Bobby Pulido

Over the last 30 years, Bobby Pulido has forged a successful career in Tejano and Regional Mexican music having released 14 albums since breaking onto the scene in 1995 with Desvelado. (And by posing for the occasional thirst trap in his younger years.)

Born in Texas, Pulido was recognized as Male Entertainer of the Year for three consecutive years at the Tejano Music Awards and performed on the soundtrack to the 1997 Selena biopic by collaborating on the track “Viviras Selena.”

Most recently, the 52-year-old won Best Tejano Album at the 2022 Latin Grammys for Para Que Baile Mi Pueblo.

In addition to the accolades for his prolific musical career, Pulido has faced ongoing scrutiny over his sexual identity.

Recently, new online rumors alleged Pulido, who is married to a woman, was having a romantic relationship with Mexican TV journalist Javier Alatorre, noted

While Alatorre has not spoken out about his orientation nor the relationship rumors, Pulido went on the Mexican television show Multimedios to set the record, erm, straight.

“I don’t know who Javier Alatorre is, I live in the United States. My PR told me about this, and I don’t know him, but besides, I like women not men,” Pulido said while refuting the rumors in a Spanish-language interview with the outlet.

Pulido then disclosed that he was offering a reward to anyone that could identify the social media influencer he believes is responsible for starting the false rumor. Should their identity be uncovered, Pulido also announced he planned to sue the person.

Despite going to the lengths of offering a monetary reward and threatening legal action, Pulido insisted the gay rumors don’t really bother him. Sure, Jan!

“The truth is it didn’t really affect me because I know the truth,” he said, “but I have kids and they have friends that may believe it.”

“I’m going to do whatever I have to do no matter the cost and I swear they will regret their words,” he added. “This is a case of defamation.”

In the United States, whether false claims of homosexuality can be considered defamatory can vary by state or the court taking up the case, noted NBC News. While we’re not sure what the legal situation is in Mexico, feeling defamed for simply being labeled as gay reeks of the lingering homophobia still prevalent in society.

This also isn’t the first time Pulido had to address his orientation.

During an interview with Texas radio personality Rock-n-Roll James, Pulido said, “I’ve got nothing against people that are gay, I ain’t one of them,” and then claimed the origins of the rumors began because he was friends with a gay man.

Amid the years of speculation about his personal life, Pulido has shown some support for the LGBTQ+ community.

After Ricky Martin came out in 2010, he sent him well-wishes by reportedly saying the Puerto Rican superstar was “living his dreams.”

And while his portrayal of a flamboyant gay character in his “Dias de Ayer” video in 2010 did not come off very well, Pulido did much better 11 years later by including a gay couple in the video for his hit single “Para Que Baile Mi Pueblo.”

Pulido has been happily married to Mariana Morales since 2018, with who he shares a son.

He also has three adult children from his previous marriage to Eliza Anzaldua.

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