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  • Spike

    What a sad and desperate so called entertainment. Is this the best that Logo can bring it’s viewers?

  • pithyscreenname

    I’m just curious why the girl is on the show. I’m sure she has some music deal and there is some kind of corporate synergy at play- but I just don’t care enough to snoop around for the details.

    She really adds nothing to the show.

  • ChadNYC

    Let’s be honest. That guy would never be asked to pose naked if he weren’t on a tv show. he is okay looking, but by no means is he model material.

  • christopher di spirito

    I’m not the most politically correct man in the world but I have to say, when I’ve seen LOGO-TV, the thing I take away is how they promote gay and lesbian stereotypes.

    Gay men are swishy, lisping queens, and lesbians are bull dykes.

    This just isn’t the real world in 2011.

  • HM


    The West Bloomington Fire Department’s annual ‘Red Hot Firemen!’ calender for charity? Sure

    Playgirl? No.

  • Spike

    Just watched the clip, apparently the idiot doesn’t even know that Playgirl is no longer a magazine, but rather an online website subscription. Just like Reichen, this gay clown is desperate to be seen naked by whomever will look in his direction. Tragic and hilarious. Funny too that he thinks it’s an honor to be ‘cover model’, accordingly to whom I wonder?

  • Dave White

    @Spike: As I currently understand it, they still do print versions when they have an appropriately popular “celebrity” for the cover. At least that was the case with Levi J.

  • Spike

    @Dave White: So are insinuating that this clown is a ‘celebrity’?

    Besides Levi J., what other popular celebrity has there been a print version?

    Answer: None.

  • Dick

    These guys are all ultra maroons-B. Bunny

  • Marie Cohn

    Lavender minstrel show.

  • timncguy

    to be kind (and there really isn’t any reason to be kind) Austin looks liked he beefed up his upper body since last year…..

  • TJ

    Doesn’t this douche realize that when this TV show is all over, and no one cares anymore, these ‘alleged tasteful’ photographs will follow him forever? So when he applies for a real job somewhere, this will be discovered during a background check, and he will not get the job? I don’t watch this show, or care to, but stupid is, as stupid does. Tragic.

  • Chadboy

    The show is tanking. 2 episodes into season 2 and the ratings are considerably lower than season 1. People obviously didn’t like what they saw in the first season and haven’t come back for season 2. I might have faith in our “community” after all.

  • Cam

    1. The fake drama of the Austin Rodiney situation seems even more fake. Of COURSE Rodiney couldn’t get a restraining order against him. I can just hear it in court. “Sir, did you really fear for your life considering there were 4 security guards, 5 camera men, and you were told to fight with each other?”

    2. Do the producer of this show have a financial interest in Nyasha’s record? Because that is the only reason I can see for them putting her on the show. Having some obnoxious woman playing the “Diva” was old a decade ago. The situations where they try to have her interact with members of the group come off as so forced and set up because there is no reason for them to be hanging out. Were they afraid of putting a black gay MAN on the show?

    3. Everybody keeps saying that Austin is fat and doesn’t have a model’s body. Well I have to say that Austin has a fine body, much better than the annorexic look most models seem to go for. He’s a mess, but haven’t a bad body isn’t one of his issues.

    4. TJ……how the hell do you get fired from a receptionist job at a hair salaon?! Write down the appointments, call them to confirm, take out the trash and chat up people who come in. If you can’t handle that, just move back in with your parents.

  • JDSwell

    Who watches this show? Who watches anything on this channel for that matter?

  • otis

    Call me shallow, but I only DVR it to stare at Rodiney. He is just fine. Mike Ruiz is pretty normal, the rest are first class messes.

  • Al


    Ronnie Kroell had a magazine printed when he was on PlayGirl… Just saying.

  • ChadNYC



  • Ezzi

    You know how you can watch the show outside of the US?

  • Sarantos

    Why did they have to bring that girl in the show? Real bitch!!!!

  • Max E Padd

    I saw the first season. If the show is scripted, which some people say it is then it is just a waste of time. But it it is not then these people are just ugly people on the inside which takes away everything on the outside. Austin is the worse. A person who will eventually do something to himself when he gets older and can no longer find any freinds. A drama queen who is just so ugly inside that you just have to turn away from him when he is on the air. Rod is the only reason to watch the show. I do like Riechen and don’t know why there is so much hate about this man. Seriously if this is the way the rest of them are in real life they have made a lifetime fool of themselves. Outside of the R boys there is not one person who is worthy of anyones time. Horrible people.

  • jamie

    I love the show. I never miss it. I find everybody interesting and can hardly wait for Austin’s Playgirl spread. I will be among the first to buy it after having seen it, I hope, as one of Playgirl’s loyal web subscribers. Playgirl is the natural next step for Austin. I am a fan of Rodiney’s too and would love to see him follow suit — Reichen too. Playgirl rawks and so does the A-List New York!!

