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Sam Left His Baseball Hat at Home During Summer Camp And Needs a Not-Gay One ASAP

P.S. I Hate It Here, a collection of actual kids’ letters to their parents written during summer camp, is pretty adorable. Little Sally and Johnny write their required letters home to ma and pa with the cutest, sometimes-spelled-correctly anecdotes and requests for personal items. It was released in May, but we didn’t find an example of children being taught about how “gay” everything is until now.

Kids will say the darnedest, or something?

The letter below reads: “Dear Mom & Dad, Camp is great! I accidentally forgot to bring a baseball cap. Can you send me one (not Cubs) as soon as possible, I need one for the dunes trip. Also please don’t send any of the hats in my room because most of them are really gay. P.S. Sox hat if possible. Love, Sam.”