Red Alert: Prop 8 Booster Threatening To Win ABC’s “The Glass House”

We haven’t been watching ABC’s Big Brother takeoff, The Glass House, but Queerty reader Ken clued us in to an ugly homophobic showdown happening as the season nears its finale.

During the season, it came out that Mormon contestant Andrea not only voted for California’s odious Proposition 8, but photographed herself with her kids holding Prop 8 signs.

You know what they say: The family that hates together, relates together!

When he found out, openly gay contestant Jeffrey stood up to Andrea, and a schism was formed in the house: Half the players aligned with Jeff, and half with hater Andrea.

We already know the Prop 8 crowd are great mobilizers, so it shouldn’t be too shocking that they’ve spiked the voting on the show and pushed Andrea into the final three. Her supporters even turned Andrea into the “victim” of Jeff’s bullying, because he called her idiotic talking points, well, idiotic.

Ken explains:

The Prop 8 fight gained a lot of attention in the Mormon community and they have since flooded the official comment section of the ABC site chasing away most other commentators.  The ratings for the show were never great to start with, but as they have gotten worse among the general public, the Mormon block of voters has had more influence and begun swinging the vote towards Andrea and her supporters.

The public votes on who stays and who goes in this game, and now it’s down to the final four players with both Jeffrey and Andrea still being kept in by their fan bases. Andrea just won a competition to go directly to the final, but Jeffrey needs to beat at least one of the other two players to make it, but the other two players are being supported by the Mormon bloc.  As of now, it really looks like Jeffrey is going to just miss making the finale to Prop 8 lady and two of her supporters.

Again, with so few people actually watching the show to start with, some attention from pro-LGBT sites could make a shift in this thing away from being a televised win for bigotry.  It may only be a TV show, but I know when I was growing up, Andrea getting the win over Jeffrey by a public would have killed me.   Those of us who are still watching this thing and holding out hope for a non-depressing ending just wanted to see if we could make a difference.

If you’ve been watching this show, well, you have our sympathies. But, more importantly, can you provide any more details on the controversy? Is Ken calling it right or is there more to the story?

In any case, it sounds like it’s time to get out the vote, people! if Andrea wins the $250,000 grand prize you just know she’s gonna tithe that shit to Mitt Romney’s campaign. So head over to ABC.com, register and pull the level. (Well, click the button actually). 

Voting ends today at 3pm Eastern, so don’t delay!

By the way, when are we gonna hear more about Jacob, the contestant who quit Glass House early—possibly over his gay-webcam past?

Photos: Facebook, ABC

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  • Brian Dutille

    Andrea is disgusting!! There is no “freedom” in being a hater and homophobe. I am starting to agree with my ex/bff Chris who moved to Montreal because of the sick, conservative direction this country is going in. I think it is time gay people stood up and started striking back at fools like this like they did in the sixties. Do we have to have another Stonewall?!! It is obvious not ENOUGH straight people are standing up for equal rights either (so many in show business could do so much more!!!) to allow these jokers to hold these signs and attack people who just want the freedom to have a relationship and marry. It just makes no sense why it is anybody elses business to interfere with the freedom of others? Love Jeffrey!! I am glad he has the balls to stand up to that bitch. Andrea is no child of God!!! Why was she the only one to bring in family, relatives, friends, etc.?? The whole thing appalls me.

  • Shawn

    Please vote! Once you register your account with ABC it’ll take about 1/2 hour for you to receive a verification email, but don’t let that discourage you.

    The three other people left in the house have been ganging up on Jefferey and
    ostracizing him for even the most simpliest things; Andrea even complained about
    “overacting” being tired after the challenge.

    It’s our chance to show people like Andrea that everyone deserves an equal chance at
    life! Please vote!

  • JC

    You guys, go vote for Jeffrey! There’s only a few hours left and he really needs it.

    You must go to abc.com, register an account (you can register quickly through your twitter or facebook), then go to the “View and Vote”page for The Glass House (the full address is http://the-glass-house.abc.go.com/shows/the-glass-house/view-and-vote/ ) . Down below some other stuff, and right above the comments section, there is a “Stay and Play” poll. THAT is where you vote. All you do is click on Jeffrey and only Jeffrey. When his pic becomes surrounded by a red border then your vote is logged in and it will be counted when the poll closes in a few hours.

  • Christian

    It’s terrible that someone like Andrea is on track to win this thing.

    Everyone who reads this in the next few hours, please run and vote for Jeffrey! You may think your one vote isn’t much, but this show is not doing so well in the ratings and in an interview the executive producer has said some of the week-long votes have only gotten in the thousands of votes, so a one-day vote like one here this may be getting as few as only hundreds! Every single vote is important with so few voters.

  • Snarkastic Lady

    You forgot to mention that Andrea has said, at least once, that the first thing she’ll do if she wins is pay a 10% tithe to the Mormon church. That’s right – $25,000 funds a lot of hate. I’d rather see anyone else win. It makes me sick that the same people who vote to trample all over other people’s civil rights start freaking out and screaming “Religious discrimination!!” the moment someone else points out that maybe it’s not ok for you to vote on who strangers love.

    Oh, and Jeffrey has apologized 200 times for that comment, which was completely understandable when you consider that it was directed at someone who was doing something idiotic and hurtful, for idiotic reasons. Yet they still harp on how he called her an idiot, in the heat of the moment, and not any of the things Andrea has said or done.

  • yaoming

    Is that her husband? Is he black? Are Mormons allowed to do that?

