“Sean Saves The World” Creator Claims Television Is Entering “Post-Gay” Era

sean-hayes__130727212451-275x226How much longer will we be singing the praises of gay characters on television shows before it finally becomes the norm? When will come the day when a gay man on television is simply gay without the pomp and circumstance?

That day is already here, according to Sean Hayes. The actor of Will & Grace fame spoke at the Television Critics Association conference this weekend where the term “post-gay” was coined in referring to his character on “Sean Saves the World“, whose homosexuality isn’t constantly put on blast:

“It’s an afterthought just like any other character or minority now, which is how it should be. It’s even sad that it’s a question, really.”

The show’s creator, Victor Fresco, went on to acknowledge that Will & Grace “had a big influence on the gay movement in America,” and is entirely responsible for the progression that has allowed a television character’s “gayness” to be incidental:

“Without Will & Grace, we would not be here right now. But I think of this as a post-gay show where there is a gay man at the center but it’s not about his being gay.”

Yes, but would the main character in every “post-gay” television show need to be as outwardly flamboyant as Jack McFarland? Only time will tell…

[Photo: Deadline]