Singer k.d. lang Separates From Domestic Partner Jaime Price

TMZ is reporting that out singer k.d. lang has finally dissolved her two-year domestic partnership with girlfriend Jamie Price.

Lang, one of the first (and only) hit-makers to be an out lesbian from the start of her career, met Price in 2003 and the pair registered as partners in 2009.  Last week, eight months after lang filed paperwork to end their relationship, a judgement was finally entered.

According to the gossip site, both women waived their right to support in favor of a clean break: “k.d. takes what’s hers (earnings, bank accounts, car, houses), Jamie takes what’s hers (not that much).”

Photo: Charlie Llewellin


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  • MarionPaige

    K.D. Lang started out as a country singer and, I don’t believe she was openly gay at the start of her career.

  • Spike

    Give it time, once we have the Federal right to marry, the lesbian divorce rate will challenge the str8t divorce rate if not surpass it in no time. It’s a chick thing.

    KD not looking very good either.

  • Merv

    The story doesn’t say whether this is a private DP agreement or a state one. I would have thought she’d be legally married in Canada, since she’s Canadian.

  • Cam

    K.D. thanks for coming out so long ago while others stayed in the closet.

    Sounds like it was a mature break-up with neither asking for anything, hope they both end up well.

  • stadacona

    Lesbian relationships are exceedingly brief and fraught with violence and alcoholism.

  • Aidan8

    @stadacona: Wow, that’s a broad over-generalization. No?

  • 2eo

    @Aidan8: Maybe stadacona just means their relationships, given how stadacona’s mind works I figure anyone in a relationship with them would have to be out of their mind all the time.

  • Cam


    Funny considering this was nearly a decade long relationship. But thats right, guess the truth doesn’t matter when you’re just on here trying to stir up false trouble.

  • GeriHew

    @stadacona: Really? How many of these exceedingly brief, violent and alcoholic lesbian relationships have you had yourself then?

  • pepsquad

    @GeriHew: probably as many as the number of people they have never met yet attack and make judgement calls online about

  • pepsquad

    saying that a woman is more likely to flip the divorce card is as bad as saying every man that says he is committed means he is committed to having as many affairs without getting caught as possible. “bitter– much?”

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