Reichen Lehmkuhl’s Cologne: Eau D’Wanker

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Would you like to smell like a tone-deaf, two-timing, cam4-wankin’, pseudo-lebrity? Then Reichen Lehmkuhl has got the stank for you!

The ad copy for Lehmkuhl’s new fragrance would have you believe that between tapings of The A-List Part Deux, he wandered about an organic greenhouse like a blind girl, letting only the aromas of plants and herbs lead him. He then plucked the choicest scents asunder, proceeded to grind them up in a pestle like some sort of witch-boy, and then smeared the oils on his orange man pies while moaning like an injured cow in heat. He called that experience: Reichen.

He calls the scent a fragrance rather than a cologne or a perfume because the word “fragrance” is so unisex… so indecisive… so desperate for good marketing. Just like Reichen.

The only upside to smelling like Queen Flopsweats is that part of the proceeds go to The American Foundation for AIDS Research and the LGBT Centers of New York City and Los Angeles. But you should probably just to send them a check for $39 or $70 directly rather than paying for Lehmkuhl’s man-musk.

Between Reichen’s cologne, Derek’s Tansxl self-tanner and Nyasha’s wig line, The A List is a greeting-card aisle away from becoming a CVS. Maybe Austin can release a line of tampons?

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t knock”Reichen” until we smell it: It could be the CK One of the 2010s.

Via Joe.My.God.

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  • EdWoody

    I have to wonder who exactly Reichen thinks his market is. To be fair I haven’t really paid enough attention to him to give my own opinion on his life and personality, but it certainly seems that all the gays in the internet loathe him with a passion and wouldn’t buy his perfume if their lives depended on it, and no-one else even knows who he is. So who exactly is going to buy this stuff?

  • Little Kiwi

    @EdWoody, likely nobody. This is a guy who is a Body. That’s about it. He aint no actor, nor singer, nor dancer, nor songwriter. Even on the show he’s not a Personality. He’s a body. He truly should stop trying to be famous and just commit to being a physical trainer or something.

    “Reichen – Smells More Boring Than Church”

  • Marie Cohn

    “Reichen: the Fragrance” consists of acrid low notes of talentless ambition, cloying mid-range desperation for attention, and top notes of pathetic overexposure.

  • christopher di spirito

    Part of the proceeds go to AMFAR which is laudable. I’m trying to be kind here.

  • Top to Bottom

    It’s cam4, not 4cam! Duh! LOL

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    “Reichen”…rhymes with “retching”.

    How Richard Allen Lehmkuhl actually attended and graduated from the USAF Academy, became a USAF pilot and advanced to the rank of Captain defies explanation. One has to wonder if lack-of-oxygen at altitude might have been involved at some point to create the “Reichen” we loathe.

  • TMikel

    Ugh! This pseudolebrity has had his fifteen minutes and then some. The hype around him proves that he is one of the ilk who want to be famous for – well being famous. HE has nothing to do with this “fragrance.” Top chemical engineers have created it and if it is a success, it will be due to them. Does anyone remember any of the so called great scents of yester year – 9 Flags, Stetson, British Sterling Jade East all come to mind.

  • the crustybastard

    @Marie Cohn:

    Wow. A perfume review that outdoes Turin & Sanchez!

    I smell impressed.

  • Cam

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you, my first fragrance….. Reichen.

    The fragrance has all of the flirtation, the class, the…coy ambition of a used condom stuck to the floormat of a 1981 Trans Am.

    Signed Reichen Lemkul, on his knees somewhere off the Jersey Turnpike.

  • Michael

    Tsk tsk never will understand why some gay men are so obsessed with plastic surgery botox and all that other unhealthy shit.Why people just cant let themselves grow old gracefully is beyond me.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I have stood in a room with this man and he is walking talking raw sex. More so in person than on TV. Say what you will be most of you would suck/fuck and pour his cologne up your ass if you had a chance.

  • fredo777

    This seems unnecessarily harsh. While I probably won’t buy the fragrance (unless I smell it first + like it), I don’t see the need for such negativity. Maybe we should reserve this venom for those who are actually anti-gay.

