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Rich Gays Pay $3.3M More in ‘Death Taxes’ … Worst Lady Gaga Rumor Not About Penis

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→ They’re coming for your plastic surgery, but the federal government’s real treatment of wealthy gays look like this: Rich surviving partners will pay an estimated $3.3. million more in federal estate taxes than their hetero counterparts. We know, those are the problems of the elite, not ours. But discrimination is discrimination, yeah?

→ University College London students not terribly thrilled homophobic Islamist preacher Abu Usamah is coming to speak on campus. He told documentarians, “Take that homosexual man …and throw him off the mountain… if I was to turn around and I was to call homosexuals perverted, dirty filthy dogs that should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech isn’t it?”

→ Scottish actor Alan Cumming collects the coveted OBE award, recognizing his work in film, theater, and the arts. Must’ve been that glorious X-Men 2 role.

→ The rumor Lady Gaga hates the most is the one claiming she’s from Yonkers. Not that she has a wenis.

→ While dozens of Luthernan congregations have left the ELCA over August’s “gay vote,” one Minnesota church did not. So instead, its pastor left. Oh, but he has homosexual friends!

→ An excellent link-sticle on web videos about gay history.

→ The National Organization for Marriage calls its $500,000 investment in New Jersey’s marriage equality battle a “voter outreach” project.

→ Is it time to identify NGLTF as a fellow “say a lot, do nothing” Gay Inc. organization?

This is the most awesome local political campaign ad, perhaps ever.

→ If you thought Mariah Carey was a diva before, then this only solidifies things.

→ Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will nix civil union legislation.

→ Gaga performs on Leno:

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  • Kurt

    Fuck rich gays.

  • Scottie

    Re: Kurt

    FUCK poor loser gays.

  • A Nonny Mouse

    Fuck lack of compassion on either side. You’re both cunts.

  • Dave

    Praise Zeus Scott! You have no idea how sad it is to go on a date with a 36 year old bartender/waiter/student with no car, four roommates and no education (he was in school for massage theraphy) and then they call you the pretentious ass for wanting more (goals) from someone. We’re well off because we work harder than most. Unfortunately there are a lot of loser gays out there that place more importance on Lady Gaga than valid life objectives.

  • JRD

    A Nonny Mouse – I second that.

  • Attmay

    @1 Kurt:

    They sure won’t fuck you.

  • Charles Merrill

    We should be proud of rich gays. Most of our very wealthy made their money through developing innovative and inventive ideas in Cyber technology. I am proud of them.

  • AndrewW

    It is wonderful to see the Lutherans – and ALL Christians divide because of gays and lesbians. Priceless.

  • Kurt


    You have no idea how sad it is for a 65 year old who made millions screwing over workers to date a 26 year old waiter/model/student with no car, no education, yet excellent taste in wines, travel and some select pharmaceuticals when the young man finds that there will be a tax liability on your estate after the exclusion of the first $2 million.

  • Charles Merrill

    Don’t beat up on us old gay/bisexual men. Many of us have partners who have no income. Gay couples that don’t have equal incomes still can’t file jointly and consolidate their deductions in order to lower their taxes. And moreover, unlike straight couples, gay married couples, and all gay couples for that matter, cannot automatically receive their deceased spouse’s Social Security “survivor benefits”, despite paying into the system for years. Same goes for military pensions.

  • benlayvey

    As far as the main stream is concerned, Most gays are rich LOL!

  • McShane

    When and if Americans wise up and figure out that we have a class system like nonother in history and that civilized people left that behind Centuries ago, we may have a chance to all live on the earth in some respect and prosperity. As long as 1% of the population make 50% of the
    income, a lot of people are being really ignorant. and self defeatist, gay or otherwise.

  • jonjon

    My partner and I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to protect his inheritance rights. I’m the elder. I guess we’re upper-middle class…our net worth is about $1.6 million. We have both worked our asses off for almost 40 years to accumulate this. Many, many, many 7-day work weeks.. over years and years. Kurt, you can kiss my giant affluent gay ass.

  • romeo

    I love this thread! LOL

    I guess I’m a loser gay, but not from lack of trying.

  • SouLKid

    Can y’all bitchies get along. gee!

  • schlukitz

    Isn’t it incredible how we live in a land where a poor man (or a black man) is encouraged to get ahead, be successful or even become President of this nation, yet God help him when he does.

    We love to put people up on a pedestal, but oh how we love to knock them off that pedestal the very first chance that we get.

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 11 – JonJon:

    My partner and I can personally relate to your post.

    You can add my name as well to the list of people who wish to say to Kurt “You can kiss my giant affluent gay ass.”

    Whatever Kurt’s issues are with gay people who have worked a lifetime to attain a measure of success and financial security for themselves and their families, it’s apparent that he is coming from sour grapes and needs to re-examine his own priorities.

  • JonJon

    One more thought: My former partner (who died in l988) was a full Colonel, with 30 years in the US Army. If we had been straight and married, I would still be receiving his significant pension. Fucked again as a gay man. My current partner and I are moving to Spain…where we can get married. We’re taking the money too. Fuck the United States…and Kurt.

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 18 – JonJon:

    I am so sorry to learn of the loss of your partner. That had to have been devastating enough by itself. Being deprived of his pension, however, can only be described as salt in the wound and is totally unfair. A nice “fuck-you” from our government for having served his country.

    I used to have two very dear American friends who became ex-patriots in Spain in the late 70s and early 80s. Sadly, neither are with us anymore. They lived for a short while in Torremolinos before finally settling in Marbella where they ran an art shop in the old part of town.

    I spent many a delightful summer vacation with them. Spain is a beautiful country and gracious hosts that they were, they took me to many places that I would never have gotten to see, had it not been for them.

    Coming back to the States when my vacation was over, was always a culture shock for me and I have to admit that I did give serious consideration to moving to Spain myself. As the fates would have it, I found a wonderful partner and a secondary home in the Philippines instead.

    I found the native Spaniards to be very warm gracious and accepting people and, as a foreigner, always felt very welcome there and I feel certain that you will enjoy Espana as much as I did.

    I would like to be the very first to extend my congratulations on your upcoming marriage. May you and your new hubby enjoy many years of happiness in your new home abroad.

    There are signs of intelligent life beyond American shores, thank goodness. ;)

  • JonJon

    to Schlukitz: I completely agree with you about the warmth of the Spaniards…we have had a house there for 8 years, and I’m fluent (studied there in college). We find the entire culture many times more civilized than America…..the “value system” is much better….I’ve known some Spaniards for decades and have no idea what they do or ever did for a living…they are not defined by their jobs. Unlike the US, they don’t have “agist” ideas about old people, they do not value “youth” like this ridiculous country does….and best of all, Euro-Disney ended up in France! The US will not in my lifetime return to a country where I can live comfortably….the cultural divide will get worse, and the anti-intellectualism (I call it anti-intelligence) will continue…and idiots like Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney will continue to be elected. The Spaniards have learned the hard lesson of letting a church interfere with democracy. I want to live in that kind of country, thank you.

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