We haven’t been watching ABC’s Big Brother takeoff, The Glass House, but Queerty reader Ken clued us in to an ugly homophobic showdown happening as the season nears its finale.

During the season, it came out that Mormon contestant Andrea not only voted for California’s odious Proposition 8, but photographed herself with her kids holding Prop 8 signs.

You know what they say: The family that hates together, relates together!

When he found out, openly gay contestant Jeffrey stood up to Andrea, and a schism was formed in the house: Half the players aligned with Jeff, and half with hater Andrea.

We already know the Prop 8 crowd are great mobilizers, so it shouldn’t be too shocking that they’ve spiked the voting on the show and pushed Andrea into the final three. Her supporters even turned Andrea into the “victim” of Jeff’s bullying, because he called her idiotic talking points, well, idiotic.

Ken explains:

The Prop 8 fight gained a lot of attention in the Mormon community and they have since flooded the official comment section of the ABC site chasing away most other commentators.  The ratings for the show were never great to start with, but as they have gotten worse among the general public, the Mormon block of voters has had more influence and begun swinging the vote towards Andrea and her supporters.

The public votes on who stays and who goes in this game, and now it’s down to the final four players with both Jeffrey and Andrea still being kept in by their fan bases. Andrea just won a competition to go directly to the final, but Jeffrey needs to beat at least one of the other two players to make it, but the other two players are being supported by the Mormon bloc.  As of now, it really looks like Jeffrey is going to just miss making the finale to Prop 8 lady and two of her supporters.

Again, with so few people actually watching the show to start with, some attention from pro-LGBT sites could make a shift in this thing away from being a televised win for bigotry.  It may only be a TV show, but I know when I was growing up, Andrea getting the win over Jeffrey by a public would have killed me.   Those of us who are still watching this thing and holding out hope for a non-depressing ending just wanted to see if we could make a difference.

If you’ve been watching this show, well, you have our sympathies. But, more importantly, can you provide any more details on the controversy? Is Ken calling it right or is there more to the story?

In any case, it sounds like it’s time to get out the vote, people! if Andrea wins the $250,000 grand prize you just know she’s gonna tithe that shit to Mitt Romney’s campaign. So head over to ABC.com, register and pull the level. (Well, click the button actually). 

Voting ends today at 3pm Eastern, so don’t delay!

By the way, when are we gonna hear more about Jacob, the contestant who quit Glass House early—possibly over his gay-webcam past?

Photos: Facebook, ABC

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