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The A-List‘s Princess Tiny Meat Won’t Be Spreading For Playgirl After All

A-LIST SPOILER ALERT: According to GayPornBlog, which we totally only read for the articles, The A-List: New York‘s resident shit-stirrer,  Austin Armacost, won’t be appearing in an upcoming issue of Playgirl, full Monty or otherwise.

While last week’s episode made it look like the shit was going down—Austin even came clean about his “test shots” to his ticked-off English boyfriend—Playgirl honcho/party promoter Daniel Nardicio tells the blog it’s a no-go.

“Austin’s not going to do the mag,” he told us. “It was a publicity stunt created by him to try to be the star of the show.” According to Nardicio—who famously cajoled Levi Johnston into posing nearly-nude in 2009—he never really thought Austin was actually interested in more than the drama. “I low-balled him with a 3k offer to pose, thinking he’d never take it. He was insecure about the small size of his penis, which is why I was so complimentary,” Nardicio told us. “I always have to stroke models’ egos, but he was understandably embarrassed. Soft it’s tiny … It made me think of the Dolly Parton song “Little Sparrow.” [Source:]

At least Nardicio didn’t say it reminded him of Dolly’s duet with Porter Wagoner, “The Last Thing on My Mind.”


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  • Dev

    Small or not, Nardicio was way too close to a naked model, putting his arms around Austin while he was nude. That’s completely unprofessional. And the “fluffing” bit? Please. I think Austin is a complete famewhore along with the rest of the cast, but Nardicio came across as a total scumbag.

  • JayKay


    He runs Playgirl magazine. Honestly now, what were you expecting?

  • blobula

    this show is an insult to gays everywhere

  • Toferdavid

    Nardicko is a total douche.

  • TMikel

    What some people will do for a few minutes of fame! The show is a cheesy attempt at a gay reality show. Does anyone watch more than one episode? It is just too too shame making.

  • MikesterSTLMO

    The pixels covering Austin’s wee wee in the photo shoot make him look like it was down to his knees. But we aficionado of cock have vivid memories of a Austin’s shameless romp in his speedos last season at “Reichen’s” place in The Hamptons (ya right). The pool water might have been cold (shrinkage), but a “great cock” as Nardicio put it? … oh hell no. Besides, a tiny nose and hands never lie.

  • Ganondorf

    Yet another “scoop” for you journalists (of a sort or fashion) at queerty. Go TEAM!

  • randy

    Lol they should leak the uncensored pictures and let everyone see for themselves how tiny it is. that douchebag wants exposure so badly, give it to him…

  • EdWoody

    It’s unfair and tasteless to make fun of someone for having a small dick. Make fun of him for being a talentless, entitled publicity whore, sure. But to tease someone over a physical attribute they have no control over… isn’t that called bullying?

  • Tony

    [email protected]EdWoody: It is tastelss to make fun of someone for not being well-endowed…unless that someone is trying to pose in PLAYGIRL magazine!!

  • Fitz

    Explains that attitude.

  • rascal

    Has it really come to this?? I do not watch this show or know who these people are, but I agree with EdWoody that it is wrong and degrading to make fun of someone’s size, or anything else immutable about them. Now if you want to talk about the size of Michele Bachmann’s penis, I’m right there with you!

  • Cam

    Oh Please, Austin on the show said that it was a sleazy experience and that the guy was offputting etc…

    This is just a typical response from a guy called out for being a sleazy pig on TV. Mock him for the size of his dick thinking that Austin will now let them release the photos to prove the guy was wrong.

    I think Austin is a bit of a douche, but the guy from Playgirl made me feel like I needed to rub purell on my TV after his scene.

  • ronnie

    I’m so glad I don’t own a TV!

  • Kieran

    Daniel Nardicio should know about little pricks since he looks, sounds and acts like one. Obviously the shithead is mad that Austin doesn’t want to be in his magazine. Ahhh, the gay “community”. Can you feel the lurve?

  • mike128

    Yeah, the comments about dick size have got to stop. As a community, I think we can do better – and that we’ve got to get beyond this bullshit, hyper-masculinity stuff.

  • Spike

    Again it is proven, that these idiot himbos, Reichen in particular, are all just a few steps away from doing gay porn.

