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Stop The Car and Pull Over! Char DeFrancesco Hitchhikes In Underwear


Usually when you pass a hitchhiker your immediate thought is to keep going. But, if you were to pass by Char DeFrancesco you would probably slam on the brakes, especially since he’s lost and all he has on is his underwear. In this exclusive photo shoot from Marco Ovando for The Underwear Expert, Char is just trying to catch a ride! He tests which underwear will catch him a ride the quickest by changing it up. There are looks from Baskit to Marco Marco, and then Char slips on some Wood Underwear and finally ends up in C-IN2. We’re not sure if he’ll ever make it home looking like that!2sm 1sm-2 3s

For more information, go to The Underwear Expert.

Photo credit: Marco Ovando

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  • Texan78730

    A magnificent physique despoiled by tats!
    People, body graffiti is FOREVER!

  • Black Pegasus

    This sorta reminds me of the guy changing a tire in his underwear. (Of course it was a prank on unsuspecting motorists)

  • Tackle

    @Texan78730: I was thinking the same thing. It’s the one across the chest that kills it.

  • Masc Pride (masc4masc)

    Beautiful. Love the tats too. Love how macho these UE models still manage to look even in skimpy underwear. Very sexy.

  • Dxley


  • Stevenw

    DINOSAURS! Stuff the model, I wanna see the dinosaurs!

  • Saint Law

    No photo of an inked geezer comes unaccompanied by some pearl clutcher whinnying about how uncouth they look.

    Like they wouldn’t be on their knees if the model so much as glanced in their direction.

  • Beachman

    @Texan78730: I couldn’t agree with you more. All the work and time which must have gone into developing that amazing body and then to f*(k it up with all that ink. Shows you nothing but bad, bad, breeding…

  • Tackle

    @Saint Law: Absolutely false. I don’t know why people buy into the ” one size fits all.”
    We all have different taste. And many of us are in happy monogamous relationships, but still enjoy looking at and commenting on attractive men. Besides for me, and I’m sure for others as well. Regardless of how hott (tt) the guy is. If that hottness (tt) comes with a sh!tty, [email protected] personality ( and there are many) that is one of the biggest bone killers, and is a major turnoff. And if a guy is hafl this attractive ( plane/ average) but is a sweetheart: that is one of the biggest turnons for me. Then maybe would I be on my knees. ..

  • Merv

    Adding to the chorus: Great looking guy ruined by tats.

  • Bopper1

    …location is Cabazon, CA, between LA and Palm Springs…dinos are great…so is the guy…he’s not even my type, but he’s a package nonetheless…the rest of you whiners, put a sock in it…you probably can’t get a guy like that WITHOUT the chest tattoo for love or money…

  • Kangol

    Sexy and the tattoos looks great!

  • HUNGover03

    He’s very sexy in person. He’s a bartender at the Abbey. Real nice guy. But everyone knows he has pec implants. It’s kind of obvious. Sexy none the less

  • billyeden69

    Everyone also knows he is an escort too in Los Angeles.

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