Safety of ‘Everything But Marriage’ Will Be Determined By Just a Couple Percentage Points


We feel like we should have a news crawl on the lower-third of this website as we continually update you on the status of Washington State’s Referendum 71 signature drive. Though it’s clear some signatures were collected fraudulently to support a voter ballot to repeal the state’s “everything but marriage” bill, it’s the job of state election officials to determine the validity of each of the 137,689 names collected; 120,577 valid signatures are required.

On Wednesday, some 43,147 signatures were declared valid, with an error rate of 10.65 percent; most of the signatures rejected were due to names not being found on state voter lists. By yesterday, the tally reached 45,099, and the error rate nudged up to 10.68 percent.

Secretary of State spokesman Dave Ammons says Protect Marriage Washington’s signature dump needs to stay below 12.42 percent to have enough valid signatures. Final tallying is expected to be completed by month’s end.

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  • AlwaysGay

    Election officials are rigging the system so this anti-gay referendum gets on the ballot.

    Everyone has to remember that the master fixers didn’t enter the picture until day SIX. Up until that time junior fixers counted the petition signatures. What happened on day five? The rejected signature count exceeded the amount needed to qualify for the election. In step the master fixers on day six and they change the rejected signature count by a massive 19% after only looking at the already rejected signatures. HONEST, PATRIOTIC people find out about the massive change in rejected signature percent and raise their concerns. Election officials then decide to change the process again by hiding it and counting the rejected signatures another TWO more times on August 10th and 11th. The rejected signature rate falls another 10% on the SAME rejected signatures they looked at already twice before. Rejected signatures have gotten at least FOUR looks, twice by junior fixers and twice by master fixers. Once again HONEST, PATRIOTIC people raise their concerns about the legitimacy of the counting. The secretary of state spokesperson, David Ammons, gives a flip and disrespectful answer by saying gay people ain’t worth looking at the accepted signatures the same as the rejected ones because of expenses.

  • petted

    My impression was that Ammons was hostile to the community.

  • Brian

    “Everything but Marriage” = back of the bus 2009.

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