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Quiznos’ Really Gay Ad For Its Really Gay Sandwich

Just what did fictional Quizno employee do to get “burned”? Shove his wang in this toaster oven, probably. But this homoerotic ad promoting Quizno’s new homoerotic phallus sandwich The Torpedo is arguably as gay as sandwich advertising can get. Without Justin Timberlake singing “Dick In a Quiznos Box.”

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  • allstarecho

    When I first saw this commercial on TV, I laughed out loud, literally. It’s funny. And the guy is cute. And when he says “Only $4.00” really sexy, it made me wanna bottom in a pile of bologna and cheese. MMmmmmmm.

  • BrianZ

    Oh yes! I had to rewind this bit of advertising genius just to be sure that I was hearing things correctly. It is easily one of the most amusing ads I have seen in a long time. Yea, and he’s cute :)

    “We both enjoyed that” indeed! LMAO

  • koalaboy

    I’ll take two! Double the meat! lol

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I saw this ad during TNA and nearly wet myself laughing :)

    “Say it sexy.” LOL!

    I hope other advertisers are watching. THIS is how you do an homoerotic ad that is funny and not offensive.

  • Chloe

    oh hell, and I thought the subway “5-dollar foot long” was funny.

  • parisinla


  • Jack

    How long before the maniacs organize a boycott??

  • GayIsTheWay

    Cute, smart and funny commercial.

  • C.Edwards

    “Put it in me, Scott.”


  • Ryan

    Kudos to Quiznos for creating perhaps the first “homoerotic” ad that I don’t find “homophobic.” Folks like ESPN should take note. The key is to laugh with the community, not at it. This almost makes me want a hot Quiznos sandwich, something I’ve never, ever had.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    If you’d like to tell Quizno’s how much you enjoyed their commercial, here is their email:

    When a company does something wrong we should attack. When a company does something right, we should praise–and loudly!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    The above email asks for all your info, this one is more direct:

    [email protected]

  • naprem

    Does nobody remember when they sponsored Battlestar Galactica? “Admiral Cain was a lesbian. Mmm, toasty.”

  • Chris

    “You know we both enjoyed that Scott” ROTFL! That’s the money line!

  • Erick

    With this and the lesbian love sponsorship, Quiznos has got to be the gayest sandwich company around. So naughty, I love it.

  • boots134

    They changed it!

    They changed what the toaster said! He says “say with with passion” now and they took out the “put it in me” bit. And the employee is not burned anymore, he was wiping the toaster down with a shamy.


    The ad is stupid now.

  • JoeB


    They have two verions. The version you are referring to is shown during the day. The linked one is shown in the evenings.

  • MZL

    Scott can “put it in me” anytime… ;)


    And he’s lefthanded. Odds are Scott is gay.

  • scott

    omg. I so do not get the gayness of this ad. I must be really dense. I see what you guys are saying but it’s way too subtle for me if that was the original context.

  • Alexa

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw this ad on TV the other day, I had to rewind the Tivo and make sure I wasn’t hearing things. I love it. I’ve never actually eaten at Quiznos, but I will definitely give them a try now.

  • John

    @DEEPTHROAT: What does being lefthanded have to do with being gay? is there a connection

  • Rowen

    Cute ad, though I’m willing to bet they got the idea from watching Wet Hot American Summer

  • Mark


    Oh, Scott… Come over to my house and I’ll show you what that left hand is for.

  • AP

    I just saw the ad at around 1 a.m. on TBS and it was not the “night” version. They took out the “put it in me” line and changed other lines as someone described above. I have seen responses by people urging a boycott; I wonder if they have permanently pulled the homoerotic version from some/most/all stations.

  • mike

    This commercial is so f!*^@%ing gay i cant stnad it. And all you homos are freaking DISGUSTING

  • Geoff

    @mike: Yet…you’re here…on a gay site…watching a gay themed commercial.

  • cheesedog

    I will never buy their product again.

  • lou1

    just watched commercial and it was changed. It didn’t take long for puritan america to do what it does best.

  • albert

    “Put it in me, Scott”


  • Bryan

    Quiznos recently changed the ad, so I guess it was too gay. Go to to see.

  • Bryan

    The new ad sucks.

  • aaron

    I dont want to eat ANYTHING that has touched that oven.

  • Sig Man Floyd

    This add has been running non stop on VS’s every night with the Stanley Cup Play Off’s do you think any of these hockey players are Gay? Get the pusk out of here.

  • Daisy the fag hag

    my boyfriend and I adore this commercial! we joke around ….and when im horny i walk up to him, mount him, and tell him “put it in me scott” hahahaha

    I emailed them, its a fantastic commercial…OMG it just came on TV! oh and scott can come over and make my DP fantasy come true!


    I don’t know any other way to get something started about
    this… so here goes: The latest Quiznos Ads.. are by far the most
    idiotic crap I have seen yet…and I used to like Quiznos… but
    there Ads lately are SOoooo Gay Sex.. overtones.. undertones… what
    ever you want to call it… it’s just Sick… very poorly done…and
    in poor taste… I can’t imagine even any Gay person thinking that’s
    even close to good!…. Would you want someone like this “Scott”
    idiot to serve you at any Quiznos? … un-shaven.. acts like an
    idiot… intimidated by some talking oven… “Put it in me Scott”…
    “I’m waiting for it Scott”… “I want you to do something for me
    Scott”… and the idiot says; “I’m not rubbing you down with that
    Shamy again”…. and the Oven says; “We both enjoyed that”… and
    then… only $4 dollars… say it with passion Scott… More
    Passion… Even More Passion” Give us a #@*^! Brake Quiznos…. Who
    the hell are you trying to sell you Sandwiches to anyhow???… even
    the talking Baby got a little old… but it MUCH better than your
    latest Ads… You really need to Fire your Advertising Agency!

  • no1



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