  • Katt

    I mean… why not support our own? I won’t deny I watch the show. I also won’t deny that I have purchased products from the show. I got Rodiney’s calender while he was in Miami. He was very sweet and very nice and took as many pictures with me until I had one I liked and then offered me a drink. Mike Ruiz was a complete gentlemen at his t-shirt signing and actually hugged me when I extended my hand for a shake. These guys are here to entertain us and they do. Sure they are not A-list celebrities… but how many of them do you see on reality shows? Why do you think DWTS is such a joke. If Reichen brings his sexy self down here and peddles for my hard earned money, I will dish it out. I feel much better getting a hug, kiss, and pic with him then with Snooki.

    This article crossed the line of “funny” or “sarcasm” and was just hateful and nasty. I would hate for anyone one else to see it and realize how little we support our own.

  • QJ201

    I think we like to pile on Reichen (and not in a fun way) because he is the walking epitome of the urban gay stereotype. Having good looks and hitting the gym does NOT make you better than other gay men nor any more talented. You know the kind of guy that sneer at other gay men (see the A-List for ample evidence).

  • fredo777

    @QJ201: And are we not helping perpetuate a stereotype that gay men are catty, snarky, + bitchy when we “pile on” other gay men like this?

  • Little Kiwi

    how about the things Reichen peretuates about only having eyes for white (or white-LOOKING) super-buff guys who’d make Hitler’s loins melt?

    forgive me for finding Reichen about as sexually and intellectually stimulating as a bowl of oatmeal.

  • Michael


    This community has always perpetuated that… this site alone proves that stereotype to be true for the most part.

  • Anne

    As a stay at home mom, let me just say that you guys are hilarious! I don’t mean to say anything stereotyping, but some of you definitely have that Wilde wit. Lol! I’m going to get my husband some Lehmkuhl for Christmas. He will have no clue!

  • Little Kiwi

    careful, Anne! early test reports showed that those who wore the cologne developed a nasty case of thinking that they could sing despite their being utterly tone-deaf ;-)


  • JKB

    I agree that we should smell it first, but have no issues with the rest of the commentary.

  • fredo777

    @Michael: Enh, I suppose some of us on here do get our snark on, but this still seemed a bit much (+ not in a wholly playful way).

  • Michael


    Im beginning to believe that none of us are capable of respecting each other within this community.This site and sites like this continue to lead me to that way of thinking.

  • Oaxaca78

    @Little Kiwi:

    That’s not nice. I LOVE going to church (and typically enjoy my time there, maybe its the lesbian pastors).

  • Little Kiwi

    i like MY church too, Oaxaca78, truth be told. I just like saying “more boring than CHURCH!”

    gotta love my homer j. simpson ;-)

    praise jeebus!

    there are so many other interesting, vivacious and charsmatic LGBT people out there. i resolve, today, to never say one more thing about Reichen and choose instead to say lots of positive things about the ones i enjoy more :D

  • Oaxaca78

    @Little Kiwi:

    I forgot to add that the term “Jeebus” is more grating than Reichen’s recording of “Love you to the sky”

  • Cam

    @Michael: said…

    “Im beginning to believe that none of us are capable of respecting each other within this community.This site and sites like this continue to lead me to that way of thinking.”

    Yes, because OF COURSE, somebody who has done everything they possibly can do to get into the public eye should NEVER be judged on how they act.

    I’m sorry but Reichen is all about attention and publicity. I liked the guy after reading his book, and yet after watching him on TV I find him repellent. And yet for some reason nobody is allowed to hold that opinion.

    Sorry, but him being gay doesn’t change the fact that he is nearly unwatchable.

  • Thomas Maguire

    Oh Reichen.

    We hardly knew thee.

    Or something.

  • patrick mahoney

    Wow, just when you think you heard Every bitchy, sniping remark….. out comes this kind of WeHoe trash….

    Why do you feel compelled to trash someone’s good efforts? Jealous, or just that bitter? Not-so-pretty, girl. Reichen might have his issues (like you don’t? ;-) but how can you “review” something you have never even seen/tried/in this case, smelt?

    SEEMS like a bitchy vedetta from an embittered cast off……..

    So, to be fair…. Try to redeem yourself by stating your stake in vilifying people and things that set you off? (“as in wtf? Who would ever want to date such a bitter person….musch less spend any bit of time with them? “) I think its time you took a trip to yourself in the mirror, before you keep trashing other people….

    Just my 2 cents…

    Good luck with making a positive change in your attitude/life….. I sincerely hope you find a way out of that black hole you seem to be living in.


