The Bland, The Bad & The Ugly: A Look Back At Who Mitt Romney Could’ve Picked As His Running Mate

Before Ryan (right) was tapped, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were bandied about as potential running mates for Mitt Romney

As the Romney/Ryan machine rolls on to the November election, we thought we’d take a look back at our profiles of some of the contenders who Mitt could have selected as his running mate. Some might have made a better (if not cuter) choice than Paul Ryan, others might have been worse (though more entertaining) options.  Remember, these folks were potentially a heartbeat away from being the Deciderer in Chief.

Click through to take a stroll through VP memory lane

If politics were like fantasy-league baseball, who would you have slotted in with Romney? Vote your conscience in the comments!

Feature photo: Donkey Hotey


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  • GordonSoleil

    Seriously, guys?

    This is just a repost of this June post. If you’re going to do a retrospective on the old VP shortlist, why not bother to update it with what they’ve been doing recently?

  • dvlaries

    Agreed. If weekends mean reruns, let’s see the Alessandro Calza or Dallas Walker sets.

  • JDJase

    Next weekend’s post: “A look back at all the interesting, relevant things Queerty COULD have written about, but didn’t”

  • jeff4justice

    Queerty ignores info on alternative party options (the real progressives) and rehashes more ways to keep LGBTs fearful. Lame.

    BTW, I think it’s kinds funny, kinda sad how Prop 8 lawyer Ted Olson is once again throwing LGBTs under a bus by helping the GOP win in November.

    I’m remembering how Democrats helped GWB vote in Alito and Roberts when Bush was Prez.

    Gay Ince mega groups and the media have ignored alternative party options who have been 100% supportive of equality (Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson) and now we’re getting a dose of how that feels with Olson.

    Karma : )

  • the other Greg

    @jeff4justice: I have to agree with you (sort of reluctantly!) that Gary Johnson deserves more media attention. He’s the former governor of a state.

    Dr. Jill Stein was once an elected town council member of a la-te-da upper-middle-class suburb of Boston.

    Who’s Rocky Anderson?

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