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Real World‘s Preston Targeted By More Than 1 Homophobic Roommate

And here we thought it was hairdresser Ryan Leslie that’s Real World: New Orleans only homophobe. Enter Knight! (Spoilers ahead.)

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By the end of the episode Knight and Preston make up after (while watching sports!) Knight runs his mouth about Preston’s drag outfit, and Preston comes to terms with what he thinks it is to be a man. I guess we’re supposed to have a collect Awww here?

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  • Joseph

    Preston is a douche!

  • jamison

    uh oh to the tranny reaction, overlooking that.

    and i imagine that knight is at least a lot more accepting than some of his buddies back in wisconsin.

  • Drew2u

    @jamison: Wait, who-what’s from Wisconsin!? Don’t be hatin’ on the cheeseheads!

  • ChrisM

    Not surprised, Knight seemed like an a-hole from the start.

  • Sceth

    They always pick at least a couple emotionally volatile people for these shows. They make the palette of humans a little more entertaining to watch, but as to their value elsewhere …. no comment. Manipulate them or stay away.

  • reason

    Knight is a lot of things, but calling him a homophobic is just a step to far. It weakens the word when it is used so loosely and makes it more difficult to describe truly homophobic individuals. Knight is maybe a bit uncomfortable with certain things but is a lot further along then most, and also has an open mind and willingness to learn. As he stated in a blog after the taping of the series is over, he valued meeting Preston and his friends the most, and learned a great deal about himself and them from their friendship that is continuing after the show. Knight is just your typical brash immature young person that sometimes says things that are inappropriate. Ryan on the other hand is someone that can be defined as grossly homophobic especially after making comments like ” What is the first sign you’re getting A.I.D.S… A hard pounding sensation in your ass.


    @reason: Co-Sign, Knight is your typical hockey playing jock, Who is living with drama queen extreme Preston, who threw a hissy fit because he couldn’t hammer a nail in straight. Then in the scene in the restaurant when Knight is trying to talk to him Preston is staring right at him ignoring him. The Real World has done a lot of good over the years always having a Gay cast member. Most of them are no different than the rest of the roomates ‘cept who they choose to sleep with, and get along very well with the rest of the cast.
    Preston isn’t really representin’ that well……….

  • Bill

    Straight folks are so classy.

  • ewe

    I do not watch any real tv shows because none of them are real.


    lmao who watches this besides the same audience of soaps?

  • hephaestion

    Knight is just a naive and very YOUNG man. He’s not a purposeful homophobe; he’s just a product of a homophobic world, who will learn in time that there are many reasons to dislike certain people, but being gay is not one of them. I think he is learning that.

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    This shows where society has fallen when shit like this is passed off as entertainment.

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