STUDY: 64 Percent Of Gay Kids Don’t Care If You Call Them A ‘Fag’ Online

A recent Associated Press-MTV survey of 1,355 Americans ages 14-24 revealed that 57 percent of young people think their friends are usually just ‘joking’ when they call someone else ‘a fag’ on Facebook or MySpace. That’s horrible! You mean young people are still using MySpace?!!

Of those polled, 25 percent believe that people who say ‘fag’ use the word maliciously, while 54 percent find the use of such slurs acceptable within their circle of friends because they “know we don’t mean it.” Meanwhile only 36 percent of gay people and people with gay friends found the word ‘fag’ offensive.

Does this mean that Wanda Sykes “Don’t Say Gay” campaign isn’t working? Does this mean the online gamers who keep calling everyone ‘a bunch of fags’ aren’t really hateful douchebags? And do these young social networkers realize that other people outside their circle of friends can see it when they call each other ‘fags’ too?

A side note: when youngsters substitute the word ‘fag’ with ‘nigger,’ the unacceptability level goes waaaaayyyyy up with 44 percent saying said they would be “very” or “extremely” offended and 60 percent of African-Americans said they’d be offended.

Kids these days.

Image via Leather Gay – Nahkahomo

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  • DTG

    For once and for all, can we PLEASE stop comparing the words “Faggot” and “Nigger?” The level of desperation some people have about the former having the same level of unacceptability as the former is just stupid.

  • Paco

    @DTG: @DTG: Agreed

  • Jess

    I don’t like when someone calls me a “fag/dyke” online, but, for me, it’s simply not worth getting upset or fighting with someone over unless it was someone I know in person (such as a facebook friend). If someone on youtube/yahoo/ some other site calls me a “fag or a dyke”, its annoying and rude, but getting angry about it makes no sense because at the end of the day, it’s just some random rude person on the interent.

  • brandon h

    @DTG: You mean latter? And they are equally bad, don’t start that who’s the most oppressed bullshit.

  • Joe

    @Daniel Villarreal
    “But when asked the question in a wider context, most said such language was always wrong.”
    I think this should have been included in the article because it clarifies that people were rating the possibility of acceptable use especially in their own personal context, not declaring all or even most use of the word acceptable.

  • JayKay

    Online, words like faggot, nigger, and cunt carry about as much weight as “you silly goose.”

  • Chris

    “Don’t Say Gay” and such efforts are well-intended, but culturally out of touch. All you need to do is watch a couple episodes of South Park, The Daily Show, or Glee to understand the rule today’s young people live by: if it’s intended as good-natured humor, or irony, anything is acceptable.

    Where folks err is not giving people enough credit for nuance. Kids, even relatively young kids, are capable of telling the difference between a slur and a good-natured jab.

    This does get dangerous in some ways – as another commenter remarked, often other people can hear you, and may not get the nuance. I’ve reprimanded relatives on a few occasions because, while I don’t mind a little good-natured teasing about my sexual identity, when they do it with younger kids around they may be sewing seeds of hate or self-doubt that will bear very ugly fruit in later years. This isn’t unimportant, but it’s an issue of self-restraint.

    I, for one, think its a sign of positive progress – the fact that younger kids don’t automatically use “fag” as a slur reflects that the usage has shifted, from a tool of hate to a tool of humor. That seems like a good thing.

    One last thought: @DTG: I think the point was to contrast peoples’ responses to various epithets (and the f-word and n-word certainly both belong to those categories). No one, in this article, at least, was trying to draw equivalence in etymology or history. If anything, the context showed that one word is far more reviled and taboo. Try not to be so knee-jerk.

  • David Nichols

    @DTG: you said former twice. I believe comparing the gay liberation movement to the African-American movement makes for a wonderful analogy. There are many similarities between the two. True they are not the same, gay people don’t have to experience some things that Afro-Americans go through; conversely African-Americans don’t have to go through some things that gay people experience. What makes it such a terrific analogy is that by-standards can better understand the repression, oppression, and the discrimination against gay Americans. The women’s liberation movement provides some good analogies, but not as powerful as the African-American liberation movement did.

  • steve

    If someone called me a fag.. ehh I wouldn’t care

    If they called me a faggot.. I’d be offended and would want to cut their homophobic face with a serrated knife

  • Alex

    Friends say it, obviously with no malice? I don’t care. Strangers on the internet say it? Might be mildly offended, but it’s the internet. I don’t care. Someone says it to me in person, with malice? Huge fucking problem.

  • Christy

    @steve: I agree with the difference between fag and faggot. Fag doesn’t offend me hardly at all, faggot definitely does.

    FWIW, I’d rather hear someone say “fag” than say “retarded.” And I’m sorry, but fag is nowhere near on the same level as the n-word. Example: I’m not comfortable writing out the n-word and I definitely won’t say it, I will write “retarded” or “faggot” but I definitely won’t say them, but I’ll totally say or write “fag.”

    Maybe it’s because fag is often used teasingly but not hatefully. Whereas faggot is almost always hateful, and [to me anyway] so is the n-word.

  • Damon

    I believe the reason for this may be that the word fag is rarely used to mean homosexual on the internet. It’s mostly used as a generic insult.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What is it with straight people telling us what gay slurs are offensive, and which aren’t?

    Decades ago when the KKK was trying to re-define the word nigger to encompass every race, white, and black people weren’t having it. Today hets have successfully redefined fag, and faggot, and everyone is on board–including the LGBTQ community.

    Everyday we see straight people not coming to our defense, or standing up for our equality. Yet we’re suppose to beleive they don’t see us as inferior, or less than them? Words mean things. And actions are followed by words. Indifference towards gay slurs, leads to indifference regarding equality.