  • Michael


    I was not even REFERRING TO REICHEN to begin with.A good percentage of posters on this site though clearly prove my point though.The moment anyone here is capable of showing each other respect without some arrogant response smart ass retort rude comment attitude problem or anger management issue will be the day hell officially freezes over.

  • Little Kiwi

    I love Harvey Fierstein and Quentin Crisp and think that John Barrowman is sexy and talented.

    And BD Wong is so handsome it’s almost shocking :-)

  • patrick mahoney

    @Michael: Well said :-)

  • patrick mahoney

    @Katt: I agree 150%

  • the crustybastard

    Concern trolls — your concern is noted.

    However, I’m dismissive of Reichen because he’s an entertainer whose ability to remove his shirt is the beginning and end of his ability to entertain, and is now pretending he created a vanity fragrance. Likewise, were I heterosexual I wouldn’t imagine our shared sexuality forges some common-bond between me and Paris Hilton, and should motivate me to be supportive of her vanity fragrances.

    Being a perfumer is a remarkable talent combining abstract art and chemistry with an almost superhuman ability to discern, dissect and mentally combine odors. It’s not a skill one suddenly acquires with the onset of transitory notoriety.

    Reichen could no more develop a fragrance worth smelling than he could sing a song worth hearing.

  • Cam

    @patrick mahoney: said…

    “Wow, just when you think you heard Every bitchy, sniping remark….. out comes this kind of WeHoe trash….
    Why do you feel compelled to trash someone’s good efforts? Jealous, or just that bitter? Not-so-pretty, girl. ”

    Interesting that YOU would comment on bitchiness and WeHo Trash, and yet your jump right back with the accusation that somebody is jealous, bitter, or “Not-so-pretty”. Which are the epitome of the attitude you are claiming to hate. Hypocritical? Why yes, you are.

    And again, I just LOVE these crazy fanboys that come in here and attack us for judging somebody whose entire LIFE is about putting himself in the public eye. How DARE we have an opinion about somebody who has the one goal in life of being in an industry that is all about image and being judged.

    If we’re not supposed to have an opinion about his personality, then perhaps he should go get a job as an accountant or a pharmacist. But as one example, the fact that it is incredibly obvious he has no singing talent and yet he continues to try to be a professional singer shows that he is out of touch and completely un-self aware. Not my fault that he comes off so poorly on TV.

  • Spike

    Cool, so now you can smell like ass before you walk into the sex club!

  • Michael

    @patrick mahoney:

    Ty nice to meet a decent person for a change here.Thats like looking for a needle in a haystack here.

  • patrick mahoney

    @Cam: Nor “Cam” did anyone put you in charge of ‘judgement queen of the world’ (though many of you seem to vie for that misbegotten title. I guess not enough ‘little miss pageants’ while growing up? ;-)

    Seriously, hypocrite? I’m just slinging back a LITTLE bit of the monkey shite you guys seem to love to fling at people; so you would see what it feels like, as most people are too scared to throw it back in your face.

    I could give a rat’s arse about all this twitter. Just trying to do you the favor of seeing why you are alone, and lonely, in your lives….and beyond that, why the path to equal rights is made harder from within. Just try, for your own sake, to reduce the level vacuousness ….it has to be hard to even breathe.

    The reason i even comment? Because I know Reichen, and he is a kind and caring person…..yet, the gay “community” is carnivorous in their appetite to tear people and things down, rather than to take the effort to build themselves up and support others. Its frankly very disgusting to be thrown into the same mental cesspool by association; and, it makes our jobs even harder (to gain and keep respect of other folks) when you guys are possessed with passing off vitriol as intelligent/clever conversation…..all the while exhibiting incredible ignorance. Hypocrite? Check that mirror again, and not for your jelly rolls; as you are doing the very thing you accuse Reichen of doing….which he isn’t even doing.

    Folks like Reichen are just trying the best they can to provide entertainment, make a living, and keep in decent shape. Why is that a crime against nature? Cuz you can’t do it? Let go…and focus on yourself (in a constructive way, eschewing self absorption …as it is a character trap) Yeah, I am using words like character, integrity, honor because I’m not sure you guys hear or understand them much. Sure, we don’t have people treating us right; but that isn’t a reason to get better at being worse than them. Its an ‘opportunity’ to grow stronger because of the challenges, and rise above them. Thats what Reichen does in his life….and thats how he got into an academy, and through it. With a few exceptions, all grads of the academies work towards these values daily….and it usually shows in their physical and/or mental disciplines.

