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→ They’re coming for your plastic surgery, but the federal government’s real treatment of wealthy gays look like this: Rich surviving partners will pay an estimated $3.3. million more in federal estate taxes than their hetero counterparts. We know, those are the problems of the elite, not ours. But discrimination is discrimination, yeah?

→ University College London students not terribly thrilled homophobic Islamist preacher Abu Usamah is coming to speak on campus. He told documentarians, “Take that homosexual man …and throw him off the mountain… if I was to turn around and I was to call homosexuals perverted, dirty filthy dogs that should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech isn’t it?”

→ Scottish actor Alan Cumming collects the coveted OBE award, recognizing his work in film, theater, and the arts. Must’ve been that glorious X-Men 2 role.

→ The rumor Lady Gaga hates the most is the one claiming she’s from Yonkers. Not that she has a wenis.

→ While dozens of Luthernan congregations have left the ELCA over August’s “gay vote,” one Minnesota church did not. So instead, its pastor left. Oh, but he has homosexual friends!

→ An excellent link-sticle on web videos about gay history.

→ The National Organization for Marriage calls its $500,000 investment in New Jersey’s marriage equality battle a “voter outreach” project.

→ Is it time to identify NGLTF as a fellow “say a lot, do nothing” Gay Inc. organization?

This is the most awesome local political campaign ad, perhaps ever.

→ If you thought Mariah Carey was a diva before, then this only solidifies things.

→ Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will nix civil union legislation.

→ Gaga performs on Leno:

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