Project Runway Recap: Seeing Double in Times Square

It’s the tenth season of Project Runway. Ten! It’s a round number, so that means this season has to be best ever!

At least, that’s what the promos keep telling us.

For the first challenge all 16 designers showed their work at Times Square. One piece they completed at home before filming, and the second was a companion piece thrown together in a day. Guests judges Patricia Field and Lauren Graham helped Nina, Michael and Heidi decide who was in and who was aufed.


She’s definitely my favorite dreadlock-sporting lesbian on the show! Her clothes?  Meh.


Andrea Katz
With a name like Andrea Katz, you’d expect her handwriting to look exactly like the font Curlz. And while her first dress was mod, simple and harmless, the companion piece felt like a pregnant bumble bee.




Beatrice (eliminated)
Oh, honey! You remind me of someone who just switched majors sophomore year and is regretting her decision. “Sewing is more difficult than I thought!” A more accurate statement: “Sewing this orange trash bag is more difficult than I thought!”
Also, don’t take Lauren Graham’s advice to be the knit-jersey person because that is the worst advice given to anyone—ever.



This shining pink-green whatever makes total sense from someone with cheetah-print hair.



Christopher (winner)
Christopher and Gunnar hate each other already, and according the law of Runway hashtags, we’re supposed to pick a team. But  since #TeamDanielVosovic isn’t an option, I choose no one. Regardless, Chris probably deserved to win because his original look was interesting (labor-intensive without being overworked), and he created a large amount of on-camera panic. Also, expect Gunnar to be upset about Christopher winning. This will be a thing. Annoying rivalries are always a thing.

Despite looking and sounding like a Bond villain—the kind who launches missiles but can’t fight)—Dmitry put out two beautiful pieces. Shiny!



Elena (Queerty fave)
YES YES YES YES. Elena is inspired by fencing uniforms and all things awesome. There wasn’t much camera time spent on her, but I expect beautiful things in episodes to come.



Currently, the most interesting thing about Fabio is that he’s a freegan. The clothes have some catching up to do.



This look is a redemption for Gunnar and his terrible hair. Kicked off last season before even reaching the first episode, Gunnar spend the year “finding his client,” who is apparently a rich color-blind woman.



Kooan (bottom 3)
Oh, look. Project Runway found their crazy Asian for this season. (remember Ping Wu from Season Seven?) With characters like this I just can’t take the show seriously when producers brag about scouring the countries for “the most talented designers in the world!” No, you cast Kooan because he bows and has an afro, not because his designs make any sense.


Lantie (bottom 3)
Let’s take a moment to mourn the life of the vertical rectangle, for Lantie has murdered it. That polygon died an ugly death. It was the snakeskin that really seal its tragic fate. The memorial service will be held on Sunday.


Melissa (top 3)
There was a moment in Mood when Melissa was standing in the black-fabric section (which I didn’t even know that this section existed). She was so encased by darkness that I couldn’t help but giggle.

Yes, home girl loves black. And yes, home girl can design. But can she design with something other than black? Because at this rate, Mood will have to build another wing just for her.



Colorful. Polished. Fine. Easy. Nice. Who are you again?



I’m sorry, did you style your model’s hair with an oversize widow’s peak to look just like your own? Because there are some things we cannot un-see. And that’s one of them.



Was this a Flintstones challenge? That’s the only explanation for a leather bow and leopard-print pajama pants.



Ven (top 3)
Please tell me that Ven knows that Mood has more colors than red, white and pink (a.k.a. red and white).

Sure, I’ll admit that his flowery top looked pretty,  the pants were swishy and the pink dress was a nice translation—but it was all too perfect. I. Was. So. Bored.


Jason Sweeten is a contributing writer to Queerty. His signature style? Wearing white on the worst possible day.

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  • pierre

    If I hadn’t accidentally clicked on the channel last night I would have never known the show was starting up again. There didn’t seem to be any buzz about it. I have to tell you, it was so gd boring I fell asleep half way through.

  • Hephaestion

    The only clothes above that I don’t HATE are the garments by Lantie.

  • realgay

    The quality of the outfits are way better than season one. Where are they finding all these fashion designers who can sew, dye,and bejewel etc.? Are they no longer selecting complete amatuers? What made Project Runway was the personalities. From season three to the present the presentation of the fashion designers have been the same. In seasons one and two four or five people each season drove the personal aspect of the show.

  • Gauthier

    Elena’s work is cool, but almost copy/paste Gareth Pugh, tbh.. And I kinda like Fabio’s pieces actually. The rest is fehhh and I cannot wait until this overblown travesty of pseudo-fashion led by an egomaniac Arian shitzu on helium gets the final cut because it’s outrun itself by ten seasons already.

  • Call

    It’s so difficult watching the first few episodes of a new season because I haven’t yet figured out who to hate – but I’m coming around. Observations: MK needs to shave the back of his neck. All that gray fur sprouting from his shirt collar was very distracting during the judging; I pray Gunnar gets booted on episode 2. After 12-months didn’t he have plenty of time to get a better haircut – and that “color”? Sun In is not color; I’m fairly certain Fabio smells really bad, but since he’s sharing a room with Gunnar I’m kind of glad he’s never seen a bar of soap; Koonan is indeed Krazy, but he has great legs! Thanks for the re-cap!

  • Elloreigh

    A whole lot of meh. (Or whatever the cool kids are saying in place of ‘meh’ these days). Christopher’s original design was a deserving winner IMO. His companion black mini? Not so much.

    One episode and I’m already hoping Gunnar and Kooan will be early casualties.

    And what was Nina wearing? Horrid and tacky. Stick a fork in her – she’s done.

  • sfbeast

    The big runway show in Times Square was a horrible idea. Just more self promotion instead of good viewing. And the product and brand placement has gotten out of control….. don’t forget the Lord + Taylor accessories and the Brother sewing room on the Home Depot runway and go back to your rooms at Atlas with snacks from Whole Foods and furniture from Ikea……. I like Van, but Desperately Seeking Buffi I don’t think will be there long.

  • Mudo

    @Call: @Call: YES!! We said the same thing.

  • Mudo

    @sfbeast: I don’t think the Brother sewing machines fared very well.

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