Ronnie Woo’s sweet treats, Joel Creasey’s new bod, & Max Emerson’s big secret

This week Christopher Meloni owned his ‘zaddy’ status, Caitlyn Jenner embarrassed herself on The View, and the “ex gay” march on Washington turned out to be a spectacular failure. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Austyn Farrell got some sun.

Darin grabbed a drink.

Evan Boutsov stayed in bed.

Tom Goss kissed his man.

Ed Westwick woke up early.

Elliott Norris stayed home.

Joel Creasey landed the cover of Men’s Health Australia.

Max Emerson kept a secret.

Sam Cushing met a manta ray.

Blue Hamilton flexed.

Mike Rizzi released a candle.

Gabriel Drummond found a rainbow.

Guillaume Cizeron flung his shirt.

Tommy Bracco dried his hair.

Johnny Middlebrooks got comfortable.

Ronnie Woo made French toast.

Virgo Vonnie vacationed in Vegas.

Laith Ashley laughed out loud.

Joel Kim Booster blocked the driveway.

And Rayvon Owen rocked stripes.

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