  • the crustybastard


  • Opheliac

    I dunno… I often call myself a dyke, and one of my gay male friends constantly uses “nounfag”.(4chan slang, such as fashionfag, artfag, tripfag, anonfag and such). It depends on how it’s said, ’cause I remember flipping my shit when my old, homophobic-as-shit classmates called me a dyke.

  • Dr. Dick

    I have a. LOT of non-black (but otherwise minority) friends who say “Nigga” a lot, and it doesn’t bother me because it has a non-racial hip hop connotation. I accept that, and really, many of my white friends say it too. The term has been borrowed from blacks via hiphop culture, and we’ve moved on. The term “fag(got)” no longer refers solely to a bundle of firewood or a cigarette or a queer; it refers to annoying, crappy douchebags. Thats a shitty lil bit of linguistic evolution, but maybe we take a cue from many blacks I know (myself included, obviously) and allow the term to take a new, sexually-non-specific meaning. Or not, people will always look for things to be offended by… Words mean very little to the secure, I feel like fewer kids would commit suicide if they’d grown up with the “So The F*ck What?!”-attitude I had instilled in me as a young black queer…

  • Dave Strider

    i am not a homosexual

  • Trevor Miller

    Hi, um… I was just wondering what the picture had to do with anything you spoke about. I fully agree with what you’re saying, but…
    Sorry, the only reason why I’m asking is because I happen to know the person who’s picture that is, so I was a little confused. xD

    But I agree with your article. I do think that my teenage friends do use that word a little too much, but I have strongly tried to make our school stop using that word by telling everyone I hear to knock it off.
    Kids these days.

  • Vriska Serket

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  • John Egbert

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  • Ju2tGotCaptord

    LOL that kid isn’t even gay irl

  • Aradia Megido

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  • Rose Lalonde

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  • Hamsteak


    All the Homestucks.

    I love you guys.

    ((On a side note, I agree with the article………))

  • Jarek

    I didn’t pay attention to the story
    All I know is that I’m friends with the guy in that picture and I find it hilarious that the person that wrote this used that picture

  • Rose Lalonde

    David, you know your friends will be here for you no matter what. If you happen to be homosexual, we will love you no less. I have been suspecting for quite some time. It is perfectly alright if you don’t want to talk about it right away but remember, my metaphorical office is always open.

  • John Egbert

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  • Eridan

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  • Andrew Hussie

    Behave or I’ll kill you all again. Or smother you in a loving, motherly fashion. Whichever is more terrifying.

  • MPA

    I’m amazed nobody seems to have noticed that this is from Homestuck.

  • Kharma


  • Due

    Dude, maybe ask before using someone’s face in your article in case they don’t want to be used to send a message they might not agree with? That’s rather dude and disrespectful.

  • Terezi


  • TZ

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  • John Egbert

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    Called John yet?
    I bet if you do he’ll turn to the homosexual side.
    Come to the homosexual side, John, there are Daves and Karkats.

  • B

    That boy isn’t even a homosexual… it’s only for a fun cosplay. I’m sure he didn’t even give you permission to use his photo. A bit of a misrepresentation.

  • lolzufag

    Is it strange that I find “gay” and “fag” to be more homophobic than “faggot”?
    I consider faggot just to mean an unlikable person, where as if you call someone a fag you’re basically calling them gay (same for calling someone gay itself) and “gay” and “fag” aren’t synonyms for stupid.

    Faggot isn’t intended to mean homosexual by a lot of people, I don’t say “fag” or “gay” but I do say “faggot”. Maybe I have everything mixed up but even if I do, they’re all just words.

    If someone did call me “gay” or “fag” though, I would ask them why they think I’m a homosexual or why they think my sexuality matters, where as I wouldn’t if they just called me a “faggot”.

  • Bro Strider

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  • dave strider

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  • Terezi

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    What Do You Think You Are Doing, Strider? Is This Some Form Of Human Irony?

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  • Rose Lalonde

    Oh Father, go easy on him. He can’t choose who he is attracted to. Note: I am making one of Jade’s winky faces. ;)

  • Kanaya Maryam

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  • Eridan Ampora

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  • Tam

    As a side note, this article should be deleted. The image in question was no doubt used without the subject’s permission, and to imply that racial slurs are somehow more acceptable than to jokingly call a friend a “fag”? My goodness, I thought LGBT was about equality for everyone.

  • Bec Noir

    ===> You notice that you are not the only one who enjoys taking trophies, and make a mental note to visit the Land of Candy and Rainbows

  • MSPA Reader


    (This is a cosplay picture, Mr. Villarreal. As in costume playing. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/ )

  • Terezi Pyrope

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    Is This Some Form Of Cruel And Humiliating Human Irony Because It Most Certainly Isnt The Type I Have Ever Witnessed
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  • Terezi Pyrope

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  • Dad Egbert

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  • Bro Strider

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  • Sis Strider

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    i wouldnt mind you no matter how you want to be haha.

  • Nepeta Leijon

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  • Braysl

    Dave! flipping off photographers is not nice!!!

    I came here to read about the word fag, and I was mildly amused by seeing Troll!Dave. I wonder if the author even knows what he did when he chose that image. xD

  • Nepeta Leijon

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  • Nepeta

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  • Nina

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  • Rose Lalonde

    @Dave Strider:

    I am most certainly bringing this up at your next therapy session, Mr. Strider.

    There is no escaping my wrath now, we will converse about this until the city screams itself awake.

    It will be tons of fun and we will both laugh and giggle obnoxiously.

