The Bogus Claims of Victimization Made By NOM & Co.

With the U.S. Supreme Court about to hear argument later this month in Doe. v. Reed, the concerted effort by the Referendum 71 groups to block Washington’s longstanding disclosure rules on ballot-measures, the facts regarding the diversion strategy are now at last squarely in the public eye. Last week, the nation’s leading gay legal organizations filed a powerful brief methodically refuting the bogus and “cynical” claims of victimhood and intimidation. The brief filed by Lambda Legal, GLAD, and others notes that, “When subjecting a minority group to political attack, a common tactic is to claim that the minority itself is the aggressor from whom protection is required.” The real harms in this latest human rights struggle are the injuries, indignities, and inequality inflicted on committed same-sex couples denied the freedom to marry and the protections, responsibilities, and rich meaning marriage brings to families.

—Evan Wolfson, director of Freedom To Marry, in a pretty decent summation of where the crumbling anti-marriage equality movement stands

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  • Cam

    Yes, I’m sure that the Ku Klux Klan feels victimized that jobs in this country are not “Whites Only” and I’m sure that mysogenists feel victimized that women are allowed out of the house to work. Just becuase they feel like victims doesn’t mean they are. It isn’t victimization to have to play on an even field. NOM and the Mormon Church wanted to play in the political areana, well suck it up and deal with the rules.

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