Sodomy Rubs Bush The Wrong Way

Last Thursday, the White House held a conference call with conservative Christians. Lilly Tomlin was most definitely not there to say “One Ringy-Dingy.” The subject of the conference call was Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. James Dobson, one of the so-called Christians, later made cryptic comments hinting he had received assurances that Miers would dance a stiff right-wing trot.

Eric Stern

The revelation has caused Eric Stern, Executive Director of the National Stonewall Democrats, to hit the nail on its manicured edge. “The Republican Party’s reliance on the corrupt counsel of anti-gay activists is poisoning American policy with toxic cronyism.”

Stern also urged Bush to meet with LGBT representatives at this time, and said: “In almost five years in office, the Bush Administration has failed to meet with one gay family over our concerns, yet they continue to push anti-gay policy as a reward for regular meetings with anti-gay activists.”

Miers record, meanwhile, reveals a perfect London fog regarding her positions on issues of the day. When the fog lifts, one sees she supported Texas sodomy statutes. We don’t know why a woman would be against sodomy if she’s never even tried it, but we aren’t betting money on Bush meeting with gay groups.

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