  • sweet bro

    what is WRONG wish this PICTURE.

  • Kanaya Maryam

    @Kanaya Maryam:
    I Did Notice That
    This Is A Tragedy To Be Recorded Throughout History Of Both Human And Troll Culture Surely
    The Sheer Horridness Of Your Clothing And Hair Dave Is Enough To Make My Thinkpan Ache

  • Spades Slick

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    what these kids need is a good stabbing

  • Terezi Pyrope

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    “Is that Dave.. ?”

    ==> Scroll to look at the comments
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  • Dave Strider

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  • Dave Strider

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  • Sis Strider

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  • HEYbros

    Whoa MAN the appreciation of HOMESTUCK here is just FINE
    I mean SERIOUSLY cant we homestucks enjoy a ONCE in a LIFETIME coincidence
    ALTHOUGH i do AGREE with the ARTICLE, you should show as much TOLERANCE for EVERYONE ELSE just as WE do to YOU
    so just take a CHILL PILL and maybe a SOPOR slime PIE

  • Bro strider

    dave seriously come on i raised you better then that your hair looks terrible at least style it right you look like the purple fish hipster kid you talk to come on have some self respect

  • some one is offended

    Yeah all you Homestucks!
    Stop having fun right this instant!
    It’s embarrassing to the people that aren’t participating and who somehow think they will be persecuted for your absolutely hilarious antics!
    No. More. Fun.!!!

    Anyway, regarding the image. It was used without permission and should be removed. The person in the photo does not support what is being said in the article and is really not enjoying the ‘popularity’ that is being associated with him.
    He is also not a homosexual.

  • KayK

    Okay yeah enough with the homestuck get the fuck back on tumblr or whatever

  • Michael

    @some one is offended:

    Are you saying its wrong to be homosexual?

  • *guitar riff*

    And yet people continue to have fun.
    I guess you could say it…

    keeps happening. B) YEAHHHHH

  • Serenity

    .. .—-. — –. . – – .. -. –. – — — — .-.. -.. ..-. — .-. – …. .. … … …. .. – .-.-.-

  • PBC

    I like how it went from actual comments with people arguing and debating with each other to homestuck bullshit. I’d suggest a change of picture?

    But to post a decent comment, I personally don’t mind if my friends or other people insult me if they don’t mean it. If my good friend called me a slut because I said some other person was attractive, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, but if someone called me a slut because they genuinely thought I was a slut, then I’d be upset. I don’t think there is anything wrong with our generation today, I think it’s more of, we have certain context for which some things are acceptable and some are not.

    I personally think that words carry different impacts with different situations and context. Some people greet other people with ‘homo’ or ‘fag’ and mean no harm by it. The same with many other words. To some people, it’s just conversation, shooting the shit if you will.

    I don’t know, I personally find nothing wrong if someone were to call me a rude name and not mean it.

    Sorry for the tl;dr, I tend to ramble.

  • tapix

    All the failed quirks on this thread make my head hurt. Especially Kanaya’s.
    is absolutely beautiful.



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  • stop attempting to read between the lines

    Did I say anywhere in that comment that I thought it was?
    Didn’t think so.

  • Breadquanda

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  • i like homestuck

    @yea: its pretty funny though

  • yeaaano

    @some one is offended: You dont see MLP fans doing their roleplaying in the comments so why should homestuckers

  • Lila

    I appreciate all the beauty that is Homestuck here, but it got kind of tired after the… fifth poorly done rendition of each character. Can we move on now, please? I’m sure you’ve all got other Homestuck-related antics to get back to.

  • oh gosh it looks like people are having too much fun let's make them stop!!!!!11one

    You mad, bros? Jeez, let them have their fun. If you don’t think it’s cool or whatever, then don’t join in and leave people to their own devices. It’s not cool to tell people what to do, either.

  • ectoBiologist

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  • oh goodness here comes the Fun Police

    Because it isn’t MLP related possibly?
    And who are you to say that these poor hamsteaks aren’t allowed to have fun, hmm?

  • Come on, guys

    Hussie hasn’t updated in forever, let people have fun when there’s nothing to do!

  • Feferi Peixes

    O)(, MY DAV-E. Do you fill rainbow buckets now?


    oh my fucking god. And people wonder why people hate Homestuck fandom.

  • Feferi Peixes

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  • tapix

    @Jarek: @Jarek: Is it sad that when I saw your name I waved at the screen

  • Fluttershy


    Um…Maybe…uh, guys? Maybe we could all just…get along?

    Oh, I like that idea, I think it’s a veeeerry goood idea!

  • Lord English

    Shooshshooosh, I think the joke is tired out now. People have had their fun.
    I am not here as a killjoy but we don’t want things to get out of hand.

    All of you Homestucks head along now and keep an eye on the progress bar that Andrew’s been so nice as to even give you.
    Shoo shoo. Come on now.

  • Michael

    @stop attempting to read between the lines:

    I asked you a simple question you gave me a simple answer.You didn’t have to be smug when you responded though but it is what it is.

  • Ahah oh wow

    Because people like you don’t like it when other people have fun.
    That is quite possibly the reason.
    Ahahahahha. But it’s not. Because I was there. With that person. They were not Rainbow Dash. Rainbow dash does not wear Dave’s shirt. Just go.


    How is this even MLP related
    this is troll!Dave, not Dave with Rainbow dash’s hair and horn

  • Pinkie Pie

    @yea Rainbow Dash isn’t a unicorn, you silly filly!

  • wwhelp

    Oh, well I apologize then for my smugness. I made the mistake of assuming that you were trying to ‘fite me’.

