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  • Kieran

    I’m sure we’ll soon be hearing and seeing well known “civil rights activist” Al Sharpton leading noisy demonstrations at the Malawi consulate to protest this injustice against two black men. I’m sure.

  • Lamar

    Well they shouldn’t be suprised it’s illegal so they should have got married somewhere else I really don’t understand why they chose to do this there, am I the only one who thinks this?

  • Shade

    @Lamar: You’ve heard of Stonewall right?

  • Lamar

    @Shade: Um,yeah … what are you trying to say? By the way I am not suggesting that they should be punished (what type of gay would I be if I did lol) but it’s like trying to claim a baby after it surrogate decides to change her mind in a state that bans surrogacy in the first place. Surrogacy I think should be legal but if the contract is non-enforceable you have only yourself to blame.

  • AlwaysGay

    Tragic. Obama and the US government should do something to force them to release this couple. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will because they are Malawian citizens. I don’t think they will survive to see the outside world again. The average age in Malawi is 39 and you can only imagine the stress and physical punishment they will face.

  • The Bony Man

    Agreed. Every other reasonable country should be exerting all the political leverage they can to help these two out, not just for their sakes, but the sake of future cases as well.

  • The Artist

    Sad. People are stupid. Spread the word… PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • jsmith

    @AlwaysGay: true and very painful.

  • Tylertime

    Why isn’t Madonna speaking out? Malawi is the same country where she has adopted 2 children and she funds schools in the country. She claims to an activist (I have never believed this) so where is she now? Gays have made her. Wouldn’t it be nice if she released a statement and took steps to try to make a diffrerence?

  • brihova

    This is such a sad story, it brings a tear to my eye.

  • MickW

    Why aren’t there massive groups of gay Americans going over there and protesting this?

  • Daniel

    It is unfortunate that diplomacy has failed to bring an end to human rights violations against the African LGBTA community.

  • Cassandra

    MickW: Why aren’t there massive groups of gay Americans going over there and protesting this?

    Ok – so why aren’t you going to Malawi to protest?

    Maybe Mr. Obama could speak to this obscene breach of human rights and dignity. Don’t hold your breath, I don’t want you to asphyxiate.

    Maybe, maybe, if civilized countries pressured Malawi by threatening economic sanctions – like with-holding aid, calling in existing debt, or freezing trade, these two men might be freed to leave Malawi.

    Private citizens from anywhere who go to Malawi to protest, particularly gay visitors, would probably simply “disappear”.

  • Queert is obsessed with Jarret Barrios. ZZZ. (John From England)


    Hmm Malawi isn’t Chile in the 70’s or Zaire/Congo in the 80’s.

    It’s poor country full of uneducated Christian people. You wouldn’t disappear.


    A conspicuous shame this post only got 15 comments so far (including mine.) Can’t help but wonder if they were five or six shades lighter, with thinner hair, and were from say Scandinavia instead of an African nation, if there would be much more outrage from the “mainstream” gay community.

  • OrchidIslander

    I’m with you Conversation Chamber. Produce articles about some closeted actor or a TV show not on board with gay kisses or anything Obama or the doings of Clay’s boyfriend and you are guaranteed numerous, interested and sometimes shrill Queerty readers and posters.

    But, human rights violations against gay AFRICANS?

    Not fab, not chic, not white and apparently not remotely interesting.

    I’m came to this website looking for information on how to help these two people. I would gladly contribute to organizations who would effectively advocate for their freedom.

    But I came to Queerty, what was I thinking?

  • jason

    In my opinion, Madonna was never pro-gay rights. She was pro-gay exploitation but not pro-gay rights. Pro-gay exploitation means exploiting gay men for their money, a trait often seen in dance divas.

    Therefore, I highly doubt she’ll be pressuring Malawi on this gay couple. She’s more likely to eat her own menses.

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