STUDY: Most Gay Men Prefer Their Guys Naturally Hairy

bearded guyAccording to a survey conducted by Manhunt, gay men prefer their partners to leave their body hair alone.

More than 27,000 Manhunt members were asked which body parts they like their partners to manscape and, surprisingly, most wanted everything left the way God made it. The body part that got the most votes was the penis shaft—and even that only saw 21% of participants wanting it shorn.

Here’s a breakdown of some of body parts we’ve been known to trim. For the full results visit Manhunt.com (NSFW)

Back (10.93%)
Face/Beard (8.58%)
Lower Back (8.17%)
Armpits (3.14%)
Chest (3.13%)
Shaft (21.35%)
Pubes/Bush (19.47%)
Balls (17.66%)
Taint (11.86%)
Hole (11.58%)
Butt Cheeks (6.78%)

Does this jibe with your personal preferences or are you a smooth operator?

Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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  • Eric Auerbach

    And yet literally every picture of a shirtless guy in the main page is of a guy who’s been waxed within an inch of his life.

  • Big Red Paul

    Thank goodness for hair!

  • Captain proton

    @Big Red Paul: except when it gets stuck in your teeth

  • Spike

    Any yet Queerty post nothing but shaved down twinks that you know below the waist look like 12 year olds and/or plucked chickens . . .

  • Joetx

    I wish the porn studios would get the memo. I especially don’t like the way the trim body hair close to the skin, making the performers look like overgrown adolescents.

  • jwrappaport

    It’s too complicated question for a simple vote – it depends entirely on the guy, not to mention who’s doing what to whom.

  • 2eo

    If I hear a single bad word against Tom Selleck I will hunt you down and castrate you.

  • Christopher

    @Joetx: You’re just looking at the wrong porn. :)
    Studio porn is boring. Porn on tumblr is what’s hot!

  • kurt_t

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Frampton for leaving his shirt unbuttoned for a seven-year period that coincided with the height of my sexual potency. Did any man’s chest ever have a more beautiful patch of fuzz?

    I used to listen to that “I’m in You” song and visualize myself undressing him with my teeth.

    “I’m in you-uuuu…You’re in me-eeeee.”

    What were we talking about?

  • Hermes

    Actually, while I understand that this particular group may like hairy men and that this particular study reflected similar tastes (and we have no idea whether its a poll, an internet poll, OR an actual study with a control group and variable control – so that, for example, bear lovers are not oversampled) — other studies have shown, and I believe, that the desire for a hairy man is a distinctly minority position among both gay men and even more so among straight women (where it doesn’t enter double digits).

    If its what you want, more power to you — I will join with the clear majorities in a number of significant studies in saying, no thanks – I’ll take my men smooth thank you.

    Kind thoughts.

  • Chad Hunt

    I agree that it depends on the man. The amount of hair, and who is doing what to whom. Personally I hate my own hair in the nose, ears, groin, ass, & chest area but like it just fine on my head, arms and legs.

  • Sebizzar

    @Christopher: Haha exactly tumblr knows what guys are actually hott. I think the majority of us are getting tired of seeing ultra shaven/waxed guys. The scruffy guy on this article is more like it ;) Btw if anyone wants more guys like him you can check out my tumblr – AlwaysImagining.tumblr.com

  • cbrs2k

    @jwrappaport: Exactly! Although I really don’t like back hair!

  • Sebizzar

    @Hermes: I’ll agree that I’ve noticed a lot of women seem to prefer smoother guys or at least guys without facial hair.

  • Jason

    A few problems with this article.
    Who says that Manhunt members are representative of gay men in general? (For that matter, how do you know that the ones who responded to the survey are even representative of Manhunt members?)
    Asking what parts you want *shaved* is not the same as asking what parts you want naturally hairless. I’m really not a fan of hairy backs, but if the guy’s back *is* hairy, I don’t want it covered with razor stubble instead.

  • hf2hvit

    @2eo: He’s a republican.

  • QJ201

    Shaved shaft is a must for any safe sex practicing top.

    Getting the condom caught in the hairs of your shaft…kills the moment!

    And if you like being deep throated, last thing you want is a hair on the shaft getting caught in someone’s teeth.

  • petensfo

    @2eo: He’s a Repuglican… how’s that?

  • classyinc

    No thanks, I’d take a smooth hairless hottie any day than a big foot. Hairless all the way. lol

  • kurt_t

    I’m not sure I made this completely clear in my original post, so I just want to put this out there: Peter Frampton, if you’re reading this, you are still the hottest guy ever.


  • Cagnazzo82


    – Beard/scruff
    – Chest
    – Legs
    – Arm
    – Pubes


    – Shoulders
    – Back
    – Giant 70s/80s ‘stache that I thought had gone out of style back in the 90s.

  • EManhattan

    From the 1930s through the 1960s, the movie industry forced movie stars to shave their bodies – body hair was considered too erotic. And humans being humans, a lot of men and women promptly eroticized shaved bodies, since that’s what they saw at the movies. That became a self-fulfilling cycle, and lots of actors have been shaved since the 1960s to take advantage of that initial eroticising.

    And, of course, advertisers who sell shaving products have spent billions of dollars over many decades to persuade men and women that shaved is better than not shaved.

    With all of that brain-washing aimed at body hair, it’s surprising that it gets popular again every couple of decades – body hair is just too erotic to fully suppress.

  • 2eo

    @hf2hvit: @petensfo:

    I only consider Tom Selleck Magnum PI, I don’t acknowledge he even exists outside of this role. Ergo my point stands.