  • ronnie

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  • john egbert

    @Dave Strider: dave, when did you get that outfit? D: it isn’t that ironic or flattering…

  • Michael


    Not at all and I have no idea what any of this has been about to begin with lol Glad you’re having fun though got to grab those chances when you can get them in this world.

  • stupidhomestuckfans

    first off who the hell was posing as me
    secondly the reason your (incredibly bad) roleplaying is because this page is a DEBATE on an ACTUAL TOPIC that– gasp!– has fucking /nothing/ to do with homestuck!
    i know it’s really hard for you to not connect everything to mspa the moment you see the smallest reference but maybe just maybe this article was actually trying to be serious??? i wonder!
    of COURSE this shit is embarrassing. just because they used a picture of someone with a dave shirt and you’re all losing it and driving away the point they tried to make in the first place.
    stop. just. please stop. let the big kids talk.

  • stupidhomestuckfans

    first off who the hell was posing as me
    secondly the reason your (incredibly bad) roleplaying is a problem is because this page is a DEBATE on an ACTUAL TOPIC that– gasp!– has fucking /nothing/ to do with homestuck!
    i know it’s really hard for you to not connect everything to mspa the moment you see the smallest reference but maybe just maybe this article was actually trying to be serious??? i wonder!
    of COURSE this shit is embarrassing. just because they used a picture of someone with a dave shirt and you’re all losing it and driving away the point they tried to make in the first place.
    stop. just. please stop. let the big kids talk.

  • Michael


    LOL what the hell is homestuck to begin with? Never heard of it.

  • Twilight Sparkle

    Well, I think that nopony should be so upset for this. The nice pony who wrote this article shouldn’t have used Mr. Strider’s picture without his picture, plus they should’ve expected all these silly antics by using the picture in the first place. So, everypony should just get along really. :)

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Dr. Dick:

    How would you feel about your non-black friends calling you nigger, rather than nigga?

  • Kesha Fabo

    yo bonshaquiglafondria iz dat u qurl? u kno u remembr me itz kesha fabo ya qurl i recogniz dat hair from n e wher LMAO gurl wut u doin on dis article lmao omgee
    w/e w/e u lookin SAZZAY an FIEN

    keep it up GURL!!!


  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    My goodness, I thought LGBT was about equality for everyone.

    I thought America was about equality for everyone.

  • The Laughing Man


    Nigga = Friend, Brother, etc. But only black to black.

    Nigger = Slave. Also a play on word for someone from Niger.

    Niger = A place located with in northern africa I believe.

    Also, MLP & Homosuck fans; eat a dick.

  • A horse

    While I believe that there is a debate to be had this article is laughable, the picture was used without permission and the statistics mentioned have no information about how they were gathered what is meant by on the internet and what proportion of that sample is a part of the LGBT community.

    Let the fans have their fun this was already a joke.


    @Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Don’t be such a dick.

  • gamzee

    HaHa DaMn MaN yOuRe LoOkIn GoOd!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    I’d suggest a change of picture?

    Yes, please Daniel Villarreal, get rid of that dickheads picture, and hopefully the rest will follow it out of here.

    I never thought I’d see Morse code in a comment.


    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    get rid of that dickheads picture

    Gosh you’re not a nice person at all are you! Maybe you should go back to your computer screen and insult people from behin……….. oh.


  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Fuck off. I’m sure there’s some ironic forum you could be wasting your life on right now.

  • The Laughing Man


    How incredibly witty. Would you mind sharing that totally awesome wit with me? Perhaps I could use it to make a better come back in stead of being incredibly sarcastic.

    You are one of the many reasons people hate the homosuck fandom and why a lot of people hate being apart of it. I really wish I wasn’t. Now, I’ll leave you to your devices.

  • Not cool bro

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:
    Uhm rude. Just because you don’t approve of the image being used does not give you the right to call the person in the photo a ‘dickhead’. And I’m not just saying that because I know them personally, saying something like that about anyone is very very rude.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    I insult people to their faces too. It’s a beauty to behold.


    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    Gosh don’t be so hostile! All I did was call you a dick and you told me to fuck and be ironic else where! Guess what, I’m not being ironic.

  • Vriska Serket

    @eridan ampora Oh my god get a life. ::::\

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Guess what, I’m not being ironic.

    You mean you’re a shithead on purpose?

  • Torti

    @Lila: I dunno I thought they were all pretty good, save for that Kanaya that used punctuation.


    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    You’re not even a good troll! I’m just going to use you for lulz! holy shit you’re a good lolcow already and all you’re doing is being a dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vriska Serket

    @eridan ampora: Could you be any more desperate????????


    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    Yes and so are you. You’re not even fun to argue with. You’re like that damp towel everyone knows and they always devolve in to “hurr durr i am fuckin clever i will call them a shit head XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” you’re just the worse kind of person. You should probably go and die.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Not cool bro:

    I’m calling him a dickhead because he brought all these other dickheads here to Queerty. Daniel Villarreal shouldn’t have posted someone’s picture without their permission. But we don’t need this blog flooded with imbeciles and their triviality.

  • The Laughing Man

    My my my, seems like Enemabag Jones is getting a jolly good rodgering from two losers. Have fun, Jones.

  • Bluh Bluh huge witch

    Alright, everyone, you’ve had your fun.

    We really need to stop. It’s already getting out of hand.

    (though for some reason I think the MLP ones are hilarious.)

    But no seriously guys quit

  • Regular.

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    But we don’t need this blog flooded with imbeciles and their triviality.

    It’s shame we already have one too many of those. Here’s looking at you Jones.

