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Proof That GOP Leaders Are No Longer Fraidy Cats About The Gays

Oh look who’s coming to the Log Cabin Republican’s fancy PAC fundraising event. GOProud might have Ann Coulter for Homocon, but LCR has … Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Pete Sessions? What are the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee doing with a bunch of homos?

The LCR national dinner on Sept. 22, MC’d by Tucker Carlson, brings together some bizarre bed buddies. For a group so concerned with gay rights, LCR is enlisting the brand names of two bigots to raise cash. Both Cornyn (pictured) and Sessions have an impressive zero percent score from HRC.

When we heard the news about Cornyn joining LCR’s event, we noted it was nothing more than a political stunt to court some queer votes. But as gay scribe Marc Ambinder notes, “The presence of the top two party political strategists at a gay Republican event means that both men do not believe the criticism they’ll get from consorting with gay rights advocates will in any way complicate either their immediate goals as party committee chiefs or the future of their political careers.” Read: They’re not scared of being associated with gays.

So that’s … progress?

Apparently so: Between this, Ken Mehlman, and former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt coming out for GOP support of gay marriage, it has Democrats wondering — aloud — whether Team Obama should be worried.