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Rosie O’Donnell Was Never Known For Keeping Her Mouth Shut. And She Certainly Didn’t With Oprah

Bitter? Rosie O’Donnell? Whoyoukiddin’? Sure, she may have railed against Barbara Walters during her Oprah sit down this week, but it’s not like she’s holding a grudge. Haha.

Having Rosie appear on Oprah is like having Bill Clinton spend the night at the Obama White House: Universes collide, power roles morph, and somebody is getting screwed. But this time, it was just Rosie’s old View co-host. (We heart the way they combined Oprah and Rosie’s names on the intro graphics, however.)

But that’s actually the least interesting part of the show. We want to know the intimate details about her relationship with new girlfriend Tracy Kachtick-Anders, with whom Rosie is completely manifesting the lesbian stereotype: moving in with her girlfriend on the second date.

Just bless this woman and her candor!

(Sorry about the broken clips and those obstructing arrows. Annoying, we know.)

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  • jimmy

    Railed against Barbara? No surprise, Queerty, that the segment where she discussed Barbara is not posted – she did not ‘rail’ against her.

    I keep waiting for you guys to stop acting like amateurs.

  • Mike L

    OMG AHHH!!! I had the lunch lady that had the big bristle moustache!!!! So I guess everyone has one. OMG!

    SHe even combed it at times. OMG!! Wow.

  • M

    Rosie was even better – and to say the least, more candid on the Howrad Stern show yesterday (when he visited her Sirius show):

    Great to listen to!

  • my four cents

    Just listened to Rosie’s radio show with Howard Stern in the studio- he referred to Tracie’s son Wyatt (who has Downs Syndrome) as “the mentally retarded one” and was amazed that he (tWyatt) was not ‘aborted’.

    Rosie DIDN’T say anything- did not correct him, did not redirect him- did not apologize for his rude and ignorant remark.

    WTF Rosie?

    Careful Rosie- your new authentic self is showing. Oh wait- that’s the old Rosie. Damn these paradigm shifts.

  • Franco

    This blog is a joke. She didn’t rail or hold any grudges. It was a great interview from a very intelligent and wise woman. Grow up Queerty.

  • asa1973

    Uh, unless I missed something, they didn’t even TALK about Barbara.


    I missed the Barbara part also ASA1973

  • AlwaysGay

    It’s been almost 3 years since Rosie left The View. She needs to move on. If she didn’t say what she wanted to say before than she needs to write it down and keep it to herself for awhile. As much as I like Rosie she has a tendency to burden people with her issues. I will say the constant coverage of everything Rosie said on The View was meant to marginalize her because she is gay and “got out of her place”. She didn’t adhere to the status quo for gay people of being subservient, docile and perpetually disadvantaged.

  • Frank

    @Franco: Franco got it right.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Rosie has no filter, probably because of her nervous reverence for Oprah – But BaWaWa did get it from her the two weeks after the infamous View episode as she recollected to Oprah! Though, she expressed regret, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall because there is nothing like a Rosie scorned. It’s time to end The View!

  • Tackle

    Queerty, she DID NOT rail against Barbara.

    And, “Just bless this women and her condor”! ???

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