Ryan Gosling: Most F*ckable Celeb, “Glee” Loses Ryan Murphy, That Other Joe Jonas Tape & More!

– We love that being really, really ridiculously good-looking is considered news these days.

– Speaking of which: Mila Kunis and Ryan Gosling clearly need to make a sex tape and the Citizen Kane of celebrity sex tapes it would be according to Details magazine, which named the pair the “Most Fuckable.”

drake-bell-speedo– We’ve got something Splash star Drake Bell can dive into. Hint: it’s crotch.

Debbie Reynolds — old school hag. Which goes a long way towards explaining Carrie Fisher.

– Everyone seems to be jumping ship behind the scenes at Glee as executive producers Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk are rumored to be leaving the show’s fifth season as high in the air as a Rachel Berry showstopping note.

– Meanwhile, Murphy’s new baby, the sexcapade Open, has been picked up by HBO.

– Apple CEO Tim Cook is apparently not out despite being Out‘s most powerful gay IN THE WORLD.

– It’s nice to know gays in England don’t hold any grudges against Margaret Thatcher.

– Anyone else love Queen Latifah‘s 90s gem Living (heeey) Single? ‘Cause Maxine Shaw, attorney at law, aka Erika Alexander, has gotten proactive about Mad Men‘s whitewashing of the 60s.

– Oh hey, Lindsay Lohan. You think you cute, huh? It ain’t that cute from back here. Trust.

Joe Jonas took a break from making other sexy tapes to make this kinda (?) sexy tape for a lucky fan who had asked him out to prom. Then he surprised her with a kooky disguise on the Today show. And then he surprised her with an array of sex toys…we assume:

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  • TheMarc

    Lol, Out magazine doesn’t care about ya unless you’re in…or straight. Jodie Foster is completely off the list for some reason.

  • alterego1980

    LOL, I don’t think much of anything of Joe Jonas but this video is pretty cheeze-tastic!! I at least respect his sense of humor. She should def go with him.

  • krandall

    Oh, no, this isn’t gay at all. And why is the horn player half naked and humping his horn?
    And who is Joe pumping up for?

  • Captain Obvious

    Is that kid really still pretending to be straight? The only way that video could be more gay is if the dining table with the half naked man in leather pants was in the middle of a pride parade.

    So many closeted Hollywood gays.

  • SteveDenver

    Ryan Murphy “left” GLEE years ago. It’s a mess with a flailing storyline.
    As for Joe Jonas, who was the target for that video? Really stupid. Could have been short and sweet, but it’s drawn out and dull.

  • Mezaien

    Joe, please don`t talk, so much just get naked in get to bed I am waiting.

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