  • MSPA Readers


  • Reasonable, yet still rude.

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:
    Except he didn’t. He didn’t want any of what is going on to happen. Actually he was attempting to stop it from happening, but you can’t control others so of course it got out of hand anyway.
    But I do agree that everyone not having something to say about the article should go back to whatever it was that they were doing before it came up and let those that have relevant opinions continue posting.
    And with that I am outie~

  • peoplegettingoffendedbystuffontheinternets!!!!!

    aHAHAHAHA people are getting offended over and getting embarrassed over homestucks omfg

    but yeah some of these quirks are


    bad wow but still HAHA people getting mad

  • Thre$ha

    woah kid. look$ like you got $ome $eriou$ $wagga. maybe you $hould come down and hang with me $ometime.

  • dave strider

    how about we all calm our tits and just let people have their fun
    it isn’t hurting anything

  • morepeoplegettingmad!!!!!


  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    You’re not even a good troll

    Yes, and you’re brilliant at it. All that experience living in your mom’s basement. if only you could use that many hours of masturbating to tentacle porn for something useful.


    I don’t argue with imbeciles who can’t defend their absurd opinions. It just embarrasses everyone involved. Some faceless shithead calling be a bad person online is meaningless. That you don’t see the irony in getting offended over name calling, in the comments section of a blog post about name calling says a lot bout you.

    @The Laughing Man:

    If you really think what’s happening here is some sort of slap down, then I’d hate to you handle yourself in the real world. I’ve heard worse, from much better people.


    You jackasses have set the standard, I’m merely following suit. I’m sure there’s some sarcastic comic on Reddit you could be chuckling at right now.

  • L3X

    D4V3 1S TH1S YOU??

  • beepbeep!!!!!


  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Reasonable, yet still rude.:

    but you can’t control others so of course it got out of hand anyway.

    Then your argument is with those people, not with me. Yet I’m the person you’re chastising.

    @dave strider:

    Queerty had no right to use your picture without your permission. But your idiot friends had no right to flood this blog with asinine comments. It’s obnoxious. I don’t go to your playground and read this shit, I shouldn’t have to read it here.

    @The Laughing Man:

    If only you could use your wit…

    That said, I don’t like shitheads coming to someone else place, and annoying the locals. I don’t go to your pathetic corner of the world, and fill up your comments section with nonsense. Have a bit of respect, and fuck off.

  • everyone is mad

    Jesus fucking christ calm yo tits everyone
    ho ma gay

  • doopfart

    mad faggots all up in this bitch

  • The Sufferer

    are we all done here? can we please be quiet now?

  • Kharma

    /laughing forever at comments
    I mean honestly, live a little, people!
    This is just awesome. Just because you guys can’t partake in it means you should stop it!
    And that person saying that we should stop and then says that “for some reason the MLP comments are hilarious”
    Man, what a double standard! Double standards, they are everywhere. Just think you guys, if this was YOUR fandom you would be joining in too. Jeeze, hahahah!

  • Michael

    Back on subject although this has been very entertaining and I thank those people for the laughter.It reminds me of friends joking and goofing off with one another so I appreciate that.

    It is distracting however but Id never tell someone to go away when they are simply talking to their friends acting silly.Nothing wrong with that no ones hurting anyone.

    But on subject when it comes to these words it depends on the context in which someone uses them yes fag is out of line when its used for instance like this: not my feelings of course but these are examples of what I have personally experienced and saw written online.

    *Ahem* Anyways here is one example of context : fucking fag = its obvious that there is hate intolerance and anger behind the word especially with the word fucking as a negative way to describe gays in front of the word.I personally can’t stand nor respect the words in any context but some people are different in that area and I respect that.

    I do not however appreciate nor respect when someone uses these words as a tool of hate . Words do indeed have power some are worse then others but I see them all the time and many of these terms are even used in tv shows movies etc….

    I do feel it is disappointing and hypocritical when I see people from the gay community using these kinds of terms AGAINST each other.Especially when most of us should know better.

    There is no justification rationalization or excuse as to why people use these words.The typical and extremely idiotic excuse that we say these words because we do not mean them is very stupid not to mention irrational and illogical.I look at it this way if a person did not mean these terms then why would you say them to begin with? Makes no sense.

    I dont want it to become so PC however that we cant even stand up for ourselves but seriously some words just should not be used no matter how it is excused justified or rationalized.Thats solely my opinion Ill respect those who disagree everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless of whether we agree or not.

    Reminds me of how people can rationalize telling people to kill themselves .Taken in any context that is going too far because someone may actually take that literally and go through it.There is no excuse for saying things like that to people.

  • Michael


    Now idiots like you are way out of line.People like you are disgusting personified.Your comment was uncalled for in more ways then one grow up .Theres a difference between trolls goofing off with one another and trolls who use HATE to get their points across.You sir are a moron.

  • this is STUPID.

    Oh look! people making comments on the internet! Oh look! People getting angry because you decided to floor the comments section with fandom related stuff! Oh look! People deciding to floor the comments section because the article uses an irrelevant picture relating to a popular internet fandom and without the owners permission!

    (Guys, are we done yet. Can we just go home now? I mean seriously. Look at your life, look at your choices, why aren’t you doing something more productive than getting into fights on the interwebs?)

