Revealed: Rachel Berry’s Gay Dads On Glee!

It’s been the most anticipated casting announcement since Vivian Leigh got Gone with the Wind: Who would play Lea Michele’s queer papas on Glee?

We’ve known almost since the first episode that Rachel Berry had two fathers—you don’t think her love of Barbra came from nowhere, did you?—but we’re finally going to meet Hiram and LeRoy Berry .’s Michale Ausiello tells us Jeff Goldblum (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Jurassic Park) and Broadway veteran Brian Stokes Mitchell (Ugly Betty, Kiss Me Kate) will appear—and sing—in the Valentine’s Day episode on February 14, appropriately titled “Heart.”

God we hope that means the sing Heart songs. (Barracuda!)

We’re fans of both Mitchell and Goldblum, and we’re sure they’ll do a great job, but it would’ve been nice for Ryan Murphy to cast someone like oh, we don’t know…Sean Hayes, Nathan Lane, Leslie Jordan, Colman Domingo, Rupert Everett, Richard Chamberlain, George Takei, Chris Sieber, John Benjamin Hickey, Ricky Martin or any other openly gay Hollywood actor?

Just sayin’.

Photo: David E. Steele/The Martha Stewart Show; Fox

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