Steven Slater Did Not Have Sex With His Boyfriend (When The Police Barged In)

The semi-improbably story that arrived after police went to ex-Jetblue flight attendant Steven Slater’s home to arrest him is that officers caught he and his boyfriend Ken Rochelle in flagrante delicto. False!, says Slater.

The pair weren’t fucking. They were fighting. Rochelle was pissed over what Slater had just told him about his emergency chute exit that Rochelle went into the bedroom, dressed only in his boxers, to pray. Rochelle is, after all, a devout Catholic. But when he emerged from the bedroom when to see what the police wanted with Steven, well: “Of course, they immediately put us where they always put the gays, in bed,” Slater tells New York. “I just think it’s funny—they’re imagining this sex romp, and he’s back there actually praying the Rosary. Like a little choirboy.”

In unrelated news, Slater’s new gig is to promote a mile-high sexting app.