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Sara Gilbert Brings Lesbian Mommyhood to CBS’s New View Competitor

When As The World Turns stops turning this fall on CBS, the network will launch a The View competitor with a half dozen semi-recognizable female names hosting a lady-obsessed show with a focus on motherhood and kids. There will be a homosexual woman on it!

We’ve got Big Brother host Julie Chen (who happens to be married to CBS chief Les Moonves), America’s Got Talent‘s Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete (from Celebrity Apprentice), Leah Remini (from the Church of Scientology and Fat Guy, Skinny Wife), and Marissa Jaret Winokur, who is The Awesome.

And then there’s Sara Gilbert, of Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory fame, who will not only appear on the show but also developed it; she’ll serve as executive producer. She’s also a lesbian. And a mom! Wife Allison Adler gave birth to son Levi in 2004, and Sara had daughter Sawyer in 2007.

I would very much like to see this as-yet-untitled show air segments from The View where Sherri Shepherd discusses her own parenting skills, and then have Sara Gilbert match wits. Because this is already how I watch The View in my head.

Update: Maybe CBS isn’t as excited about Gilbert was we are? Suspiciously missing from the network’s press release: any mention of Gilbert’s family, while all the other hosts have their husbands noted.


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  • Hilarious

    I might have to check this show out, most of the people listed I actually like.

    I’m not expecting too much from CBS though.

  • Jorge

    I like the sound of it. The hosts seem diverse and their credentials are seemingly all inline. You know, there isn’t a Survivor loser sitting next to an Oscar winner here.

  • Hypnogal

    All this “diversity” – it’s just a ploy to gain a wider viewing audience. Everything on TV is done for the buck – bottom line.

  • Ash

    Heck, yeah! That’s awesome. I like Sara and leah, so I might check it out from time to time.

    But…wait. They’re going to have Holly Robinson Peet on it? NOOOO!!!!!!!! She was such a bitch on The Apprentice! If she has a massive personality transplant for this show, I might be able to handle her. :P

  • Alexa

    Well it can’t be any worse than The View.

  • KatyGirl

    I love Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne, I have to check this out.

    I didn’t know Leah Remini was a Scientologist, that’s kind of sad, but, ah well whatever.

  • shanelle

    Dont be all kinds of surprised if this show blowsThe View outta the bathwater.

    These are all women you might like to have coffee with. They’re diverse: ethnicty/nationality/age/career etc.

    And anything that’s NOT the View is worth a view.

    We got Sharon O, whose a friend, and Sara Gilbert whos one of us. And Holly, well, she’s just copying my look but I can’t blame her. ^–^

  • dvlaries

    I hope the show is a genuine success, but I also hope Gilbert isn’t done with acting too.

    As she took Darlene Connor through the awkward years of teenhood, she proved she was the standout actor of the younger members of Roseanne. The character’s true-to-life bout with depression, her never-abandoned cynicism and bluntness are part of what keeps the reruns of the show still entertaining.

  • Damien


  • hephaestion

    Thank you Jesus. I hope this show blows “The View” off the air.

    Bravo Sara Gilbert! She is brilliant!

  • Marcus

    I like all of these women. I know that Marissa had a baby via a surrogate, but have any of them adopted? I do think it would have been a wise decision to have a mother with that perspective though.

  • Jeffree

    The show is about “moms.”
    Read Qty’s update: The CBS original press
    release failed to mention that Sara Gilbert has two children with her female partner.
    What, are they afraid the fundies will boy-cott the show if they know this? Yeesh, have they not seen ratings for Ellen? — she’s doing very well, thank you.

    Anything that helps the View revamp or retire and gets Sherri back to her flat earth is much appreciated.

    @Shanelle: Just because you have a crush on Justin Bieber does not make you “one of us” but I appreciate the support of all my nieces & nephews. He’s male, by the way.

    @Dvlaries: I hope Sara’s not done acting too ! She was so good on both shows. The handful of times I saw her interviewed, she was bright, quick & funny.

    I look forward to the show….

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