Anderson Cooper Joining “Today”?, Jon Hamm Thinks Your Crotch Comments Are “Rude” & More!


– Thank god someone — namely Vicky Trochez — had the stroke of genius and the talent to come up with this: the Parks and Recreation cast as the Justice League. We’re dying over Retta as Wonder Woman.

– Now that Madonna has entered the prestigious billion dollar club, she has finally fulfilled an age-old prophecy.

Dionne Warwick, however, is in the $10 million debt club, but isn’t that what (psychic) friends are for?

The Great Gatsby‘s first TV spot is high on jazz and liquor, or at least Jack White and Quaaludes:

– After his gaytime talk show goes off the air, Anderson Cooper has a number of options before him: a.) hosting a show with best frenemy Kathy Griffin; b.) taking over for Matt Lauer on Today; or c.) hosting Jeopardy! And of course, there’s always d.) settling down with Queerty at a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Maine.

James Franco once encountered a project even he wouldn’t take on: Lindsay Lohan. Franco admitted that he doused the firecrotch’s sexual advances because…well, does he really need a reason?

Justin Timberlake‘s The 20/20 Experience debuted with some big (for 2013) numbers, selling 968,000 units in its first week.

– A cause we can get behind —  or in front of, next to, on top of, what have you: more male nudity on Game of Thrones.

– Noted white trash popstar Justin Bieber apparently mistook the airport terminal in Poland for the trailer park, doffing his shirt and any sense of class.

– Dear American fans of Prince Harry: get your stalk on.

Jon Hamm thinks all that talk about his junk and the endless crotch shots and the endless memes are all “a little rude.” Well, maybe if someone wore underwear every now and then, his privates wouldn’t be so much in the public’s eye. Poking it out.

Channing Tatum gives Rebel Wilson a nice feeling-up in this promo for the MTV Movie Awards, which Rebel is hosting Sunday April 14. Well-played, Wilson. Well-fucking-played:

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  • AEH

    Hah. I’ve yet to meet someone who’s bitchier and more catty than our own kind. There are hundreds of pictures of men who are missing a shirt and more on here, and we’re encouraged to drool over them.

    But a shirtless Justin Bieber is suddenly white trash and low class? Okay then. I do love the smell of hypocrisy in the afternoon.

  • balehead

    some much cybullying..no wonder equal rights are taking so long…..

  • dvlaries

    Ease up, Jon.
    Remember obscurity?
    In a decade, when they’ve moved on to something newer and younger, you’ll be wishing they were talking about any part of you.

  • Dehreeus

    “Justin Timberlake‘s The 20/20 Experience debuted with some big (for 2013) numbers, selling 968,000 units in its first week.”

    WTF those are amazing first week numbers from any era. Albums didn’t start doing big numbers like that til 2000. Shania’s “Come On Over” never even did 400K in one week and it’s the best selling female album ever so bye, Queerty.

  • northwest

    I really hate Timberlake, totally overrated.

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