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Reality star Alex Bowen leaves little to imagination in 2018 calendar

If the name Alex Bowen sounds familiar, it may be because of his stint on UK reality show Love Island — or for that rather astonishing photo incident from July 2016.

Because of the sheer enormity of the find, Bowen’s leak was the talk of the Internet for days.

And days. People couldn’t get enough (and there was enough to go around, yeah.)

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Now, the reality star is bringing out his 2018 calendar, which finds him once again showing off in his briefs and, yes, less in a work un-friendly photo you can see here.

Here are some highlights:

And here’s what he did when the shoot was over: 

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  • THAT Steve

    Too many clothes. Pass…

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    that’s not exactly what i’d call ‘little to the imagination’ unless one has little imagination to begin with.

  • RIGay

    Oh well… I thought he has a furry chest until I realized it was all ink…

    • ptb2016

      Yeah. What’s with all these guys with great physiques thinking covering their bodies with ink makes them more attractive? Puts me off more often than not!

    • Brian

      There’s one guy, I think his name is Alex, he has an amputated leg. Another vain Instagram model, covered in tattoos, very cute, with probably the best ass I’ve ever seen. Or at least it was, until he decided to get two huge, hideous face tattoos on it. That one made me want to cry.

  • OzJosh

    The tattoos are revolting.

  • drmiller

    What kind of all-consuming vanity must you have to make a full on calendar of….. yourself. Sure, he’s attractive in his own way but not “I must make a calendar of ME to share with the world” level of attractive. Get real dude, you just look like an absurd narcissist which makes you laughably hideous.

  • Prax07

    My ex, the psychopath narcissist was also named Bowen…anyone with that last name now freaks me out, no matter how pretty to look at.

  • seaguy

    Where are the dick pics?

  • Evji108

    He did it for the money, obviously. I’m sure the ego boost is gratifying as well.

  • RobtheElder

    Under normal circumstances, I’m not thrilled with tattoos of any sort. Somehow in the case of Alex Bowen, I’m not as grossed out as usual. Perhaps, it’s the intricacy of the design. In any case, I wouldn’t want to see still more tattoos. Even if he changes his mind, the tattoos will be impossible to remove. He is a stunningly handsome young man… RobtheElder

  • Daws

    His skin looks rough. Needs to quit smoking and stop tanning.

  • Frank

    Do these guys have a GROUPON to the local tattoo shop because they need to QUIT it is not artistic it is plain hideous

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