    So, bottom line? Guys who came out when I did didn’t risk our lives so you could throw everything away on superficial prattle. Take your talents, resources, etc and make something of yourself….you have that opportunity, when in the not-so-distant-past people were destroyed for being gay and dreamed of what you have in front of you. So, given that; you want to rail against each other instead of thrive?

    People like Reichen are out and open, at the cost of their str8 careers….and you want to say ‘thank you’ to him for that sacrifice by trashing him for endorsing a cologne? You want to give ammo to the establishment that paints all gays as freaks by acting like freaks against those who are standing up tall? The cowardice in these actions is reprehensible…while folks like us stand up for your rights, you post carping trash….anonymously??? ;-(

    Time to rethink a few things, dude.

  • Cam

    @patrick mahoney: said…

    “@Cam: Nor “Cam” did anyone put you in charge of ‘judgement queen of the world’ (though many of you seem to vie for that misbegotten title. I guess not enough ‘little miss pageants’ while growing up? ;-)
    Seriously, hypocrite? I’m just slinging back a LITTLE bit of the monkey shite you guys seem to love to fling at people; so you would see what it feels like, as most people are too scared to throw it back in your face.”

    Who appointed me judgement queen? Well gee, I’d have to say…MYSELF. Yes, thats right, I actually am in charge of my own opinions.

    As for you “Slinging back a little” you may want to look up the word Hypocrite. The definition is doing something you are speaking out against. So….sorry there but you absolutely qualify. The awful part is that you are the worst type of hypocrite, one who is too stupid or unaware to even realize that they are one. So happy to help you figure that out.

    But the best part of your post was the ten thousand word defense for Mr. Lemkhul. If you wanted to pretend that you weren’t either…

    1. a little fanboy
    2. somebody who works for Logo
    3. Reichen himself

    Then you failed miserably. Even a fan isn’t going to waste that long in a defense of somebody who is merely some reality show personality.

    Again, the biggest crime that many of us seem to have made in your eyes, is to have an opinion of somebody who’s every waking minute in life is screaming for people’s attention and opinions. Again, I liked him after reading his book, so your trying to use the excuse of “Oh gee, you just hate people who are in shape” is the idiotic ramblings of a sad aging gym bunny.

    The fact is, I didn’t begin to dislike him until I got a good heavy dose of his personality by watching “The A List”.

    Every facet of his personality is man repellent. If you and Reichen don’t want him to be judged…then perhaps he shouldn’t have chosen as his career, spending every minute in front of a camera.

    So now it’s time for you to compose some post in which you insinuate that everybody who doesn’t agree with you must be fat. Gosh you’re smart.

  • Trip

    @Little Kiwi: Calling out Reichen for liking white guys is asinine. People are attracted to whom they’re attracted to, period. There’s no such thing as politically correct attraction; it’s not a score card with boxes that should (or can) be checked off.

  • adam

    @Ted B. (Charging Rhino): I don’t think Reichen ever was a USAF pilot, he just likes to give that impression without quite technically lying. If you pay attention he says he went to the academy, he took the pilot exams there, he was in the military and he is a pilot. He does not say that he passed his test and worked as a pilot in the military. What I’ve heard is that he failed to qualify as a pilot and worked in a for the military in a warehouse in Los Angeles then later became a pilot on his own time as a private citizen. Apparently the quasi-misrepresentation he does pissed off some people from the air force who know the real situation.

  • fredo777

    @the crustybastard: If you were referring to me among those “concern trolls”, I don’t appreciate it. My comment wasn’t meant to troll for phony concern, but a genuine expression of my feelings on this particular bashing tone. Whether or not you like Reichen or his efforts, I don’t see the necessity of trashing him at every turn without being provoked. But, to each his own.

  • patrick mahoney

    @Cam: I’m not Reichen, sweetheart……he is smarter than me; he doesn’t bother trying to convince snipes to change their ways. Where you misperceive him being simple, I see incredible patience with petty people. That, to me, is the hardest thing about wanting to be a celebrity….putting up with that nonsense. I don’t even know him that well, nor have any crush on him. Ha, that is funny :-) I’m Just trying to do the impossible…. bring some sense to this stupid article, so that people stop vilifying people they are just jealous of. “So happy to help you figure that out?” Honey, you couldn’t figure your way out of a wet paper bag. “Gosh” you are lame ;-) I am out of here…. Waste of time….. You are obviously caught up in self-replicating dramas; and I’m not getting sucked in….anymore. I think the words speak for themselves….. its pretty clear from you overreactions to everything. I sincerely hope you find some calmness in your life….