    Also, this guys: http://www.queerty.com/queertys-comment-policy/



  • Kanaya Maryam

    I Am In All Honesty Horrified At The Amount Of Hate These Homestuck People Find Themselves On The Receiving End Of Really Is It So Hard To Simply Ignore Something That Annoys You
    I Certainly Know I Am Able
    The Only Thing That Horrifies Me About This Article And The Comments Residing Upon It Are The Picture Of Dave Featured Upon Said Article And The Odd People Who Seem Intent On Impersonating Me
    I Believe That All On This Comment Thread Make Valid Points Both People I Am Familiar With And Those I Am Not So If We Could All Just Attempt To Get Along I Assure You We Shall Succeed
    As A Side Note I Would Like To Point Out That Miss Rarity And Myself Are Good Friends And Will Remain So For Quite Some Time
    Have A Good Day Night Or Whatever Time You Are Awake For Everyone

  • poniesareforfags;)

    this image is still getting comments

    i agree with the others though. stop roleplaying homestuck when the only thing relevant is the image used. i thought the image was amusing too but i am 99% sure that homestuck role playing takes up half of the comments. it’s time to move on people.

  • Dany 2 x 4


    Can I just
    gently internet smack you.

    It is more than just homestuck related because of the shirt.

    It is a joke COSPLAY , keyword here are you paying attention? , a JOKE COSPLAY of a troll rainbow Dave.

  • Michael


    Could you possibly go away already a number of you have already used homophobic shit here.Enough is enough.Your username is just meant to annoy people thats obvious but still proves a lot about you by that I mean less about you.

    Anyways back to the topic.

  • Aperture Science

    Aperture Science has reviewed this situation, and has come up with a solution to all of this.

    The article is deploring that words such as “fag” and “gay” are becoming slang. This is all fine and dandy unless someone actually uses it in an insulting way towards someone who is actually homosexual. Otherwise, clarification is usually a fast way to clear up misunderstandings.

    In other words, Stop bitching about things you can’t change.

    Concerning the people who can’t stand the Homestuckers:

    While Aperture Science admits that the references did go a bit overboard, you have to realize that Homestuck is probably the only webcomic who’s fans receive so much flak for their presence. MLP does not count because it is too mainstream, and not internet-exclusive.

    8ut of course there are those who will not toler8 such a presence, generalizing all Homestuck fans as “fantards”
    Give it a 8reak, no one cares about your personal vendetta against an internet fanbase, go do something worthwhile, like spam the KKK’s forum.

    In other words, the Homestuck fan8ase is far too 8ig for you to even make a small dent in, so stop 8itching a8out things that you cannot change.

    :::: D

    Back to regular punctuation and grammar devoid of typing quirks.

    For those of you who feel offended that Homestuck fans have cluttered up your precious website, consider this: The author has used a photo that he/she did not receive permission to use, not to mention, that the person in question is not gay. This person is also wearing a Dave Strider Broken record shirt. Not as if this is a bad thing, but clearly this person does not want their photo up here.

    It’s always good to know beforehand what you’re posting, this person obviously did not know the reference, but still unintentionally invited fans to poke fun at this fact.
    It’s like painting your car black in Mexico. Without the previous knowledge of the fact that the color black absorbs light. Not intentional, but still your fault.

    So cool your jets you haters. This behavior is not uncommon of any fanbase.

    Lack of Content = Desire for content

    So what do fans do when they have nothing to feed on?

    Fanfiction, Fanart, Fan-videos, and obscure internet references, this is not unique to Homestuck fans.

    Also, it amuses me to see people use the term “Homosuck” when this article itself deplores the way people use the terms “homo, gay, fag” as if they were some sort of insult, or slang.

    Aperture Science scolds you all, but is laughing behind all of your backs. All of them.

    With that now settled, would any of you care for some cake? You get one free complimentary one when you volunteer for a year’s worth of testing.
    So what are you waiting for?

  • Michael

    @Aperture Science:

    Did the loony bin let out and we were the last ones to know about it?

    Its one thing to goof off but when you bring hate and homophobia into the mix that IS crossing a line.Thats what YOU and your pals here do not seem to understand .I am not addressing all of them but some are apparently not capable of understand what TACT means.

    But if you think terms like mad faggots like one of your pals here used is acceptable then you are clearly deluded.

  • PilateError

    At 35, The “F” word does not bother me, but I do respect others wishes not to use it, so I never do and I ask people to not use it either because I’ve seen it make people uncomfortable. In addition, as a racial minority, I thought it was okay to joke around with friends younger, but when strangers would call me, “Spic” or other similar terms, thinking it was okay too, I knew the line had to be drawn somewhere. Words hurt and scar long term- you can explain yourself blue in the face, but some people will never understand your point of view without ever walking a mile in your shoes.

  • Karkat Vantas

    @Dave Strider:

  • Karkat Vantas

    @Dave Strider:

  • Week

    Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
    I just

  • Aperture Science

    Um, I totally sympathize with your opinion, but let me set this straight.
    I, personally, do not tolerate any type of racism or discrimination, in fact, I got into a long winded argument into a user on DA about her liberal use of discriminatory terms. That wasted nearly a whole two days.

    If you really want to know what I’m thinking, I would take Eridan’s scarf and choke the living daylights out of each and every one of those homophobic bastards, but that’s a bit unrealistic. Whenever I hear someone use terms like “fag” “gay” and “homo”, I go all apeshit on their ass (especially if they insult Homestuck using those terms, for me, that’s a double whammy)

    I know personally quite a few gay people. I am very defensive of my friends. I’ve been on the receiving side of discrimination before, and quite frankly, I won’t tolerate it one bit.

    But when it comes to the internet, you have to realize that your circle of influence is fairly limited. For quite a few reasons.

    1. Reporting rarely does anything. Usually admins don’t give a shit.

    2. It’s hard whether someone is joking or not. Usually politely telling someone that you are offended will get them to apologize. Unfortunately, for me, this usually isn’t the case. Then I go all commando on their account.

