STUDY: More Teenage Girls Having Lesbian Sex, Fewer Getting Pregnant

Teenage girls are having more lesbian sex than ever, a study by the Williams Institute shows. They’re also less likely to get pregnant and less likely to have sex with dudes.

Well those things kinda go hand in hand, no?

The study, published in the Archive of Sexual Behavior, compared data from the 2002 U.S. National Survey of Family Growth to the 2006-2008 version. It found that:

Seventeen-year-old girls in the [2006-2008 period] were much less likely to have been heterosexually active (63% v. 46%), and more than twice as likely to have had same-sex contact (5% v. 11%). This group of teens was also more than three times as likely to have used emergency contraception (5% v. 17%) and less likely to have been pregnant (18% v. 12%).

This should be the Religious Right’s new plan to cut down on out-of-wedlock pregnancy and abortion: teen lesbianism!

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  • hunnylvr

    This should have an asterisk next to it that says – no, actually more teen girls are REPORTING it. When I was a teen a few DECADES ago, I had many friends who liked to fool around with me and/or other girls. They called it “practice”. Whatever. I call it teen hormones and curiosity. The point is, I’m the one who actually IS the lesbian.. all the rest of these girls grew up and got married – to men.

  • hunnylvr

    @jason: Whores? Really? That’s a bit harsh. They are teenagers for chrissakes! Not too many teens give two shits about ANY cause. Get a grip.

  • Parker

    smith lesbians

  • Darlene

    They are just kids. It is a rare teenager that cares about a cause like someone else said above. And the term would be sluts, not whores. Whores charge. Sluts like to have fun without moral restrictions. Anyway… That said… Hopefully there wont need to be “a cause” in the future and everyone will be free to love who they want. It doesnt matter if they are lesbian or just curious… They need to explore to find out who they really are. Isnt the real cause allowing people the sexual freedom to be with whoever you love, whether male or female?

  • jason

    LUGs. Lesbians until graduation. They then get married to men because they want to have children so much. If you want a paradigm of whoredom, you can’t go beyond women.

  • bruce

    Shit, where are the genuine lesbians on American TV? I can’t see them anywhere. The ones you see on TV all seem to be fake. It’s as if they’ve been through the Hugh Hefner school for sexualzing women for the benefit of the sleazy straight guy fantasy.





  • Kurt

    Tastey there’s nothing wrong with anyone even a woman being bisexual, and apparently you are a bisexual woman.

  • jason

    Female sexuality is largely fake. It’s been proven. Any survey will reflect that fakeness.

    Also, there is greater stigma against male-male sexuality than against female-female sexuality. Therefore, it’s not a level playing field. Women exploit this double standard to make themselves feel superior to men.

    Message to women: game’s over, girls. We won’t hesitate to confront you with your fakeness and your exploitation of double standards.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @jason: No jason, there isn’t a “we” confronting women — there is just little old misogynist you and your crazy illogical conclusions. You stand alone jilting at your “all women are whores” “all men are bisexual” “all porn is evil” “all straight men are pigs for enjoying woman+woman porn but not man+man porn” “I go to sex clubs/baths so I can be disgusted by promiscuous sex” windmills. Geez, at least crazy Don Quixote was engaged in a goodhearted battle for chivalry; you are just crazy.

  • jason

    mike in asheville,

    Nobody cares about your gas. Go release it elsewhere.

    I’ve got facts to prove what I’ve been saying. If you want to live in your politically correct little world where all women are perfectly innocent little creatures who are totally honest about their intentions and their sexuality, go right ahead. It’s just that biology disagrees with you.

    The facts also disagree with you about the bisexual double standard. It’s been proven that it exists. Women exploit it to get their own way in the same way they wear make-up and revealing clothing. Female sexuality is largely a ploy.