  • dvlaries

    You guys got me with your alarm and I registered and voted for Jeffrey, even though nothing on this goddamn earth could make me watch a reality show. What night and time is this piece of crap on…? Rest in peace Brandon Tartikoff, you wouldn’t recognize the fucking medium you tried to give some class.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    @dvlaries: I absolutely LOVED watching Punky Brewster as a kid. Thanks for the lovely walk down memory lane. :-)

  • Funny Zoey

    “Ken” is just over reacting.

    The voting that expires today doesn’t have any impact on Andrea because she already made it to final 3 after she won yesterday’s immunity challenge.

    You should be voting for Jeffrey because you think he’s a better player than Kevin and Erica who are also on the block. You shouldn’t vote for Jeffrey only because he’s gay…that’s homosexist and discriminating against straight people.

  • Avenger

    Nope. I voted for Erica. Not voting for Jeffery.

    BTW: I don’t even watch the show and I’m not about to start. LOL
    I just didn’t like the self-righteousness of the article and decided to go rogue.

    Since the article doesn’t say that this Andrea woman has gone out of her way to harass the gay guy, and instead makes it sound like he just found out that she was/is a Prop 8 supporter and decided to get in her face about it, then I say eff him. He WAS a bully if that’s the case.

  • Jamesblond

    I don’t know why everyone insists on spelling Mormon with two M’s. The second one only confuses people.

  • Mike D.

    “Ken” is not overreacting and Jeffrey is not a bully and this article is not self-righteous, it’s just telling the truth plain and simple.

    This vote does matter because Jeffrey would still have a shot to win it against Andrea if he survives. If he’s voted out today because of this poll, then the bigots and Mormons have won by having Andrea last longer than him. Then the bigot Mormon mom who goes campaigning against equal rights with her little kids will have beat the gay guy standing up for equal rights.

    dvlaries, thanks for voting and this on on Monday night at 10pm eastern on ABC. The finale is this Monday.

    If anyone wants to see a real cesspool, check out the comments on the voting page for The Glass House. Like the article says, the Mormons have taken it over with ghost nics in favor of Andrea, and about every other comment is something like “Jeffrey is a bully and Andrea is a victim of his bullying. She is a sweet mom who has the right to her beliefs and to go campaigning for what she believes in and I totally respect her for that while Jeffrey is just a mean person who tries to force his beliefs on everybody else”. Seriously, that’s what they all say there, except with much worse spelling.

  • Chuck

    I am not going to have anything to do with this ridiculous reality show.

  • croaker

    We just lost Jeffrey, but it’s not too late to make sure Andrea doesn’t win.

    Vote for Erica!

    FWIW: Andrea called Jeffrey retarded during their time in the house (for those who think him calling her an idiot was wrong)

  • realgay

    Jeffrey’s been eliminated.

  • papparon

    I watched for the first time today and am sorry to hear that Jeffrey was eliminated. I kinda agree with Funny Zoey though because voting for a person just because they are gay is reverse discrimination – then again, how else are we to combat discrimination from the other side? I think we gays have been idle, silent and apathetic too long – at the very least we need to make our voices heard, and not just to each other on sites like this, but everywhere.

  • Edgar

    Went to vote and saw Jeff’s already been eliminated. Bummer.

  • Edgar

    @Emily: why hasn’t this bitch been banned yet?

  • Spike

    Really Queerty? This is what civil rights in the gay community is going to come down to, Chick-fil-a and some really really really bad knock off reality show of a bad reality show?

    I see you are still accepting advertising dollars from Coors. I guess it goes hand in hand when your sense of responsibility and gay civil rights involves fast food and reality TV.

    Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame.

  • Jurlesia

    Wish we had known about this sooner…

  • Nathan

    Andrea is a disgusting piece of TRASH. Her winnign would seriously be a disgrace to America.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    @Emily: Wait, what??? You screwed your sister’s husband and you have the gall to come on here and preach morailty??? And here I thought you were just another religious nutjob trying to “save” the lgbt community. Turns out you’re nothing but a filthy hypocrite projecting your feelings of guilt on innocent bystanders. Your kind disgusts me. To take a quote from your own book of fairy tales “first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.” Ironically it even mentions the brother you screwed. Haha.

    Go fornicate yourself, Emily. Although, since it’s not adultery, you probably wouldn’t be interested.

  • Blah Blah..huh?

    @Spike: Overton window, rightward. Smarmy baby gay, shrugging, drinking in the doom laden blood money from daddy’s golf buddy sponsors. Works never, and when he does, he’s always late and the most. interesting. gay. in. the. world.

    Queerty is here for a reason, after all. These guys couldn’t get off the gravy train to stop dragging us backwards if they even understood the notion. Queerty is a silly stunt, but it gets a lot of LGBT views, that’s all.

  • You

    Did Ken spend any time watching the live feeds or just the 1st TV episode or 2? This is inaccurate, yes they argued about it, but Jeffrey brought it up. Jeffrey asked her if she voted yes on Prop 8. When she answered him truthfully he said, “NO! You are a privileged white lady and you don’t have the right to vote against me and people like me!” If he didn’t want the answer, he shouldn’t have asked the question.

    The viewers are meant to vote on the players by who played the game and who deserves the prize in the long run. Out of all of the players there, Jeffrey didn’t deserve the win so he got voted off. In my opinion, Andrea doesn’t deserve the win either. I think the single father who is a police officer, Kevin, deserves the win more than the married mother of 3, and the drunk law school drop out. Anyone who votes for someone based on their sexuality or based on their religion really needs to learn how to think for themselves. And anyone voting for him based on his sexuality that doesn’t even watch the show-that’s how you promote equality? A gay guy winning a TV show doesn’t give the equality battle any kind of boost, did it help when Richard Hatch won Survivor? No.

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