STUDY: Majority Of Same-Sex Couples Raising Children Are Living In Discriminatory States

It’s easy to get lost in the recent hype surrounding marriage equality in America. Though we’ve made great strides by passing bills protecting same-sex couples in 12 states, people forget we still have a long way to go.

More importantly, people often forget about the children of same-sex couples, who are also affected by the discrimination their parents endure.

According to a study conducted by the Williams Institute, the metro areas in America with this highest percentage of same-sex couples raising children are in states with constitutional bans against marriage.


Topping the list are Salt Lake City, UT; Virginia Beach, VA; and Detroit, MI, which reported between 22-26% of their LGBT populations are raising children.

“Research consistently shows that same-sex couples raise children all across the country,” said Williams Institute public policy research fellow Angeliki Kastanis. “This analysis underscores the fact that recognition of LGBT families is a consequential policy question in every state.”

Download the full infographic and additional statistics at the Williams Institute’s website.