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Rep. Louie Gohmert + Elaine Donnelly Attacked the Gays Last Night. It Was Beautiful

Guess what! Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is still big news! Rep. Patrick Murphy isn’t helping things, of course, with last night’s House floor speeches, drumming up all that unnecessary controversy. But that National Guard lieutenant Dan Choi keeps bringing it up, too. Who do these people think they are, continuing to discuss the rights of homosexuals?

It was Choi v. the Center for Military Readiness’s Elaine Donnelly, who repeated those tired arguments about morale and military readiness to keep the gays out. Everyone give this woman a round of applause, because she’s doing more to help our cause than anyone else!

Okay, maybe not anyone else. Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican from Texas who voters actually elected to office, did a pretty fine job last night for gay rights, too. It’s always remarkable to see Republicans come to the defense of criminals and murderers only when it means they get to keep gay Americans as second-class.