Richard Socarides, Head Of New ‘Gay War Room,’ Has No Plans To Hold Republicans Accountable

When you think of a “formerly closeted Republican,” Ken Mehlman’s name isn’t the only one you should have in your mind. There’s also David Brock (who came out of the closet as a liberal), the chief of of Media Matters of America, the Fox News watchdog that’s helping launch the new Equality Matters, which Richard Socarides is heading up. And both men played Hardball last night, where they took turns lambasting the GOP for continuing to force gay equality, like DADT, into being a partisan issue. (Well, Socarides wasn’t willing to go that far; he loves him some Republicans, apparently.) But it was Brock who called out anti-gay Republicans for continuing to make gays a “phony wedge culture war issue” to drum up support from their base. But how worried should we be that Socarides, the man supposed to be heading up the “gay equality war room,” is so willing to forgive bigots? “Everybody is on their own journey. You can’t judge people for what they did or their conduct.” Uh, that is exactly what you judge people for. THEIR ACTIONS. This man is unreal. He’s the guy who helped President Clinton manage the gay fallout from signing DADT into law, and then went on to criticize Obama for not moving swiftly enough to repeal the law. And yet here he is letting the GOP off the hook.

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