“Sean Saves The World” Creator Claims Television Is Entering “Post-Gay” Era

sean-hayes__130727212451-275x226How much longer will we be singing the praises of gay characters on television shows before it finally becomes the norm? When will come the day when a gay man on television is simply gay without the pomp and circumstance?

That day is already here, according to Sean Hayes. The actor of Will & Grace fame spoke at the Television Critics Association conference this weekend where the term “post-gay” was coined in referring to his character on “Sean Saves the World“, whose homosexuality isn’t constantly put on blast:

“It’s an afterthought just like any other character or minority now, which is how it should be. It’s even sad that it’s a question, really.”

The show’s creator, Victor Fresco, went on to acknowledge that Will & Grace “had a big influence on the gay movement in America,” and is entirely responsible for the progression that has allowed a television character’s “gayness” to be incidental:

“Without Will & Grace, we would not be here right now. But I think of this as a post-gay show where there is a gay man at the center but it’s not about his being gay.”

Yes, but would the main character in every “post-gay” television show need to be as outwardly flamboyant as Jack McFarland? Only time will tell…

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  • Mr. E. Jones

    I’ll believe Sean when there’s a gay version of “How I Met Your Mother.”

  • QJ201

    Post-gay is such bullshit

    Own it, people are gay and gay people interact with each other differently because we don’t have all that opposite sex bullshit to deal with.

  • MK Ultra

    I’m guessing “post-gay” is not so much about not making being gay the main aspect, but about taking the gay out completely. He’ll be neutered and only make token gay jokes.
    That’s probably how they sold this thing to the network. “don’t worry, we won’t offend the bible belt. He’ll be a gay on a leash. “

  • jwrappaport

    @QJ201: Well spoke. I’m fed to the teeth with assimilationist BS. I find nothing appealing about the notion of a post-gay or post-sexual society. Not only is it a myth, but also it’s an insidious one that would see us stripped of so much that makes us unique.

  • davegun2

    Although a friend pointed out. Those that believe “why should gay be an issue?” types have every need they have met, money, family support, position in life, education. How about the poor gay kid in the middle of the country that HAS to say it out and proud. Or they’ll kill themselves.

  • MK Ultra

    Davegun2, I would like to see a series that like a gay version of “Roseanne”.
    Two not-terribly attractive people (perhaps two gay men)
    living in a non-glamours city, working non-glamours jobs, struggling to pay the bills, support their kids, and make ends meet for their family.
    That would be different and shocking and on top of that, struggling middle and lower class Americans, whether gay or straight, could relate to it.

  • B Damion

    umm..They cancelled this crap of a show right?

  • Cam

    Ohhhh, I get it, ANOTHER excuse for Hayes to not talk about “Gay”.

    Still at least it’s better than him attacking the gay community for not appriciating him for staying in the closet.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    @MK Ultra:

    That was tried with a show called “Normal, Ohio” starring John Goodman. It was canceled after 7 episodes because audiences spoon fed Will & Grace, could not believe a gay character like John Goodman was portraying. It was a funny and entertaining show, that never got a chance because Goodman’s character wasn’t a mincing, flamboyant gay man, but a regular moax who was gay.

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