PHOTOS: The Sexiest Fashion Ads Of 2012


1. Calvin Klein Spring 2012


2. Mugler Summer 2012



3. Emporio Armani Spring 2012



4. David Beckham x H&M Fall 2012


5. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio



6. Versace Spring 2012



7. Dolce & Gabbana Sport


8. Calzedonia Spring 2012



9. Sergio K Fall 2012



10. Gents Fall 2012

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  • Joetx

    Hmm…all white guys.

    And some ‘mos say that their “preferences” are just that & aren’t formed by the images they see in magazines, TV, & movies.

  • MikeE

    @Joetx: Dude, don’t amke such a big deal out of it.

    These aren’t the “sexiest fashion ads of 2012.. they’re Lester Brathwaite’s favourite ads. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Personally, I find the whole vapid, emotionless, blank-stared male model looking repulsive. So to me, these ads are far from “sexy”. And I like handsome men, regardless of skin colour.

  • Joetx

    @MikeE: So you don’t think images of all or nearly all white men in fashion mags, TV shows, & movies have no effect whatsoever???

  • MikeE

    @Joetx: I didn’t say that… however, that said, the magazine and newspaper ads I see DON’T have all-white models.

    I actually see an important proportion of non-white models.
    Now, just because Versace, Armani, Klein, et al are probably moderately racist in their image of what is “beauty”, doesn’t mean all advertisers are.

    Remember that the choices above-made reflect the author of the article as much as the designers in the ads. He chose to only represent “couture” houses. THOSE couture houses use mainly white models. So criticism is deserved all around here: to the haute couture people who think only white is worthy of their name, and to the author of this article who obviously didn’t feel that men of colour were deserving of the label “sexy”.

    As for TV shows, well, from the way I see it, almost half of the people I see on TV are black or hispanic… that certainly doesn’t reflect the reality of the country I live in. But I wouldn’t dream of complaining about it.. I think those men are hot. just like good-looking white guys are hot. hell, a good looking guy is a good looking guy regardless of ethnicity. hot is hot. it has nothing to do with skin colour or ethnicity.

  • MikeE

    oh my god.. Queerty could you PLEASE do something about your stupid language filters?

    I can’t believe that the word r-a-c-i-s-t gets comments blocked. It’s a word that CAN be used in a civilized discussion.

  • goweho

    @Joetx: Thought crossed my mind as well :/

  • goweho

    Given the racial profiling, I prefer this list in reverse order.

  • Joetx

    @MikeE: I think it’s more widespread than just “couture” designers. For example, how many Abercrombie models do you see that are non-white?

    You must watch TV shows that are unrepresentative of the “norm.” In GLAAD’s annual study of diversity on TV, nowhere near half of the characters are black or Latino.

    I appreciate that you acknowledge that there are attractive men regardless of skin color/ethnicity, though.

    Unfortunately, you probably aren’t in the majority.

    That leads us back to the point of my original post – people, particularly gay men, see images of “good-looking people” that overwhelmingly white.

    And that affects people’s, particularly gay men’s, notion of what is “attractive.”

    It’s a vicious circle.

  • goweho

    Nice Glaad report. The LGBT Ethnic percentages are obviously congruent to those of a different universe: everybody knows that West Hollywood is 48% Latino, 48% Asian and 4% White!

  • MudgeBoy

    They D&G ad makes me want to go buy Sport. Does he come with it.
    Shame all the comments are about Race. Did anyone look at anything else?
    Are we still going on and on about it ….

  • Joetx

    @MudgeBoy: Yeah, you keep your head up your behind, MudgeBoy.

  • Spike

    Reminds of all those As Seen On TV products . . . you order it, it arrives, you put it on, and doesn’t look anywhere near as hot as it did on the guy in the ad.

  • Lester Brathwaite

    @MikeE: Well I find that personally insulting, not only because I’m black, but, despite my best efforts to be inclusive, there’s an obvious lack of diversity in fashion advertising. But anyway, thanks for spelling my name right.

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