  • kurt_t

    @EManhattan, your Hollywood brainwashing theory has given me new insight into the American public’s stubborn refusal to accept “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” as the glorious cinematic achievement that it clearly is.

  • Uriah

    I like body hair on guys who have it. I why would anyone go through the painstaking trouble of shaving anymore than they have to when they look fine fuzzy.

  • yaletownman

    Depends on the guy. I generally prefer the shaft shaved and if the pubic mound is overly hairy I like that trimmed up. Backs, very few guys look good with back hair in my opinion. Pleasure trails? LEAVE THEM ALONE!

  • borebox

    Please for all us hairless guys celebrate your fur, please

  • Kasnar

    @Thom in MD: Some call it nature’s floss….;-P

  • Kasnar

    @popingay: I know the feeling. I knew I wasn’t the only relatively smooth guy who preferred their men furry — but sometimes it feels that way. It’s not hard to imagine that the prudish mores of the 30s would have had male movie stars shave their bodies. On the other hand, it’s easier to see the definition on a physique model if his body’s shorn. Remember Colt’s Carl Hardwick? Did you prefer him smooth or furry? Ever see a hairy man with a relatively nice body at a hotel’s swimming pool? It’s hard to take your eyes off him. Just too much exposed manliness.

  • MK Ultra

    I’ve got a nice chest of hair (Russian genes)
    I’m not getting rid of it for anybody!

  • amedas

    @Hermes: Hey, we should meet up and chat. You read my mind on this matter. :>

  • Frank646

    There isn’t enough time in a year to keep up with trimming the hair on my body at the rate it grows. Eventually, though, ya gotta trim it cause it gets out of control.

  • Dave

    I’ve seen other studies that show the opposite. It just goes to show that you can “prove” anything you want if you don’t worry about little things like non-representative data sets and self-selection bias.

  • yaquiberger

    I’ve known this for a long time. It has been apparent since 2007 that this was the direction male objectification was going. The first inclination was Dolce & Gabbana’s 2007 ad for their Light Blue Pour Homme fragrance which featured a model with a hairy chest and happy trail. Hairy Men have been 100% mainstream since then. It just always takes the mass market a while to catch-up

  • Steve

    Just wish this was more see able in the media mainstream

  • gogold

    Still don’t like hairy dudes. Jeez! Getting a mouth full of his body hair… Phoowey!

  • Kasnar

    While I do like my men furry, it took me a while to get used to men having a lot of back hair. I guess it’s an acquired taste.

  • RyCRob

    Wow, way for Queerty to COMPLETELY misrepresent that survey by Manhunt. It wasn’t “Do you prefer your men trimmed or un-trimmed?” It was “WHICH PART DO YOU PREFER THAT THEY TRIM.” That’s why the percentages are all OH SO LOW. Because they’re out of 100%. It’s not 3.13% of the population thinking you should shave your chest and then 96.87% thinking you should leave it natural. It’s 3.13% of the population thinking the chest is the most IMPORTANT part of your body to shave, and 96.87% thinking it’s more important to shave/trim something else. That’s why each category (upper and lower body) work themselves out to 100% if you add up the numbers. It takes about 5 seconds with a calculator to figure this out. Come on, Queerty. This is just annoying. And it’s equally annoying that everyone in the comment section seemed to just take the false information at face value, without taking a hot second to actually check out the survey and see that Queerty had it all wrong.
    This hurts my brain.

  • jerryx

    I am hairy all over so I win…. From top to btm so my guys love the bear in me :)

  • Bradley

    I prefer a baby-smooth body and clean-shaven face, but I would try to adapt if I ever have a boyfriend who is hairy. I haven’t been with anyone in over 30 years.

  • Rock2XL

    Does anyone else appreciate how, when one or both men are hirsute, it’s like our muscles are oiled up? My chest and abs would just slide and glide over his, with just the right amount of friction? Only one guy has to be hairy too! The other dude can be hairless and the effect is the same: very sensual and erotic!!

  • Rock2XL

    My late, gorgeous love was usually clean shaven — unless a role called for facial hair — and his hair pattern was the same as Thomas Magnum’s: no back hair! Playgirl Mag published a photo spread of him undressing until all of his “fur” — and everything else — was exposed! He denied it was he, “I’m a legitimate actor! I would never pose nude for a magazine like that!” But they didn’t cover his birthmark. So, when I got out the magnifying glass, he could no longer deny it, but, I always denied it along with him and still do! We were out, but not about that!

  • alphacentauri

    Not surprising. I am covered in body hair and men love me for it. I’m also only attracted to men who have body hair and who are not smooth, waxed, or shaved. I also do not have any attraction to men who do not have any facial hair and I have facial hair.

    @Rock2XL: So who was your late partner? It certainly was not Tom Selleck since he’s still alive, was it the guy from Dark Shadows?

  • darkanser

    I used to wonder if I was amongst the few who prefer their men furry. I especially like full beards — though furry chests come a close second. I like tii the close cropped head hair look with full beard. I, myself, am not hairy at all and – at this point in my life- can grow only a full moustache and goatee.

  • darkanser

    @Joetx: While I hear you, I think you must realize that lots of the close-ups shots they employ in porn and the bare skin would be obscured by excessive or even normal body hair — hence the waxed look.

  • Dave Downunder

    “as God made us”????? how about as evolution has made us.

  • ryantbo

    I love some fur on the chest or well kept beard
    Back hair a different story :-)

  • tghost54

    I was just with a guy for the first time and when I took off my shirt he exclaimed Wow your really hairy! I replied yes I am. He said I like that. He put his head on my chest and just rubbed my chest and stomach for half an hour.

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