  • Chloe Nelson

    The A-List NY is the best show on LogoTV.

    Austin is adorable, hunky, and a real treat to watch as he moves through his days and evenings. He is A#1 in my book. I hope his career goes sky high with or without this show. At 23 Austin has it all together.

    Reichen is hunky, but more of a whiner about everything. Seems he can’t think on his own without first asking everyone else what he should do about whatever his problem is. At 38 Reichen is a mess for being as successful as they seem to portray on the series.

    Rodiney is good-looking, but needs to better understand the ‘girls’ in the gay group that he is trying to belong to. At 28 or 29 he should be much further along in his career goals. I hope he makes it as he seems nice.

    Derek seems to be the skinny kid who is always trying to promote himself, and it doesn’t work. At 26 his claims of success are a bit hard to swallow. There was something said in one episode about his mother supporting him—can’t help but wonder if that’s how he is able to afford his apartment, and go to all the high-falutin events he attends. He doesn’t seem to have a job.

    TJ is refreshing and is really much more insightful than he is given credit for. He should definitely get a billing on the show. At 26 he is one of the best people on the show as he seems to be more real than most.

    Ryan seems to be very standoffish. More like he is above everything with his nose so high in the air, he can’t see where he is going. He needs to come down to earth and socialize more with the common people. If he’s this way at his age of 30, I can’t imagine how he would have any real friends who wish to be with him strictly for himself and not his money or influence.

    Mike Ruiz is just there. Very level and rather boring. At 48 years old, he needs to loosen up a bit and have more fun.

    Nyasha is the worst thing that could have happened to that show. Who needs her??? Why is she on the show??? She adds nothing to the show about ‘Housewives With Balls’ as she is neither, and doesn’t have balls to begin with. Someone needs to get her off the show before the ratings drop too far.

    If they wanted new blood on the show, they should have put in a couple more gay guys who fit in with the rest of the group. Some producer who made the decision to put Nyasha in the mix, needs to be fired immediately. Unbelievable that the producer put in a screeming, screeching, shrieking, female on the show about gay men.


  • tj

    I so agree. I’ve developed a headache trying to figure this one out. She adds nothing to the show. I’m at the point that I’m considering not even watching it any longer, she is a big turn off!

  • Daniel

    What I find remarkable in this show is all the lip service given to supporting friends. Everybody is always talking about supporting his friends and how important friendship is. These people know nothing about friendship, loyalty or support. They are catty and gossipy and are only too happy to say negative things behind the back of the person they were hugging and “supporting” an hour earlier. The most ridiculous is Ryan. The show sets him up as the leader and the negotiator, the one who can get along with everyone. In fact he has catty things to say about everyone on the show, but he waits to say them behind their backs. I love it when he gets all serious and gives his “advice” to someone. These guys know nothing about life or anything, for that matter. Fortunately, their fifteen minutes will soon be over and they’ll be back working at Wal-Mart. I won’t even start on Nyasha. She’s unbearable. I can’t even manage to watch her.

  • Little Kiwi

    austin swallows male ejaculate for a living and riechen is more boring than church. fact.

  • MikeyM

    They are an embarrassment to all gays. Self centered and egotistical and faggy.
    And the Drama? Oh Brother. How do these guys live with each other??

  • Moose

    I loved this show last season, while never loved admitting it, but I’ve only seen a few episodes this season because of Nyasha. She’s a not very smart-but think she knows everything, not all that attractive, bitch who is ruining the show. If they had to add a girl, I’d rather watch Derrick’s quietly sweet ‘assistant’ friend. Cancel Nyasha!

  • Jelly Bean

    Nyasha was a horrible addition to the show……she has got to GO!!!! Can’t stand her bitchy drama. Stupid beyotch. She needs a woman to hit her and shut her up!

  • Tina

    I just love this show.. The drama that happens is unbelievable. I wish someone would just smack some good old fashion sense and manners into Austin.. Sick and tired of hearing his lame excuses that he was drinking or I was just kidding.. He grates on my nerves just like he does with the rest of the group.

    Derek and Ryan and TJ are my favorites.. YOU GUYS OOOPS GIRLS ROCK!!!!

    Nyasha, I do not see why she is even on, it made no sense to add her to the show.. There is enough going on with all everyone else to get wrapped up in her, I am rich and I can do this, bought that etc.. Its old and boring…

    Keep bringing new episodes!!!!

  • li

    Love the show and all guys. But I really feel for Austin. He is the only person in the show that really shows what he wants. Even with all the drama, or maybe even more so. I can really respect a man if he shows who he really is…

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