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The A-List: Dallas Recap: “Thank God Michael Kors Is Waterproof”


  • Myself

    Hey Queerty
    Did that Viacom/LOGO check clear?

  • Two step

    JC–have you been to Texas? They really are this stupid.

  • CBRad

    Now the scriptwriters for that show are stealing ideas from Dynasty.

  • cynch

    If a rock smashes a Z-Lister’s window and nobody’s watching, will it make a sound?

    These phony publicity whores and all their scripted bullshit are a complete waste of time. I wouldn’t watch it if LOGO paid me.

  • Ray

    @Two step: You forgot the really are that shallow and pathetic too.

  • Ray

    “But he’s so good-natured and benignly unaware that I can’t stay bothered by him.” I’m so fucking sick of the I love Levi he’s so sweet lies and fawning from people. All of you just say what you mean. He claims to have a big dick and you’re all a bunch of desperate bottoms with a cowboy drag fetish. Just admit you have low standards and are size queens who are willing to overlook just how vile this idiot is. There is nothing benign about him. First of all we know he fucked over the drunk one six years ago. 23-6= 17. Or was it 16. Or was it 15. Could those pesky statutory rape laws be why he’s so desperate to pretend like he doesn’t even know the drunk one? You think maybe if the drunk one hadn’t been screwed over and grown up drowning in “Dallitude” from twats like Levi maybe he wouldn’t have turned out bat shit crazy? Then on top of that the poor little benign innocent thing is dating the bible beating jesus on a stick gay republican neo-nazi. Why? “Because the sex is good.”. In other words Levi has fucked his way through all of Texas and the only one desperate enough to fuck him twice, that he didn’t diddle as a small child AKA the drunk one, jerks off thinking about W Bush. And yet you people are turned on by this. You make me want to burn the world.

  • Pep, Italy

    @ Ray

    Wow chill out – maybe you shouldn’t let Reality TV affect you this much and save the energy for things that actually matter. Also the Republican or Christian = Nazi comparison makes you looks incredibly smart.

  • timncguy

    seriously, is this group supposed to be at all representative of the gay community? If so, then what are 4 of the 5 of them raging queens? Are we to believe that 80% of the gay community are queens? At least on the NY version the queens were kept below 50% of the cast with only Ryan, Derek and TJ.

  • Will

    3 pages JC Adams? REALLY?

    Is Viacom paying you and Queerty by the word?


  • Ray

    @Pep, Italy: Leave it to an Italian to speak up for nazis. You want to throw in a shout out to the pedophile pope too?

  • Amber024

    Luv this show!!!

  • mattsy

    I think its a fun fake show with a bunch of ridiculous phony fags on it. Levi reminds me of Stuart from MadTv ,Phillip couldnt be any gayer if he tried, the drunk, clingy one is headed for a short life, and the one with the lips is destined to be chained up in someones dungeon and abused for days. And by someones dungeon, I mean mine.

  • Vinny

    I don’t know why people are so upset at the “stereotype” this show promotes. The few times I make it out to any big city gay bar, these are the types so many gays seem to be attempting to emulate.

  • wayne

    @Vinny: Do yourself a favor. Try hanging out at places that don’t attract stupid assholes.

    It’s not that hard to find gay people who aren’t annoying douchebags, but when you purposely seek them out as Logo obviously did that’s all you’re going to find.

  • wayne

    @Will: I can’t imagine why anyone want to document every excruciating detail of this crap assed show if they weren’t getting paid to do it. The only other site I know of that does this is owned by Logo. This has to be a paid advert.

  • Myself

    @cynch: $ is why Queerty promotes it.

  • I Mean What

    These queens are so tragic and uninteresting that it boggles the mind. The Logo Channel has officially set back the gay cause 100 years.

  • Pep, Italy

    Ray – I just reread what I wrote earlier but maybe you could point out to me where I am defending Nazis ? ? ?

    Also I am not Italian, I just happen to live here.

  • shannon

    Levi is DISGUSTING!!!!!! The crooked nose….pox marked face…crooked teef…..sinister laugh….HUGE belly…flat butt….shall I go on?

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