  • Kyle

    If Austin really had a small penis, why would he take every opportunity he can to run around naked? It just doesn’t add up. I know a man could and should be proud of his penis whatever size it is, as he should be, but it still seems very fishy.

  • spider_orchid

    This entire show is MESSY. Austin IS a fucking douche and I have no doubt that he has a small penis. I think Rodiney is right to say something is wrong with him mentally. They need to get rid of everyone but Rodiney, TJ and Mike and start over. Although, I do have to agree that the Playgirl dude was HELLA skeezy.

  • kitty litter

    Austin———-You have your whole life to live this down. Making a fool of yourself week after week is going to be hard to live down. Do you need fake fame that bad? Horrible man. Horrible show. All accept Rodiney.

  • adam

    @Kyle: Ricard Hatch of Survivor fame takes every opportunity to run around naked and everyone who’s seen it says he has a small cock. Austin could well be the same as Hatch, especially since the body part Austin is always trying to direct attention to when he drops pants is his ass not his cock.

  • Michael

    Um, isn’t the Austin the one that made fun of Reichen’s size (which turned out to not be the teeny tiny peen that Austin said he had)? If anyone is open to penis ridicule it is Austin.

  • hmmblikie

    Well Austins boytoy did say people will laugh or make fun. Maybe he was talking about his penis and not his body. Also what if Austin is a bottom? if he is does it really matter?

  • Bob

    Austin is a bottom and Reichen does not have a big penis either.

  • Mio

    Ha Ha Austin is a joke.. He’s not a model
    And who would really want 2 see his fat ass

  • Mio

    @Kieran: whatever Austin is a sad pathetic sack of shit..

  • offenedfag

    I just came across this and completely agree about it being totally inappropriate to publicly make fun of the size of his cock and completely unprofessional on Daniel’s part to do so.

    I dont care about this person, I dont even watch TV and Im sure he is a douche based on all info at hand. It is just low classless, mean bullying to be calling someone out on any physical attribute. There is this myth in our culture that cock size is the measure of a man. I actually think it is a societal ill. Men who are evil, criminals horrible people are often referred to this way ” i bet he has a cock the size of a razor bump” or something of that nature. Guess what????? I have met many a bastard with a a huge schlong!!!!!!! Lets stop valuing one another for our abs, our muscles, our tight skin or our big cocks. How about the content of our character? How about that for starters?

    I expect more from a man Daniels age. He dosnt run the magazine but if I did I would have some words with him. Imagine the potential models who would now be put off on posing because they might face this kind of public ridicule from people who work for the mag. Really CLASSLESS!!!!!!

  • Little Kiwi

    why does anyone care about anyone on this show? we have a world of interesting LGBT people who have triumphed over adversity and actually made incredible lives for themselves, and then we highlight some douche like Austin who is, let’s be honest, famous for drinking the right people’s cum at the right time.


  • Get it Together

    Nardicio does not run Playgirl. Playgirl has never done “test shoots”. We shoot who we sign after reviewing photos sent in by agents or the models instead. Glenn has NEVER been on a PG shoot and we haven’t fluffed anyone in years. This was a total set up for the show and for Daniel .


  • Mr Miracle

    Pretty much the only people who can stand Daniel Nardicio are the drag queens and go-go boys who make money off of him. I have no doubt Austin Armacost is a horse’s ass, but Daniel Nardicio is a sleaze and nothing but a self-promoter who, if he were a straight man forcing his employees to do him “favors” the way he does, would have been sued or arrested years ago. The fact that the gay community has no problem with his well-known behavior says more about us than it does about then.

  • Nastasiaaaa

    Anybody who’s making a big deal about people making fun of his small dickkkk prolly has a small dick too! lolz Austin is an Insecure ball of confusionnn ad the fact that he acts like a big baby drama queen oviously stems from the fact that he proly does have a small penis! and WHATTTTTT if he wants to show off his naked tiny penis all the time for the world to see then prepared to be judgeddddd….ya’ll are hypocrites like you don’t talk crap about other peopleeee boyye plsssssssssss

  • ben

    What a dirt ball to use Austin like that , it’s not always about the size of the dick, just look at the man, he’s totally hot and Fuck that photographer. The only way he gets to see any dick is by pretending to be legit. It would be nice if Nardico’s dick were half as big as his mouth, he’s an ASSHOLE!

