IN/OUT Gives Back To Escorts After Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down Operations

We’ve told you about some of the individuals, organizations and businesses affected by the unsolicited arrival of Hurricane Sandy last week. Among them was (NSFW), one of the world’s biggest male-escort sites and producer of the annual Hustlaball here in New York.

“Our I.T. department always planned on a backup in the case of a natural disaster—they just never planned for 38 feet of seawater in the basement of our data center,” CEO Jeffrey Davids said. “There’s been chaos dealing with restoring power and a lot of extra stress for everyone. It was a crazy week for us, but we feel very fortunate. There are people without homes and there are lost lives.”

The power is back on, but that was a week that escorts around the world couldn’t make any do-re-mi. Well, Rentboy understands and is reaching out to help: understands that escorts around the world lost business during last week’s service disruption. Our IT and sales department are working full time this week to add back the lost time. Monthly ads will automatically receive 8 days added to their purchased ad time. Travel ads will automatically receive store credit for the days their individual ads were down.

We’ve heard of a hooker with a heart of gold, but this is a new one on us!

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  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    “…38 feet of seawater in the basement…”???

    Are Rentboy’s cock sizes that exaggerated too?

  • andy_d

    Regardless of the type of business, it is important (as in good business practice) to take care of your customers. Period.

  • D P

    @andy_d: – I agree with you andy_d. And I think that it’s endearing for to recognize that as well. So I’ve decided to direct my patronage in this area to on a preferential basis, as of this day.

  • LeNair Xavier

    Excuse me, but we are talking about PIMPS taking care of their PROSTITUTES. You can TRY to dress it up nicely all you want using fancy words and talking about the party they throw. But the fact remains is the PIMP, and the real word for “escorts” is PROSTITUTES. And of course a pimp is going to make concessions when their hoes can’t work. Especially because of a natural disaster. It’s not unfounded as you try to make it seem.

    STOP trying to paint as some sainted company to work for. We have enough young lost souls because of it. Drugging themselves to make themselves numb to the ugliness that is this “business” of sex with people they’re not attracted to. So much so they become emotional cripples unable to have a REAL emotional connection.

    PLEASE be part of the solution. NOT part of the problem. Thank you.

  • david-sf

    @LeNair Xavier:
    The only problem here is a simple minded person with no basis for making such an irritating claim that sex workers are lost souls that cant make emotional connections.
    That we are some how drugged up hookers with no life.
    Lets see I raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity every year, I have a wonderful life with my partners we also own a gym and 4 other businesses.
    I take part in the lives of men that seek intimacy and get rewarded for it not just financially.
    I build lasting friendships that have gone on for years. I watch and grow along side my clients while we navigate their sexuality. Not everyone is born with striking good looks and many gay men are left to their own devices on subjects such as: having healthy human relationships. Coming to terms with their bodies, deciding if they are submissive or assertive, exploring fetish and fantasy. I could go on & on has streamlined my viability to do my work I am grateful that they are there.
    This is a craft not a job. Yes for some it’s a way to get the rent paid and more power to them. Those that choose to do drugs can just as easily be lawyers Dr’s and construction workers why does it always seem to be because of sex work & exploration that we get to jump on the high horse and rail against what YOU obviously know nothing about.
    My advise to you is walk in the shoes of those you judge before you decide to speak out against them. this is 2012 not 1945

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