STUDY: 64 Percent Of Gay Kids Don’t Care If You Call Them A ‘Fag’ Online

A recent Associated Press-MTV survey of 1,355 Americans ages 14-24 revealed that 57 percent of young people think their friends are usually just ‘joking’ when they call someone else ‘a fag’ on Facebook or MySpace. That’s horrible! You mean young people are still using MySpace?!!

Of those polled, 25 percent believe that people who say ‘fag’ use the word maliciously, while 54 percent find the use of such slurs acceptable within their circle of friends because they “know we don’t mean it.” Meanwhile only 36 percent of gay people and people with gay friends found the word ‘fag’ offensive.

Does this mean that Wanda Sykes “Don’t Say Gay” campaign isn’t working? Does this mean the online gamers who keep calling everyone ‘a bunch of fags’ aren’t really hateful douchebags? And do these young social networkers realize that other people outside their circle of friends can see it when they call each other ‘fags’ too?

A side note: when youngsters substitute the word ‘fag’ with ‘nigger,’ the unacceptability level goes waaaaayyyyy up with 44 percent saying said they would be “very” or “extremely” offended and 60 percent of African-Americans said they’d be offended.

Kids these days.

Image via Leather Gay – Nahkahomo

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