  • Talan

    @Cam: All I gotta say is I’m sure Reichen wouldn’t want a thing to do with Austin if his dick was so ‘small.’ That queen loves her dick, and she definitely wants another bite of Austin’s.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I fucking love Daniel Nardicio!

  • Gary S. Brackett, Jr

    @Dev: I don’t care if Austin is small, teeny tiny, enormous , or average, I think he is adorable as hell and by far the sexiest one on the A-List , ok, ok, maybe Reichen and he are equally as cute, but Austin’s face is definitely the winner!

  • Chloe Nelson

    Austin is by far the best person on the A-List NY. He tells it like it is, he doesn’t kiss ass like the rest of the cast. He is a beautiful young man, with a great personality, and a great outlook on love and life. There isn’t one queen on the A-List NY who can measure up to Austin.

  • yaletownman

    I watched about 10 minutes of this show when it was first out. It’s really no worse than most of reality TV. The problem is that we have such view media outlets that a show like this doesn’t get diluted so we gays end up looking like the desperate, vapid, pissy trailer trash that we are often stereo-typed to be.
    None of these guys are really “A-listers”. They might be a ghetto version at best. I hate the whole designation but the those in the A-list crowd that I know are physicians, Lawyers, PHD’s, bankers, etc. Just as they are in the larger world.

  • D9W

    And you wonder why older gays don’t want all the drama of these 20’s something’s going on junior high school. Austin thinks he 10 feet tall and bullet proof, but he’s nothing more than dumb and full of cum.

  • andy_d

    @blobula: AMEN!

  • mpwaite

    I watched one episode of the A-List Dallas and was absolutely unimpressed and appalled that ANYONE would think people actually lived liked that. WHAT A JOKE!! And the guys in the show are such tools! NO ONE likes them.

  • GeorgeTSLC

    @EdWoody: Precisely.

  • stanhope

    Oh that show was a hoot. Only Mike Ruiz could have possibly been considered anything close to “A list.” Reichen is such a BOTTOM and I rather think in the small dick contest he could give Austin a good run. That model agency dude is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Attitude, no ass, and a despicable personality..did I say no money. Gamma Mu wouldn’t take this group. Rodiney at least was hot, hung, and imminently doable. TEAM RODINEY!

  • yaletownman

    OK, I decided to really give the show a chance and watched 3 or 4 episodes. I agree with Stanhope that Mike Ruiz is the only real A-lister on the show. Austin is a nightmare and when he said he had a meeting with Dsquared I spewed my sparkling water out my nose. He’s hardly a D-squared material. The hairdresser, his gopher, the blonde and especially the models agent should fall on their knees and thank God every night for everything they’ve managed to acquire because they are just 4 of the luckiest trailer park hicks that the world has ever known. Reichen is a total, over the hill douche bag. The only real sexy one is Rodiney but God is he co-dependant. Romper room is more intelligent than this train wreck of a show.

  • keep it real

    They all need to go away a waste….

  • Teleny

    I love Mike Ruiz-he’s soooo handsome! Rodney brings out the mothering instinct in me. I also like Ryan the hairdresser.

  • pauleky

    Horrible show about horrible people. Also, I just do not get the fascination with dick size. Yeah, I know I’m in the minority, but there so many things I care about more in a man than that.

  • junjun

    I swear i cant relate hahahaha.
    Where are the single?
    Send a smile to me.

  • justSomeGuyFromNJ

    @EdWoody: I agree.

    I think it’s in really poor taste to give any guy grief over the size of his penis. It’s just going to cause (more) body issues and is really, ultimately, a ridiculous barometer by which to measure the content of any person’s character.

    In short, it’s vulgar.

  • Queertyreader2

    If his dong hung down to his feet I wouldn’t pay to see it…he is a jerk and gives us all a bad name

  • Arconcyyon

    Our more his the mem Princesss very beautfilfyy sex culddly your is smalll smalll because is cm the ! He is citty is país Princesss is yes is !

  • Evji108

    The A-List, Particularly New York, was very possibly the sickest,most degrading, vicious, heartless & disgusting reality show EVER. That is quite an accomplishment. What a credit to the gay community.

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