    If facts hurt, I’m glad.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @jason: Facts, really; how about, the “fact” you are crazy. There is no such thing as a “fact” that female sexuality “is largely a ploy”. There is no “fact” there is a “bisexual double standard” — that is simply your idiotic opinion — get the fuck over it — straight men CAN and DO dig on the idea of female+female because they can imagine themselves sharing 4 titties and 2 pussies, but have no desire to engage with 2 extra cocks.

    You spout “facts” but they are just illogical dimwitted opinions. Get back into therapy and take your meds, cause, you are too crazy to not be somewhat dangerous.

  • Kyle

    Straight girls claiming they are “bi” is so 1995.

  • hunnylvr

    Jason is a misogynist gas-bag with some serious problems. He’s too stupid to realize that it’s actually MEN who exploit women in the “girl on girl thing” – usually showcased in their idea of porn or the suggestion of it. Any lesbian I’ve ever known (myself included) thinks “girl on girl” porn is laughable and ridiculous.. because it’s directed and “written” by men who have no fucking idea. Any woman who knows how to make love to another woman will see these “movies” and start screaming at the tv like an armchair quarterback during the Super Bowl. Lots of “what the hell are you doing? No, no, no, you need to do THIS! Etc, etc”. And that’s just the most obvious form of exploitation. Now, it pops up in mainstream movies and tv – and I guarantee you, the writers aren’t lesbians..

    I have ZERO double standard – I am a woman who loves women. Period. Mike in Asheville is correct – the double standard is played out because straight men can be scared of thinking of other men sexually, but it inflates their egos and fantasies to think they can have two women at once. It’s not rocket science.

    Crawl back to your cave, Jason.. neanderthal.

  • Mark Moscow

    @Mike in Asheville: you are hypocritical femi-nazi busturd! fuck you!

  • Mark Moscow

    @hunnylvr: porn standards imposes female bisexuality and suppress male bisexuality. It means homophobia towards male homosexual behaviour. Of cours, lesbians like you dont care about this.

  • jason

    Mike in Asheville,

    Nobody cares about grubby straight guys and their fetishes. I’m certainly not going to let them dictate the terms of GLBT rights and what society should find acceptable or not. Tell sleazy straight guys to fuck off. If you wanna sell out to them, go right ahead.

    You see, the difference between you and me is that I confront those who try to influence how we conduct our rights. You, on the other hand, seem to surrender to them. I don’t surrender, honey.

    You and your female enablers can fuck off. We don’t want you in our rights movement. Our rights are determined by the purity of our movement, and not what sleazy straight guys deem to be acceptable or not.

  • Mark Moscow

    @hunnylvr: majority of guys are BI. However, abraham’s religions (judaism, christianity and islam) and porn-industry (as social result of 18 Levynite)suppress any male-male actions as garant of the “correct” masculinity. Thats why we have homophobia.

  • Mark Moscow

    @jason: why american gay-activists so conformists?

  • jason


    The mere fact that you find the girl-girl fetish of straight guys funny is evidence that you don’t take it too seriously. Well, perhaps you should, honey.

    Your attempt to paint women as innocent little creatures in all this is laughable, I concede that. Of course, you females are always innocent. You never, ever exploit double standards, do yo? You are totally innocent and act impeccably at all times, don’t you?

    Well, you and your sisters can take a hike. I don’t want your ilk in our rights movement.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @jason: Well jason, you obviously care about “grubby straight men and their fetishes” because you so frequently, including the post I am responding to, lament that they enjoy watching female+female action and not male+male action. You then ignore that there are zillions of web cites devoted the male+male+female bisexual action; it is not much different than you hitting up sex clubs/baths, only to denounce the other guys there getting action. You are such a pathetic loser. Stop hating straight guys — many are our friends, as in now almost half of America supports marriage-equity; stop hating women and their right to enjoy their sex lives; stop hating your pathetic self. Go out, get fucked, and smile — life is way too short to be angry with everyone all the time. Oops, gotta run, getting some head.

  • redball

    “Well those things kinda go hand in hand, no?”

    Not necessarily. They could be having more lesbian sex AND more straight sex.

