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Professional Hockey Player Goes Naked Because Marc Jacobs Asked

OH SNAP — When Marc Jacobs asks you to disrobe for “Protect The Skin You’re In” campaign, which hopes to raise awareness for melanoma research at NYU, there’s little you can do but drop trou — as New York Rangers player and burgeoning sartorialist Sean Avery did for a new tee. [via]

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  • Michael

    So is Sean Avery gay? Has that one been answered yet?

  • Rick Gold

    Sean Avery is not a homo.

    He is Canadian.

    And a hockey player.

    Generally, hockey is not filled with right wing religious nutbags like American football, baseball and basletball.

    Being more Canadian-focused than American-focused allows hockey to be more progressive about teh ghey.

  • NovaNardis


    Evidence for this please? Sean Avery is a punk, and the last person in hockey I care about. There are rules in hockey now where unsportsmanlike conduct is called for shit Sean Avery did.

    He sucked as a Ranger the first time, sucked as a Star, and sucks as a Ranger now.

    Also, name for me on single NHL star who’s come out of the closet publicly. Until then, get off your high horse about how Canadians are so much more progressive than Americans. Jocks are jocks regardless of nationality.

  • ION

    @NovaNardis: Not gay. He’s dating Supermodel Hilary Rhoda.

  • Javier

    Why do some people still simplistically ask if someone is gay or straight, instead of the more inclusive question of whether they are gay, BISEXUAL, or straight? Just because you date or marry a woman does not mean you are not bisexual.

  • divkid

    mmm…big meaty thighs…

    dearie me, did i say that out loud?…oooh, i do declare i’ve come over all unnecessary!

    *wafts face with hand, presses handkerchief to fevered brow*

  • Dylan

    This is a good ad addressing a serious topic in a thought-provoking way.

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