Josh “Socalled” Dolgin is an openly gay Canadian rapper and artist. He recently celebrated his 40th birthday.

In a new interview with Vice, Dolgin talks about how turning the big 4-0 inspired him to write, produce, and direct an hour-long porno.

“I don’t need porn the way some people seem to,” he says. “I don’t jerk off to porn.” However, he adds, “I do like to have porn playing at parties.”

Dolgin, who describes himself as a “film snob”, says his interest in x-rated movies as art started about ten years ago, after he discovered the work of Toby Ross from the 1970s, who many consider “the godfather of porn.”

“Toby always used natural lighting. The films felt real, and the men in them looked like they were actually having fun. They’re beautiful films.”

Cut to last year, when he randomly connected with gay porn star River Wilson on Grindr. The guys chatted, met up, and quickly hit it off.

“We really connected,” Dolgin recalls. “And we both felt like it’d be a great idea to make a porn movie together.”

So, for his 40th birthday, that’s what Dolgin did. He wrote a script and, while his parents were away one weekend, used their house (without telling them) to film the project.

The Housesitter stars River Wilson and German porn star Valentin Braun, who plays Wilson’s love interest. It tells the story of two men who hookup while on of them is house-sitting.

Here’s a description of the film, according to Vice:

Brownies are brought over as a tasty gift, and then the two engage in a game of chess. Soon after, they have invigorating sex in front of the fireplace. But there are also forays into the fantastical: The Housesitter features a dream sequence, in which Wilson and Braun meet up in the snow wearing outrageous masks. The dream sequence, notably, features snow shoes, so is true Canadiana—a cross between an NFB documentary and a David Lynch movie.

“I wanted this to be different,” says Dolgin. “I wanted to make an indie porn, in the spirit of Toby Ross.”

He adds, “I don’t think of this as a mid-life crisis movie, I see it as a mid-life celebration. I love sex and I love great photography and film, so this is a combination of the two.”

Watch the NSFW-ish trailer for The Housesitter HERE.

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