Robert Pattinson Admits To “Pleasuring” Himself With Naked Man In 2008

Actor Robert Pattinson poses on a red carpet in a black and white tuxedo.

Not many people know this, but before Robert Pattinson achieved world fame as a deadpan vampire in the Twilight series, he masturbated to the thought of gay sex on the set of a 2008 Spanish film called Little Ashes.

We always knew Pattinson was hard up for male-on-male contact, but he confirmed this fact in the September issue of Germany Interview. “My orgasm face is recorded for eternity,” he said, assuring that the gay sex scenes he filmed in Little Ashes were totally authentic because he was hard and euphoric. Faking it “just doesn’t work, so I pleasured myself in front of the camera.”

In case you’re not following, that means Robert Pattinson basically jerked off while making out with another naked dude lying on top of him. This is called “acting.”

On a totally unrelated note, he also says the production was “the worst” because working around other naked male actors was “mortifying.” It’s hilarious because he dated human frown Kristen Stewart for years, which if you ask us, is way more mortifying.

Unfortunately, video evidence of this glorious moment cannot be found online, but we did find this Jordin Sparks montage of the film’s nudity and softcore gay sex scenes for you to enjoy instead: