Ten Celebrities Who Grew Up With A Gay Parent. Which Mother And Daughter Both Make The List?

People are finally catching on to the idea that a proper family doesn’t have-to-in-all-cases-barring-no-exceptions be composed of the traditional nuclear combination. Go figure, huh?

But while mainstream culture may just now be arriving at this realization as gay marriage continues to sweep the nation (who knew marriage could ever be a hot new trend?), there have been unconventional parents loving the hell out of their children long before DOMA got the boot.

Here’s a look at some famous mugs who were raised with at least one gay parent. 


Jodie Foster

Jodie was raised by two moms — her biological mother Evelyn and Evelyn’s partner. Jodie made headlines herself when she came out at the 2013 Golden Globe awards.


O.J. Simpson

OK, maybe we won’t pull the “see how good they turned out” card on this one, but it remains an odd bit of trivia that the famous football player and alleged killer’s father was a well-known drag queen in San Francisco who died of AIDS-related illness in 1986.


Amy Adams

After Amy’s parents divorced when she was eleven, her mother moved in with a female partner. Then Amy’s mom became a bodybuilder, which isn’t relevant but kind of noteworthy.


Jay Z

Jay’z mom Gloria is a lady who loves the ladies, and is in a long term relationship with a NYC teacher named Diana.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.06.56 PM

Robert DeNiro

The actor’s father, Robert DeNiro Sr., left his marriage in 1946 and struggled with depression as he tried to establish himself as a gay man in an era when it wasn’t socially acceptable.


Liza Minelli 

Liza’s mom may be a gay icon, but her father Vincente was rumored to bat for our team.


Judy Garland 

And while we’re in the family, Judy’s own father Frank Gumm developed a reputation as a seducer of men. We’re lucky to live in the time we do.

That's What She Said - Portraits

Anne Heche

The actress’ dad was gay, though he never came out publicly. He died of AIDS-related illness when she was thirteen.


Vanessa Redgrave

Sir Michael Redgrave was a well-known actor and fairly open about his sexuality.


Ana Matronic

The Scissor Sisters singer was raised by her gay dad until he died of AIDS-related causes when she was a teenager.

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