  • Matt

    @jason: I’d rather have ANYONE in “our” rights movement than a brain-dead moralizing blowhard like you. If it wasn’t for that oh so inconvenient fact that you were born gay you’d probably be the biggest homophobe on the planet. Literally the only reason you don’t want to hate on gay men like you do literally everyone else for having sex is pure unadulterated self-interest.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Mark Moscow: And how they treating you fags in Moscow, Mark? Calling other gays “femi-nazi” hmmmm? Now that qualifies you as an insipid moron!

    By the way, as men have ruled social society for the last 10,000 years, and all men, gay, straight and bi think with our cocks, one would think that if the majority of men are bi, then bi men would be openly having bi sex. You and that idiot jason think that just because you have bi tendencies, every man must be bi too. Look in the fucking mirror Mark, and you will also see that the vast majority of men look nothing like your pathetic small dimwitted mind.

  • Mark Moscow

    @Mike in Asheville: fuck you, piece of crap! You are moronic busturd who enjoy together with pseudo-bisexual female sluts double standards. Fuck you! with gaga and aguilera who teach people in their music videos that girls can kiss both guys and girls but guys can kiss only girls!
    Until Abraham’s religions male bosexuality was the norm! Study history, fag-collaboracionist!

  • Mark Moscow

    *”You then ignore that there are zillions of web cites devoted the male+male+female bisexual action”

    Mike Conformist,
    this actions claimed as “bisexual porn”. (not ordinary, not mainstream). However, porn industry say that female bisexuality is the part heterosexual (ordinary porn). Feel the difference! and many guys with bisexual potential suppress their homoeroticism as incorrect and transform into the homophobia.

  • jason

    Mike in Asheville,

    Since when is porn representative of human sexuality? Porn is about voyeurism, not human sexuality. It’s about prostitutes being paid to have sex in front of the camera. The mere fact that you try to bring porn into a discussion about human sexuality is proof positive that you’re misguided. Try exercising your brain cells a little bit more and you might come up with something that at least makes sense.

    Maybe when you’re getting head, it would a blessing of sorts if it’s a powerful vacuum cleaner doing it.

  • jason

    Mark in Moscow,

    Yes, that’s the crux of porn, isn’t it? It sends out the message that only female homosexuality should be a part of everyday heterosexual culture. Interesting, isn’t it? It’s amazing that more in the male homosexual community haven’t gotten angry about it.

    I suspect that most gay men would rather concern themselves with going to dance parties and getting body waxes. Gay male culture has become completely de-intellectualized.

    Of course, let’s not forget the complicity of women in the sexuality double standard. Women are exceptionally responsible, and ought to be brought to book for it.

  • Mark Moscow

    @jason: my female friends hate double standards too. however, many women like it because they want dominate under men. “Women – pretty sex”, “only female body can be beuatiful” and other crap.
    Btw, lesbian women suppressed too. Porn says that lesbians doesn’t exist. It’s another form of discrimination, but not so destructive as for gay or bi guys. This industry haven’t any etiquete. This industry deforms human sexuality.
    Just imagine that since 1970s porn include both gay male and gay female scenes. In present days homophobia should be just nonsense.

    2 point. Destroy Abraham’s religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam. this totalitarist ideologies are cause of homophobia. In pagan societes male bisexuality was the norm. Also in dharmaist religions. look at Japan or China (until homophobic Western influence in 19 century.)

    3. Gay male couples must be reproductive independent. It is necessary legalize commercial surrogacy. Gays must have a right to have their OWN genetical childs. For what same-sex marriage without children??? However, radical feminists against it. WTF! They want that only lesbian couples have reproductive independence!

    Just 3 points and homophobia will be nonsense.

  • hunnylvr

    @jason: “The mere fact that you find the girl-girl fetish of straight guys funny is evidence that you don’t take it too seriously. Well, perhaps you should, honey.

    Your attempt to paint women as innocent little creatures in all this is laughable, I concede that. Of course, you females are always innocent. You never, ever exploit double standards, do yo? You are totally innocent and act impeccably at all times, don’t you?

