Rourke Will Say Fag Whenever He Wants

If nothing else in this world, we can always count on actors coming out of the woodwork to promote their movies. The best example, of course, comes in the form of Tom Cruise and his rollercoaster of public insanity. But, let’s not forget the other stars who turn what should be tame publicity tours into controversy.

In the upcoming issue of Time Out New York, Mickey Rourke – the once attractive actor whose pugilist ways have left his face looking a bit synthetic (see depressing before and after shot) – chats about his upcoming roles in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker and Killshot. Invariably, the tide turns to Rourke’s more rambunctious ways and the 50-year old actor recalls a particular night when a fan tried to shake his hand. Not the most social man in the world, Rourke withheld his own, sparking a fight.

Rourke recalls:

Then he wants me to shake his hand. I said, “You’re drunk. I’m not gonna to shake your hand.” But he kept pressing the issue…so the waitress tossed him out. He was really, really out of control – some big, fuckin’ obnoxious fag.

Charming, no? Well, it gets better. The reporter inquires, “Fag? That’s harsh, man.”


I don’t mean fag in a derogatory way – just like the guy was a jerk off. I’m not afraid to say the word fag. I’m not gonna walk on glass just because some dude’s gonna be offended if I use the word fag. I’ve got plenty of gay friends. We toss the word around. If I want to say fag, I’m gonna fuckin’ say it. And if someone has a problem with that, they can kiss my fucking ass!

Of course Rourke didn’t mean to be pejorative – being a jerk off’s a great thing! As for kissing Rourke’s ass, we just brushed our teeth, so we’ll have to pass on that one. Plus, we could never kiss his ass when the phrase “Deformed douche bag,” keeps running through our pretty little heads. It’s just not our style.

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