    3. I can’t do anything physical to them, much as I hate it. In the end, a troll is a troll, and no amount of internet raging will change that.

    Hence my statement, don’t bitch about things you can’t change. What you can do though, is muster up your internet friends, point out such acts, and submit the perpetrator to the justice of an Admin.

    So if you want to try and ban them, by all means, do so, they would deserve it. But throwing hate at them just makes them stronger.

  • Michael

    @Aperture Science:

    Touche you make some very valid points.YT is an unfortunate example of #1 they do indeed not give a shit in more ways then one.

    2.I have tried that before normally the posters here are rude or crass about it when you disagree with them much less attempt to get them to see the errors of their ways.

    3. Agreed not to mention the hate feeds trolls anyways and thats exactly what they want.That is their purpose to begin with.

    Nice to talk to a decent troll for a change the ones I normally get threaten to kill me for being gay mock the death of my father and other things .Ive been a target for plenty of them over the years they get off on bullying me for being completely honest about everything including having social anxiety disorder.Im not ashamed of it because I cant help but of course a troll being a troll they look at that as a weakness to pounce on.

  • Aperture Science

    Awesome that we could work this out. I apologize on behalf of everyone who acts like an ass on the internet, and I sympathize/empathize.

    Like a certain comic book character once said (Gilgamesh Wulfenbach -Girl Genius webcomic)

    Can’t find the quote, but the sentiment he expressed is that he tries to reason and act civil at first, but nobody ever takes it as anything but a weakness.
    “And nobody takes me seriously, unless I shout and threaten like a cut-rate stage villain.”

  • Michael

    @Aperture Science:

    Yep on my alternate account that I used to post here there were bullies here even then.Sad thing is there are just as many bullies within the gay community as there are in the straight community. I have tried to be civil towards people but their egos get in the way and they think they can talk down to mock patronize and condescend to people.I do not take that crap from anyone and they don’t like that.Oh well too bad for them thats my opinion on that lol :)After being bullied for as long as I have been I learned how to stand up for myself be direct and to the point.Some here claim its being an asshole I say its just me being truthful.Id rather someone say what they feel to my face not behind my back.

  • Aperture Science

    Or through the internet.

    You’ll find that most people lose their ability to sass back when not granted anonymity from the internet.

    Either that, or they’re even more of a raging asshole, in which case I say, “Finish that sentence, and you might not like what I’ll do.”

  • Michael

    @Aperture Science:

    Exactly it appalls me in all honesty how most people here act.Always putting people down for having different opinions then they have calling then inferior stupid dense etc….

    Ive told many here and they always claim its me that THEY have ego issues and no humility at all.My parents did not raise me to put down someone for simply disagreeing with me or thinking differently then I do.Hello thats whats called a difference of opinion too bad not many here comprehend that simple concept.

  • Aperture Science

    Amen to that. What’s even more absurd is the trolls who say that EXACTLY and then argue they can say that because they have “freedom of speech”

  • ElectricOdyssey


    I’m not sure how you guys came across his picture, but aside from his cosplay he doesn’t represent this at all! He’s also quite straight, I assure you.

    Dave only did this because its ironic, duh.

  • Michael

    @Aperture Science:

    Stupid site lol Anyways you are absolutely correct it reminds me that people sometimes confuse hate speech with freedom of speech.To me hate speech is when it crosses the lines of free speech in this country.Sad thing is this is a site where we are supposed to find a way to agree to disagree with one another we dont have to be civil to one another but we dont have to act like pompous shitheads towards one another either here.Its funny many here claim to be against bullying as well when they ARE bullies and are too hypocritical to even admit it.This community has got a long way to go .

    I said it before also we are fighting to be treated equally yet we cant even treat each other with equal respect? Houston we have a definite problem.

  • Trevor

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: hi… So I’m the “dickhead” in the photo and I’m extremely insulted by what you said. It’s not my fault people I don’t know saw this. I actually am really hurt by that comment.
    I do not appreciate this.
    Just wanted to be mature and tell you that was a horrible assumption about me.

  • Michael


    You’re right its not your fault man.

  • i like the homosucks

    Honestly, I’d find roleplaying like this anywhere else rude.
    But come on.
    This shit article is just BEGGING to be vandalized.

  • ha ha ha ha

    I laugh in the faces of all these butthurt people
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Trevor Miller

    @i like the homosucks: Yeah, it is not a very good article, I agree…
    but I think all the comments went a little overboard, you know? I am actually very embarrassed that my favorite fandom would do this to something like this….

  • Striderdefender

    I don’t know, man, I get pretty pissed when people call me a fag or a dyke. Might be okay in lighthearted jokes, considering this day and age, but if I were to be randomly called out as a dyke, I’d punch that person in the teeth.

    While I agree with your article, however, you posted a picture of my friend without his permission and not only that, but used his image in a bad light. This isn’t funny, the people making joking comments aren’t making it any better, and it would be nice for you to remove the image.

    Call me butthurt, call him butthurt, I don’t care. This was extremely inappropriate and uncalled for, regardless of what you were trying to accomplish with the message.

  • mostlee

    this is why so many people hate the homestuck fandom.
    you are why.
    it’s you guys.

  • imhungry

    Ahahah they removed the Dave’s photo

  • missazrael

    I see that they removed the offending picture and replaced it with a stock image, one of someone who presumably has agreed to have their likeness used for illustrative purposes online. I’m happy for that, but I’m ashamed for the Homestuck fandom right now.

