The writer Christopher Hitchens is smarmy and gross. He calls Gore Vidal a “crackpot,” which might be true, but glass houses and such, AMIRIGHT? It takes much to get Hitchens on our radar these does, mostly because he now says things just to get on people’s radar, but the revelation in his new auto-bio Hitch-22 that he got all gay with a couple men who would become members of Margaret Thatcher’s government has us intrigued.

His wife and daughters must be thrilled with the newly published revelations, eh?

In his memoirs, an extract from which appears in today’s Sunday Times News Review, he describes his first gay fumblings while at the Leys school in Cambridge.

He says he had two personae at Oxford: “Chris”, the agitator in a donkey jacket, and “Christopher”, the intellectual. “Every now and then,” he writes, “even though I was by then fixed on the pursuit of young women, a mild and mildly enjoyable relapse would occur and I suppose that I can ‘claim’ this … of two young men who later became members of Margaret Thatcher’s government.

“For this very reason I can’t really give any more names.”

Michael Dobbs, author of House of Cards and an Oxford contemporary who became Tory chief of staff, said: “The idea of him seducing Tory cabinet ministers is rather intriguing. Nowadays I do not know if it would help or undermine the Tories’ election effort.”

Sexual experimentation: 1. Margaret Thatcher: 0.

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