    Well, you and your sisters can take a hike. I don’t want your ilk in our rights movement”

    Not only do you have a reading comprehension problem, but you are also one hateful, nasty little cocksucker who is one of the very reasons this country is so reluctant to give full rights to OUR community. (it nauseates me greatly to have to be lumped in with you, but whether either of us like it or not – we are in the same group as far as the rest of the world is concerned).

    I don’t find the “girl-girl fetish of straight men” to be funny, you dumb, fucking asshat. What I find FUNNY is the way the actual SEX SCENES IN PORN ARE WRITTEN. If you’d actually read what I wrote in context – where I even further explained that watching girl/girl porn makes us into armchair QB’s – you’d understand that I and many other lesbians laugh at the portrayal. If you weren’t so blinded by hate and some very mis-guided self-righteousness, you’d be able to understand that.

    Secondly, where the FUCK do you get off putting words in my mouth?? I never said women are innocent and perfect.. you did. And I don’t even know how you infer that from my post! My POINT was that straight men are KNOWN for the various ways in which they exploit women. I was commenting about the straight men.. not about the women involved and their role in it.. because that wasn’t relevant. Also, I, as a woman, and my sisters along with me, HAVE NO FUCKING CONTROL over what turns on a straight guy. Just because you have such obvious insecurities (along with your other crazy cohort Mark Moscow), doesn’t mean you get to spout all kinds of hateful shit toward people who have done nothing to you, have no control over what you’re ACTUALLY bitching about, and are, in fact, advocates for this community.

    So, in a nutshell.. go fuck yourself, you small-minded, paranoid, misogynistic LOSER.

  • Mark Moscow

    @hunnylvr: shut up, misandrist bitch! Of course, you like double standards. Many straight girls like gay male scenes too!! Where is gay male scenes in “straight porn movies”? Also majority of guys bi-curious but suppress it. majbe you think that only girls have right to be BI-sexual! Answer,pig! Pro-feminist orientation of “LGBT” is the trafedy for gay and bi guys. 99% of homophobic hate towards gay men (not lesbians). Thats why shut your stupid mouth, bitch !

  • Mark Moscow


    Porn industry must have etiquete!

    1) Heterosexual porn – M + W (excluding any type of bisexual, lesbian and gay scenes);
    2) Gay Porn – M + M (+ M if it is a group sex);
    3) Lesbian Porn – F + F (+ F if it is a group sex, except for the presence of men because it’s a lesbian porn);
    4) Bi-porn – M + M + W + W – all are bisexual.

  • Mark Moscow

    @jason: Btw, Michael Lukas has written fascinating article about double standards and suppression of male bisexuality on

  • jason


    Whether or not women have control over what turns on a “straight” guy is irrelevant. You women exploit it. You are one half of the exploitation equation. Don’t deny it.

    From clothes to bisexuality, you women exploit double standards in order to get preferential treatment. This was really brought home to me once when I observed some scantily clad whores getting preferential entry into a nightclub one night. How much more blatant can you get than that?

    Broadly speaking, many females just don’t like having their double standards exposed to the world. Finally, someone with guts – like myself – has done it. Females are being exposed left, right and center. I am exposing them for the frauds that they are. The era of the privileged hypocrite is over as far as females are concerned.

    Of course, I’m not saying that every single female adheres to these double standards. However, I am saying that female culture fosters these double standards. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that women tend to play the victim card when they don’t get their way, even if it’s a privilege they’re seeking. How utterly self-demeaning.

    There, there, girlie, I won’t stoop to the level of calling you names, even though I’m tempted to refer to you as a feminazi.

  • jason

    Mark in Moscow,

    Do you have a link to that article by Michael Lukas about bisexuality and double standards? I’d be interested to read it.

    Yes, I agree with you about the failure of activism in America regarding the bisexual double standard. It’s because America’s gay/bi men have sold out to women in the name of keeping the liberal coalition intact. It’s to their detriment.