    For a fandom that likes to claim it is inclusive and LGBT friendly, we (and yes, I count myself among you) certainly were quick to pile on a bandwagon and flood this article with inappropriate comments and attacks on the person in the original picture, someone who never wanted to be associated with such an article or such a position. Keep in mind that there is a real person on the other side of the computer screen and that the individual depicted might not want or need your scorn and derision in their life.

    It comes down to context, which is the point I believe the author of the article was trying to make. It is one thing to use a slur to refer to your very good friend who will understand your meaning regardless of context; it’s quite another to make assumptions and use the same term to describe someone you’ve barely met or someone online where your context could easily be lost. Likewise, it is appropriate to flood an RP post on Livejournal or the MSPA forums with pithy in-character comments and observations, and much less appropriate to do so outside of those contexts.

    We like Homestuck. Okay, everyone gets it. Keep that love in the appropriate channels and don’t descend into foolishness or shenanigans in places where it will not be appreciated or where it is not needed. This is why we’ve gotten a bad reputation online; let’s work together to try and change that and not be the batshit insane fandom that everyone avoids.

  • Aperture Science

    Ah, the pictures gone…
    Alright Homestuckers, move out!

    Although this picture is even more irrelevant than the last one…

    I don’t see anything the fandom has done wrong. Except now it looks a little odd since the picture has no relevance to Homestuck.

    And can we lay off on terms like “Homosuck”? Not that it’s offensive towards Homestuck fans, but it might piss of homosexuals.

    When you use that term, are you putting Homosexuals in a negative light?
    Grow up people.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Trevor, I apologize for calling you a dickhead. It offended you, and was uncalled for on my part. As I’ve already written, Queerty had no right to post your picture without your permission.

    However, if your readers, or fans, of friends, or whoever all these people are came to Queerty to post comments, then someone sent them here. Whoever directed them to this site, most likely knowing how they would react, may not be a dickhead, but sending those people here was a foolish thing to do.

  • Aperture Science

    You’ll find groups of fans like that in every fandom, its not unique.

  • Sam

    Thank you for removing the previous photo. I’m a bit late to the party, but I must say that finding that a bunch of my fellow Homestuck fans all piled in with their in-character comments in order to do yet another thing to paint the fandom in an immature, unflattering light was quite lovely. Thanks, guys, for proving every single negative stereotype about the Homestuck fandom correct in another dazzling display of good judgment. Bravo.

    In regards to the article itself, I’m of the opinion that a slur is a slur is a slur, and unless the vast majority of the demographic that said slur is directed towards accepts it and/or makes it their own (i.e., the term “queer” being previously used as an anti-gay designation being reappropriated to what it is today), then it really shouldn’t be used at all. I understand that the term “fag” isn’t just used in reference to the gay community anymore, but at the same time, I feel that the fact that it was previously associated with and directed towards the gay community only allows its use to perpetuate the negative stereotypes connected to it. The same can be said for misogynist terms such as “bitch” or “cunt.” Slurs like those, along with “faggot,” only redraws and emphasizes the supposed “lines” in society that puts people in neat little boxes, the very same ones that say that homosexuality is a curable disease and women are sub-human in comparison to cisgendered, heterosexual males.

    On the other hand, I also feel that heterosexual people shouldn’t police the gay community on what they should or should not be comfortable with being called. Ultimately, straight people shouldn’t have a say at all in what the gay community does or doesn’t do, or what it does or doesn’t believe in. It’s a sticky subject for many, and these are just my opinions, and perhaps my perspective is uptight and naive.

  • macar0ni

    i dont know whether to laugh or cry at this
    i mean i love homestuck
    and some of this is funny
    but wow oh my god……..

  • SuPeRnErD213

    All of the homestucks, holy god a;idga (don’t listen to the hate, I love you guys even if this is kinda dumb ;w;)


    Original post about how they think it’s wrong to call each other names.
    Comments filled with people calling the people roleplaying “dickheads” and other such rude things–

    Guys, where did your logic go?

    Also, I have to say that yes, using those words can be offensive- however if there are people who actually don’t mind you saying them around them? Go for it, but be courteous to others around you, and try not to say them publicly. :S

  • Ocean of Piss

    Okay, so first off – people complaining about Homestuck roleplayers “ruining” the comments section of a relatively obscure current events site: do you even know what comments sections ARE? I checked the comments on some other articles on here, and while they aren’t off-topic and flippantly written, they still are full of immaturity and bigotry (although there was less homophobia, there was plenty of misogyny and transphobia, which we managed to avoid).

    I don’t approve of the “humorous” use of slurs, since I think that sort of speech should be left to my namesake, but the author of this completely deserved the stupid comments when he used a photo without knowledge of its context and without permission. I honestly don’t feel horribly “embarrassed for the fandom” because this is a FUCKING. COMMENTS. SECTION. NOT SRS BSNS.

    And on-topic to the article itself, I don’t like the implication that it’s now “okay” to use various slurs because some people aren’t offended by it. I really don’t think it’s acceptable to use such language jokingly in public spaces – even if it’s a minority of people who are hurt by it, some of those could be extremely hurt. (Also, conflating gay people with “people who have gay friends”? What the fuck?) I understand their use on a website like 4chan, where people who visit know exactly what they’re getting into and in exchange for the horribleness you get true anonymity and a level of discussion hard to find elsewhere, but just as using pointless memes outside of 4chan isn’t funny, using slurs outside of 4chan isn’t funny either.

  • Sweet Bro

    this chat got pretty awesome

  • dogma

    this is a shite article and you’re shite for making it.
    by the way, cool move with the pictures bro.
    dogma – out.

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