Straight Hosts Ask Gay Rapper Shockingly Ignorant Questions

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.47.06 AMIt’s hard to imagine this interview is real, but perhaps it’s more indicative of straight misconceptions of what “gay” is than we ever would guess. The straight people in our lives seem to have generally figured out the basics.

But when gay rapper Cakes da Killa sat down for a radio interview with The Hot 97 Morning Show last week, things just went from weird to embarrassing and back to weird again.

First, the two straight interviewers seem to congratulate Cakes on the fact that they didn’t initially know he was gay when they listened to his music. As if that’s some sort of achievement.

Then the real stupid starts when they suggest in all apparent honesty that on some level they don’t understand why their female lesbian staffer and Cakes wouldn’t hit it off in the sack. I mean, they’re both gay right??

And then the real kicker, in the form of this question:

“Is it directly penis that excites you the most?”

Cakes does his best to keep things light, and for his part he comes across as pretty damn great the entire interview:

“Oh, this cannot be a serious question…Yes, directly the penis that excites me (said sarcastically).”

The whole interview leaves us wondering — are these still common confusions among straight guys? Are these two hosts just hamming it up for the sake of entertainment? Please somebody make sense of this!

Here’s the full interview — tune in to the 16 minute mark for the real circus act routine:

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  • twospirit

    Are these DJ’s for REAL?!? Geezus…

  • Leonard Woodrow

    We don’t expect DJs to sparkle with intelligence, but good grief, how can they be so stupid?


    What’s with the homo-hysterics? It was fine. Jesus.


    They were all having fun. No one got hurt. And he killed it at the end. Job done.

  • NiceNCool1

    I hope that host is single because my suggestion is that all women stay away from him. He’s only excited about your vagina. The rest of who you are is just life support for the only part of you he’s interested in.

  • vive

    Let’s not overdo the PC police act. Seems to me they were just having fun.

  • michael mellor

    It would not surprise me if the straight-identifying radio hosts were switch-hitters. Most men are. They simply hide their same-sex attractions because women find it offensive.

  • Saint Law

    @michael mellor: This theory didn’t make any more sense when you used to post it as ‘Jim Bryant’.

    Now be silent you futile loon. Your obtuseness is making my nipples bleed.

  • Arkansassy

    If this was happening on NPR I might have a problem but this looks like a pop radio station and they’re supposed to be a little goofy. While the questions may seem ignorant, it was a good opportunity to educate people who still don’t totally get it.

  • Masc Pride

    Hell must’ve just gotten a chill because I actually agree with vive. A guy that names himself Cakes shouldn’t be offended by questions about penis. Seems like a Howard Stern no-holds-barred type show. Cakes doesn’t seem offended. Relax, Dan!

  • NoCagada

    @Saint Law: Evidently, you haven’t fucked married men

  • stranded

    wtf, is this post for real? Did you actually watch the entire interview or did only see from the 16 minute mark, which btw is such a bullshit way to tell readers where they should start watching. You’re taking it out of context. Throughout the interview they very complimentary toward the guy, praising his skills and asking him serious questions about how he grew up and how he turned to rap to save face when he was taunted by straight people. This is a hip-hop stations, so the interview couldn’t all be serious, they wanted to lighten it up with some comedic questioning. Not finding it particularly funny is one thing, but how much of a prude can you be if you found this offensive?

  • michael mellor

    Almost any straight-identifying man can be seduced by another man. This is why women are phobic about male homosexuality. It takes away her power to be the sole dispenser of sexual comfort to a man.

  • blackberry finn

    If the interviewers were homophobic they wouldn’t have put Cakes on their radio show. The main interviewer tries to negotiate the distance between his homophobic listeners and the guest by echoing some of their sentiments and letting Cakes respond. They did not disrespect the guest and they kept in playful, so I’m giving them as pass on this one.

  • inbama

    That was a terrific interview.

    The DJs were never less than supportive and Cakes reacted to their sometimes gross questions with a good sense of humor.

    And did I misunderstand or did he actually say he learned about the Stonewall riots by watching PBS at age three?

  • jerzeeshadow

    @stranded: thank you for saying this I couldn’t have said this better myself

  • michael mellor

    blackberry finn,

    Homophobia can be subtle. The DJ’s in this interview appear to be taking subtle digs at their subject.

    It’s amazing that in this day and age that the music business and DJ’s in particular seem to be the most homophobic of all. Why did we let this happen? Is it because we dropped our guard while thinking that Madonna and other corporate bimbos were a sign of gay progress?

    I think we did drop our guard, and now we’re paying the price for it.

  • enlightenone

    Very entertaining, insightful interview. Excellent, sexy hosts! Outstanding guest. All good!!!!

  • enlightenone

    @michael mellor: “I think we did drop our guard, and now we’re paying the price for it.” To the contrary! I guest we must have watched and heard a different interview. The hosts were charming, humorous, and asked/ playing to educate their audience. This is skilled, culturally-competent work of radio hosts for this day and time in a progressive world!

  • michael mellor


    I don’t agree. I also don’t agree that Cakes is representative of homosexual sexuality. He appears to be a gimmick.

  • seaguy

    Better hope no one complains about that cussing to the FCC isn’t it against the rules to cuss on the radio? That’s why Howard Stern went to Satellite.

  • inbama

    @michael mellor: I doubt that few people on this blog would choose YOU as a possible “representative” of what you’ve called “homosexual sexuality.”

  • EGO

    The host obviously knows next to nothing about gays and the mix of sexual desires and attractions. Some gays are not aroused by women at all, such as me. A woman is like a pretty flower and my willy does not get excited. A man that I am attracted to can wake up my willy just be being nearby. As for the sex, that’s personal.

  • Slash

    People need to keep this conversation in perspective, which by the way I thought was fantastic. Five years ago these DJs may not have done this interview at all or if surprised on air with him being gay might have potentially led to a fight or some such altercation. These guys were respectful, playful and generally having a conversation completely in line with their audience. A lot of gay guys feel completely unequipped to interact with hip hop guys, guys in the locker room, straight guys in biker bars, etc. because you don’t speak their language or understand their banter. These DJs did an awesome job of pushing this conversation in a way that their audience could participate and not feel alienated. And yes a lot of hip hop guys are ignorant about the gay community. These guys are doing far more to help normalize our cause than a lot of the people on this board who are just insulting them.

  • Kangol

    He did his fabulous thing at the AfroPunk festival. Just the best.

    Ebro is hot.

    Overall, a bit of the usual heterostupidity, but not so bad when you watch the whole thing.

  • ChiChi Man

    LOL yet another misleading headline (but kudos – you got me to watch). The hosts are incredibly supportive even mocking bigots for denying this guy’s talent. And before the ignorant questions start, one of them asks if they can be ignorant for the sake of learning – i.e., we’re going to ask stupid questions so that we can educate some of our ignorant listeners. If either of those boys feels like experimenting, give me a call ;-)

  • stranded

    @michael mellor: How is he a gimmick?


    Yes Ebro IS fucking hot. Rosenberg is definitely an ally. And so is Ebro in own hamfisted way; remember his DJ Mister Cee interview

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