  • hunnylvr

    @Mark Moscow: “Shut up?” How typically MALE of you, Mark. You and your buddy Jason should get together.. really. Feminazi? Where do you boys (given the juvenile logic of your posts, I can’t even call you men), get this shit? So, because I’m female, I’m somehow part of this “double standard” you keep referring to? I somehow am a part of, by default, this vast conspiracy you have outlined here? Nothing like broad, sweeping generalizations to completely have your argument shit the bed. Way to go. I’m glad not every gay guy is like you two fucknuts. We’d never get anywhere.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I – and all the lesbians I know – don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about straight men or what they think – and we sure as fuck wouldn’t play these little games you’re referring to.. this bisexual exploitation/double standard or whatever it is you’re trying to say. The whole “idea” you’re trying to put forth is so convoluted and sexist, it loses any truth after about the first sentence. Lesbians don’t play into this, but because we are female, you assume we are “part of the exploitation equation”? Really?

    Ok, you children keep stroking each other, and you can let the rest of us do the work and present logic to those capable of understanding it. Clearly, that doesn’t include you.

  • Mark Moscow

    @hunnylvr: listen to me, stupid sheep, I totally dont care what you or other lesbians like or dislike!
    I say about another. About double standards as cause of homophobia. Guys suppress their homoerotism and transform into the homophobia. And you lie when write that lesbians haven’t any privileges! Why when TV shows same-sex kiss of Brittany and Santana it was OK, but when was same-sex kiss of Kurt and Blaine it was all-american scandal?!
    Yes, not lesbians made double standards, but you dont care about this problem. And stupid gay-community are silent because fake solidarity of LGBT.
    Also, radical feminists (almost all of them are lesbians) want to ban commercial surrogacy. It means that gay male couples can’t to have their own genetic childs. Solidarity? After that?

  • jason


    You ought to exercise your conscience and challenge women who exploit the bisexual double standard. I would have thought it was a moral imperative on your part. Unfortunately, many genuine lesbians tend to go along with the double standard because they don’t want to offend other women. It’s the sisterhood notion.

    I’m actually a great supporter of genuine lesbians and bisexual women, meaning the ones who don’t practice lesbian acts to titillate sexist and homophobic men. I’m actually one of their great supporters. You ought to at least give me brownie points for that.

  • jason

    Hi Mark Moscow,

    Fascinating article. Thanks so much for posting. Michael did a very good job there.

    However, I think Michael probably could have elaborated on the very real notion that female sexuality is not the same as male sexuality. Female sexuality is largely an on/off switch that can be faked. Male sexuality is a continuous motor that cannot be faked. The burden of proof of arousal is always on the male because it is only in the male where arousal manifests as an erection and expulsion of the gametes from his body. A woman’s gametes, on the other hand, remain within her body and do not require an act of muscular arousal to be expelled and presented.

    Combine this with the fact that women are sellers, not buyers, and you have the perfect recipe for the fakeness of the female. This fakeness extends to expressions of sexuality where women attempt to sell themselves to fetishistic male voyeurs by engaging in lesbian activity with other women. This tendency skews the social scale towards the notion that women have a more fluid sexuality than men when, in fact, it is more indicative of a fake sexuality than a fluid sexuality.

    This fake essence within female sexuality explains many of the other facets of female behavioir, which can be seen in the general disguises that women adopt during their lives – eg the wearing of make-up to disguise their age, the wearing of stilettoes to enhance their height. These are uniquely female characteristics vested in fakeness, and which derive from the seller basis of women.

    Perhaps Michael didn’t want to offend women. I’m certainly not backward in coming forward, however.

  • Mark Moscow

    @jason: Also the problem in “social opinion” that “female body is sexy and beuatiful, but male body not sexy and not beuatiful”. However, not all of feminists fight against that crap!
    I’m against Patriarchy, but I’m against Matriarchy too. Many of feminists are totally hypocritical and misandrists. Gay and bi guys must support Liberal Masculism.

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