  • Cam

    @patrick mahoney:

    Yes, the typical answer of somebody who has been proven wrong and has nothing to say. Thank you for proving the point.

  • fredo777

    I should clarify: I’m not anti-snark or catty comments + engage in them myself from time to time. My point was just that I don’t see why we should totally trash the man if he isn’t actively working against the LGBT community (and, no, being someone’s idea of a “bad stereotype” doesn’t count).

  • JoeyB

    With gay teenagers killing themselves, who gives a f–k about this has been Reichen…

  • George412

    @Jack E. Jett:

    He works out at my gym and I have seen him at the bars in the neighborhood. I wouldn’t touch him with a tench inch pole or if he had a ten inch dick. His attitude takes aways from his fake looks.

  • Chadboy

    @patrick mahoney:

    I have met Reichen and he has hung out with some of my friends. I don’t consider him overly nice. He is nice to the guys that he wants something from whether it be sex or professional gain. He isn’t nice for the sake of just being nice. I don’t think he is worth being elevated to “celebrity” in our community and is deserving of respect. Our “community” should take the time to applaud the likes of Larry Kramer, John Waters, Ian McKellen, Cherry Jones, Tony Kushner, Ellen Degeneres….oh wait what do they all have in common? Talent and hard work. What does Reichen have? DNA and the help from a good surgeon. We need to learn to appreciated people for what they have worked for and not simply worship people for their good looks.

    Before anyone throws the word “troll” at me I’m 38 and workout and have a good body. I turn many a head, but I prefer to be appreciated for being kind and my work accomplishments.

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m with Chadboy. We have a community rich with diverse, interesting, talented, driven, genuine, and indeed triumphant and inspiring individuals. we should be highlighting and talking about THEM< not about someone who is nothing without their gym-built body, and who (for the record) wont' give the time of day to anyone that doesn't have a similar aesthetic – right down to the *need* to be "Whitewashed."

    Give me BD Wong any day. or Armistead Maupin. Ethan Mordden. The late-great E. Lynn Harris. Audre Lorde. Ian McKellen. Cherry Jones, INDEED! Lee Daniels. John Barrowman. Billy Porter. Alan Ball. Chris Colfer. Don Mancini. Jesse tyler Ferguson. Bill T. Jones. Sean Hayes. John Amaechi. Gareth Thomas. Jonathan Groff.

    literally. the list goes on and on and on. new stance: dont' bash Reichen, just don't talk about him Talk about the genuinely inspiring people worth talking about.

  • Michael


    The ones trying to make a difference for this community are the ones who should be praised not these reality stars who constantly want attention and to be in the limelight.That does not benefit our community at all all it is is money greed and superficiality.

    Those three things don’t make an impact on the LGBT community hard work dedication and belief in the greater good and championing our rights as Americans and human beings however DO make an impact a positive one at that.

  • Mexminded

    Would rather buy a DVD of him wanking then the cologne. The dudes are the show are stereotypes anyway so a porn DVD would be more appropriate for the rag tag “A-List”

  • Mexminded

    Would rather buy a DVD of him wanking then the cologne. The dudes on the show are stereotypes anyway so a porn DVD would be more appropriate for the rag tag “A-List”

  • fredo777

    @Chadboy: In all fairness, saying we should only ever talk about the “important gays” is like saying we should only listen to Vivaldi instead of pop music. Surely there are more quality, inspiring persons we can focus on, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other people who can be interesting/entertaining, for whatever reason. Even if it is for their “hot mess” appeal.

    When I’m in the mood for a good time at the club, I’ll listen to LMFAO, Katy Perry, Far East Movement…it’s fluff, but it’s fun. When I’m in the mood for classical, it also has its time + place.

  • flyboyguy

    I’m truly sickened by this article and all the negative comments. THIS IS OUR GAY COMMUNITY??
    This is how we talk about our own? This is how we show how angry we are at our own failures? By attacking a gay rights activist who tries to start a business and gives money to our charities? Who wrote books begging for others to understand our need for equal rights?

    We are a damaged group. We are angry. We are ignorant. We are jealous. We deserve all the hate we get.

    There is no gay community. We suck. I have no more gay pride. Why would I?

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