Southern Baptist Official Blames Satan For Michael Sam, But Not Jackie Robinson

michaeljackie.7509.widea.0Go with me on this one.

Jackie Robinson and Michael Sam both broke barriers in sports.

But unlike Jackie Robinson’s blackness, Michael Sam’s gayness is merely “self-identified” and therefore not important or noteworthy.

Actually, I take that back. It is noteworthy. It’s noteworthy because the Devil clearly had a hand in all the media coverage praising Sam for breaking new ground in the NFL.

And the Devil is laughing his ass off about all of this.

Well that’s basically the summation of an article posted on the Southern Baptist Convention’s website, and our friends at Right Wing Watch were kind enough to parse through the truckload of awful to give us the absurd juicy bits:

Jackie Robinson and Michael Sam share the same skin color and are both athletes whose entrance in professional sports caused a stir in the media. And that is where the similarities end.

Robinson was an unquestionable talent who was named rookie of the year in his first major league baseball season. The only thing that had kept him out of the major leagues was his skin color and institutional racism. Sam’s future in the NFL will be decided by whether he is talented enough and not an off-field distraction. Robinson endured hatred and persecution because of his skin color whereas Sam’s homosexuality is a self-identification.

Cue collective eye roll.

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  • tdx3fan

    Rest assured, when Robinson entered the sports world, there were plenty of Southern Baptists and their ilk that were just as vile to him. This is a religious background that has thrived on hate since its very beginning, and there are/were just as many haters(using the Bible to justify this hatred I might add) that were against him during his time. Most likely, if these people ever want to talk to their grandchildren they will adjust to the changing times as they keep moving along.

  • Jon Newman

    And this from a representative of (and published in an official publication of) the church that broke from the Northern Baptist because the Southern Baptist wanted to continue slavery while the Northern Baptist did not.

  • Mezaien

    Guys and HOMOS brothering! don`t forget even Jesus, hates whites Christian, SO DO I.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    This is why policing our words and thoughts is bad. It’s because these type of prople would censor our lives as well because our “lifestyle” is offensive to them and their god. Just as it is equally bad for us to censor them, I want my enemies to speak up so they are easy to identify and avoid.

  • Tackle

    @ Dan Tracer: Say that Michal Sam & Jackie Robinson “both” broke barriers is a bit premature. Jackie yes. Michael, not yet. Understand that Jackie made it to and played in the majors. Michael Sam is still in the selection process to make the actual NFL cut. But good thing in getting the top title correct in wording it “official” as opposed to
    “Officials”. Because I really believe that most Southern Baptist, regardless of title, are not thinking of Michael or Jackie. ..

  • 1EqualityUSA

    What would they prefer, that this man live a lie, be disingenuous, be a fake heterosexual, like many of the outspoken anti-gay men out there spewing their self-hate? If I had to be on an island with either, I’d rather be with the person who was honest about who he was. Fake lives cheat everyone.

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