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The Cop Who Killed Park Cruiser DeFarra Gaymon Sure Likes Hanging Around Public Parks Filled With Dudes

It looks like Edward Esposito, the New Jersey cop from Essex County who shot and killed DeFarra Gaymon last July, is the resident expert on arresting dudes for having sex with other dudes in public. Gaymon, a married father from Atlanta, was in town for his high school’s 30th reunion, supposedly threatened to kill Esposito when the officer attempted to arrest him during a nighttime cruising session. Now we find out Esposito has some 130 “guys cruising for sex” arrests under his belt. At least three of those incidents — which included reports of men having “walked up from behind me and pinched my left buttocks and then reached around and grabbed my genitals and penis while he made a groaning sound” — turned violent. None of them ended with somebody dying.