Pro wrestler Trey Miguel is denying accusations of homophobia after he went on a blatantly homophobic social media rant earlier this week.

It all started on Wednesday when Miguel, whose real name is Trey McBrayer, got into a heated exchange with a troll on Facebook.

“Obviously you’re gay,” he raged in a since-deleted exchange. “Most people as unattractive as you become gay out of fear of rejection form the opposite sex. So you find comfort, ability and familiarity in the same sex and end up matching someone who’s the same as you… gay. Because there’s no other fucking options. You ugly bitch … [Yeah], truth’s a bitch.”

It didn’t take long for a screen shot of the comment to circulate on social media.

That was quickly followed by a wave of backlash.

Miguel issued an apology, insisting that he isn’t “anti-LGBTQ+” because two of his “very best friends” are gay and would “take a bullet” for either of them.

“I’m not anti-LGBTQ+. I made some very mean comments to a member of the community in regards to why they were a member and it wasn’t right or tasteful. Regardless of the comments made to get me to such an ugly place, I was wrong and I’m not afraid to admit it. Two of my very best friends are members of said community and I’d take a bullet [for] either of them. I won’t try to justify anything I said but I will apologize like a man. If I offended you then I’m genuinely sorry. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me. If you can’t forgive me, I do not blame you. But this world needs more love than hate and I’m sorry for contributing to the less desired of the two.”

This isn’t the first time the 25-year-old has found himself in hot water over remarks made in heated situations either. Last year, he lashed out at fellow pro wrestler David Starr for wearing gear that supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

After an angry Twitter feud that included no shortage of anti-Semitic outrage directed at Starr, who is Jewish, Miguel declared “All Lives Matter” before mocking Starr for having an sex tape leak and threatening to re-distribute it online.

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