PHOTOS: The Often Shirtless Hunks Of One Life To Live, In Memoriam

Friday was the final episode of ABC’s One Life to Live, one of the last remaining daytime dramas. We’ve had our dalliances with soaps—we were addicted to All My Children in college—but Ellen, The Real Housewives, Internet porn and other distractions sapped the genre of the once-awesome sway it had over the gays.

OLTL was notable among soaps, though, for its shameless use of male skin (yay!), but also for the introduction of daytime’s first gay teen in 1992 (Ryan Phillippe, double yay!) and the inclusion of an in-depth storyline featuring gay couple Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish (quadruple yay!).

In addition to Phillippe, the show launched the careers of gay faves like Nathan Fillion, Marcia Cross, Jonathan Groff, Brandon Routh and Elaine Stritch. (Well, maybe it didn’t launch her career—but she was on it!)

Today, as fans come to grips with their first OLTL-free day, Queerty takes a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the hunks who bared their bods on the showincluding David Gregory, Mark Lawson, David Fumero and, of course, “Kish”!

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Photos: ABC



Kyle and Oliver come home from their first date and things start to get hot-and-heavy until…

Below, a fan video captures some of Kish’s most romantic moments.


Yep, that’s Desperate Housewives’ Tuc Watkins having a swimsuit showdown with another Llanview stud on the Fourth of July. We’re seeing stars!

In 1992, well before Cruel Intentions or Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe was on One Life to Live, playing “Billy Douglas,” a gay teen who comes out to his school and his parents. At first his homophobic father doesn’t take it well but eventually the family comes together. (And, yes, he was legal in this shot.)


Long before Glee and Broadway, Jonathan Groff played OLTL‘s adorkable “Henry,” who apparently can dance a mean robot.



Yes, that is Nathan Fillion of Firefly, Castle and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog—he did a stint on Live from 1994 to ’97 as Joey Buchanan, the young son of Viki Buchanan and former lover of Viki’s rival, wicked Dorian Lord. Whew, this stuff is juicy!