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  • Mike L.

    Uh I love Johnny he’s so nice, true and cute.

  • terrwill

    “Rural America at its worst: Little homosexuals are shielded from pop divas.” I finally after like a gazillion threads really, really, like a Queerts blurb!! (we still love you Johnny qWeir even though you still “aren’t Gay” : p )

  • Jack

    FINALLY…something to make Jay Leon tolerable, even if only for 8+ minutes.

  • RomanHans

    With Jay Leno it’s recently been two steps forward, one step back. On last night’s show, however, he went far and above the call of duty, repeatedly saying it was unfair and just plain wrong that Weir was kept off the “Stars on Ice” skating tour because he wasn’t “family friendly.” Ten points to Jay, and a free pass to make exactly one “gay face” or lisping joke.

  • stt

    I just wish Johnny Weir would skate. The stars today do too much talking.

  • fredo777

    @RomanHans: i’m chuckling at the “free pass” comment.

  • D.R.A.

    Johnny is so cute! I love that he doesn’t take crap from others, how he stands up for himself. He’s wonderful.

  • Dasher

    Leno seems to genuinely like Johnny, and was unhappy about his exclusion from “Stars on Ice.” I had not heard before that Johnny helped put his brother through college and helped his disabled dad.

    There is a decency and a no BS quality to Johnny that I like.

  • jeffree

    That word “family friendly” scares me. How can the mere act of Johnny skating NOT be friendly to a family? The word seems borrowed from like 1955! Is Tiger Woods family friendly? Not really. Put him on TV playing golf and everyone watches him even if he had like dozens of affaires! He’s a great golfer. Maybe not a great role model otherwise…

    Johnny is still one of the best skaters in the world. An athlete! He may not ever be posterboy for us gays, or breed little Wiers or go all mega macho butch, but his ability to skate should be what is important here.

    @terrwill: Agree!! This made me laugh. Yay Queerty!

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