk.

  • Teleny

    This is kind of weird.., just don’t get it I suppose.

  • WhyteRabbit

    okay… i’m actually gonna be that guy this time… and i’m a little bitter with the powers that be for turning me into that guy… where the hell is the hair? i mean, i expect some manscaping to be going on with any photo shoot… but these are a bunch of ruggers for chris’sake. half the reason we love them as much as we do is because they are rough and fuzzy and natural… :::sigh::: all that waxing…

  • mrzodiac2003

    Couldn’t they find at least one rugby player with some hair on his chest? I find this very disappointing.

  • mrzodiac2003

    @WhyteRabbit: I agree with you!

  • Jackhoffsky

    @WhyteRabbit: Because it’s hot. And it’s about the muscles and the look. And if you don’t like it, buy another calender… problem solved.

    Any questions?

  • Laurent

    Very weak calendar this year! Very disappointing. Same for their promo video. At the opposite the Gay Orthodox Priest launched their second edition this year. It is fresh and of actuality. This year edition is “LOVE IS LOVE: ORTHODOX OR NOT! (so cleaver, I love it). Got to see their “orthodox calendar” as they name it :) Plus their is a story behind it witch makes it funny and distractive.

  • mrzodiac2003

    @Jackhoffsky: Plucked is never hot!~

  • Jackhoffsky

    @mrzodiac2003: Well, unless it prevents a unibrow LOL. Honestly (as opposed to my previous comment which is how these calenders every year are presented) it really depends on the guy himself and what works for him and his aesthetic.

    But generally speaking, yeah, you’re absolutely correct.

  • mz.sam

    Manscaped or not these rugby studs never disappoint. But please!…the greased or muddied bodies look is waay old school.

  • BlogShag

    For some strange reason pic number 2 reminds me of Diana Ross and the Supremes

  • pauleky

    @Jackhoffsky: Yeah – why are you being an asshole?

  • dwes09

    @WhyteRabbit: “Manscaping” is the norm among young straight guys on the make these days. Even sac waxing for some. And armpit shaving. Apparently women are demanding it just as hetero men demand that women shave legs and pits. They like the beards, but that’s it.

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