Surprise! There’s A 50 Percent Chance You Already Have HPV!

We wish they vaccinated young boys against HPV back when we were kids because according to a new study, 50 percent of all guys already have the virus—flip a coin and see if that includes you. But the study does have a silver lining…

The study conducted by the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa, Florida “looked at 1,100 men aged 18 to 70 in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico to get a snapshot of the natural progression of HPV infection in men.” They found that 50 percent of their participants already had HPV and concluded that 6% of men are likely to catch it every year. And unlike women, men’s bodies don’t resist the virus more efficiently as they age.

We already know HPV’s link to cancers associated with oral sex (total bummer). But the good news is that vaccination experts agree that the study “builds momentum for widespread HPV vaccination among boys.”

So while you may already harbor the human papillomavirus, future generations of sexually-active queers may grow up never knowing the pains of cervical cancer and anal warts! Yay!!! Lucky bastids.

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  • RJ

    I might add that research indicates the strain of HPV that can cause an increased chance for anal, cervical, and oral cancer is not the same strain that causes genital warts.

    Also, in most cases the human body can rid itself of the HPV virus. It would be interesting if this study broke down by strain, but I’m not sure detection is that advanced.

    A vaccine is available for young men to protect from HPV strains that cause most cases of genital warts, but not yet one for the more rare strains that can attribute to anal/oral cancer.

    A often see straight men and women freaking out about HPV on various forums. Given that the majority of people with any number of strains of HPV will have it clear from their bodies naturally or at least exist with the virus without any negative health effects.

    I wouldn’t say that the hype isn’t unwarranted. If a vaccine can be developed for any virus, by all means. One must wonder, however, if long term ramifications are taken into account should a virus mutate… since all facts indicate HPV has been with humanity for a very, very long time. I’m not a doctor, but that question deserves to be investigated.

    I would say that more research time should be focused on HIV, though, since HIV causes long term health consequences if left untreated, that can ultimately result in immune system collapse in most cases. An HIV vaccine for the most common HIV strains would be more beneficial to the world as a whole than an HPV vaccine.

  • gregger

    Hi, as I posted on Gawker when they were trumpeting this Tuesday morning, this was news in the 1980’s. It’s still a medical statistic, but it’s not news.

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